Twilight Sparkle - Twilight Shimmer Song
Rarity - Diane Monde
Rainbow Dash - Dasha Rainbow
Pinkie Pie - Pia Bloodwyn
Applejack - Summer Rose Jackson
Fluttershy - Butterfly Moonglow Aurora Lovejoy

Twilight sighed heavily as she stared out the window of the car that was driving her to the latest place her magic tutor considered to be the best for her. Not that her parents cared where she was, ever since she'd shown even the slightest hint of magic, she was carted off to what was supposed to be the best magical tutor in all of Equestria.

Don't get her wrong, Princess Celestia was an amazing woman, and had taught her so much. But most of her teaching methods seemed to be geared to making her be more social. Like that time she had to wear nothing but a swimsuit under a dress made purely of illusions for an entire night. Not that she was told that night involved going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner, dancing, and talking to others about her age.

Magical endurance and stamina training her star patterned birthmark!

What could she possibly learn at this public school? What was so special about this Equestia Academy that she couldn't learn about in her books? Turning to look at her companion she sighed heavily and looked over at her personal maid. "So, what did I do wrong to get so punished?"

The maid lowered her message from Princess Celestia and shook her head slowly causing her little spiked dog collar to glint in the light. "This one cannot say Mistress Twilight, Princess Celestia did not say you were to be punished..." the collared woman answered as she bowed her head. "This one does believe that she wishes you to find others to spend time with and... as Princess Celestia states 'get your nose out of those dusty old books'..."

"Not more of that true friendship crap again..." Twilight moaned as she slumped down in her seat. "I just want to study my books and learn more magic... is that so wrong Ryo?"

"I personally wonder if it's because you've only got one real friend, and that's me." Ryo answered boldly as she patted the girl on the knee gently, "It's not healthy for someone's only contact with another human, outside of schooling, being their personal staff."

"I don't want a lot of friends, I want to study magic..." Twilight pointed out with a pout as she curled into Ryo's arms. "I like you better than a whole lot of friends any day."

"The Princess put a footnote on the letter... If you don't make one friend within 24 hours of arriving at the Equestria Academy, she'll have them forbid you from going near the library until you come with a friend in tow." Ryo added, showing her the ultimatum, "And I don't count since I'm always with you."

Twilight's eyes nearly bugged out of her skull as she saw the ultimatum. Okay, let's analyze this, her heart was thundering in her chest, her breath was short and gasping, her body was coated in a cold sweat. Oh, she was in trouble... or was this one of those panic attacks that she'd read about?

"Calm down, Twilight..." Ryo stammered in a panic, "All you need to do is form a study group or similar and it should count... You don't even need to spend all your time with them if you don't want to..."

"But... no... library... and friends... and peoples... and..." Twilight gasped out as she hugged her knees to her chest, whimpering slightly as she tried to figure out a way free of the curse her tutor had given her. "Princess Celestia... this is too cruel... why... I..."

The world went black, as she passed out, for her to wake up, several hours later, in unfamiliar surroundings, several bookcases already set up, with locks on them, that Ryo was locking the last one of. "I managed to get a mild compromise..." Ryo said, "Well, When you had to be carried to Equestria Academy due to passing out..."

"My... books... all of them?" Twilight asked in a shell-shocked voice as she began clawing at the locks hiding her precious books from her.

"Every single book you had at the old library you were building is here, and you're allowed to get into the bookcases if you make a concentrated effort to interact with people that doesn't involve quoting bible and verse of what's in the study materials," Ryo declared, slightly dryly.

"I... I can do this... I just need my unlock spell..." Twilight agreed, rubbing her hands togther, for Ryo to smirk, pointing out some odd runic symbols on one of the locks, effectively working as a magic canceller. ". . . Of course she'd know that I have a magic spell to unlock things... let's see... just gotta talk to people without talking about books... right?"

Ryo nodded, then went to get dressed for casual walking, which meant a choker rather than her collar, and a fairly conservative outfit. "We'll be going out in five minutes for one hour's walking. You get 1 random book for every 10 minutes you even attempt to interact that is meaningful."

"An hour? But that takes us right up to supper time..." Twilight pointed out as she checked her watch nervously. After a minute she sighed and nodded. "Let's see what there is to eat... maybe you can even find some of those candy gems you like..."

Ryo smirked. If she could get Twilight to find someone to talk with this quickly, maybe she'd not need to cheat any further...

Twilight looked around the campus, feeling more than a little intimidated at the sheer size of the area. Ryo had left to find her a campus map to try and figure out where they'd be having dinner tonight. Worrying her lower lip, she tried to smooth out her skirt to present a proper appearance to others. "Don't try. Somehow, some clothing always seems to malfunction at the worst of times." A voice behind her stated calmly, causing her to jump nearly clear out of her skin.

Looking around fearfully she prepared to make a run for it. "W... who's there?"

What next appeared in front of her was... pink... lots... lots and lots of pink! There was pink on pink on pink with just a little white for a bit of change. Oh wait, that was just a lighter shade of pink. "Hiiiii! I'm Pia, but everyone calls me Pinkie Pie! I don't know why, but they just do! Anyhow, I saw that you were new here and thought I'd come over and say Hi! Say do you like parties? Because if you're new here I should through you a party, because that's what I do is I throw parties for people, everyone here loves my parties and..." the pink coated girl blurted out before pausing for a deep breath, giving Twilight the time she needed to cut in.

"Thank you! But..." Twilight began, for Pia to look at the time, and look sorry.

"Oh yes, There's barely any time to organize it before it's lights out... Well, I'll get someone to bring you over tomorrow morning and we'll have the party then," She cut in with an apologetic look, then ran off to organize the party that Twilight didn't want, nor need, but apparently had to attend.

"What... the..." Twilight started in confusion as the pink blur disappeared back into the school. Only for a familiar green haired girl to pop up next to her, clapping.

"I'm sure you'll make sure to wear your best tomorrow morning," Ryo sardonically declared, "I always love the cheerfully clueless type for dealing with problems like that... You've got as much reading as you want after supper."

"Pink... so... much... pink..." Twilight answered in a bit of a shell-shocked tone as she nodded in agreement to whatever Ryo had just said. until the last sentence trickled past the shock. Regaining some semblance of control, she sighed heavily, "After supper, good. I think I'll need a bit of reading after that."

"Let's go. A rather friendly young girl directed me to where the cafeteria is, Summer Rose her name was." Ryo said, "She probably will be at the party, since she's usually part of most catering situations."

"She's not... pink... like that other one right?" Twilight asked fearfully, worrying that her vision could only see in the realm of pinks now. Ryo chuckled and shook her head, showing her a picture she'd taken with her digital camera.

What graced her eyes was a far more down to earth type of girl. Letting out a sigh of relief she nodded and motioned for Ryo to lead her onward. "I know it's a bit early, but let's have supper..."