This is a different look at the Changelings, and an interpretation of the events following the Royal Wedding. Inspired by Children of Faust PMV by Sensko, recommend that one watches the video as well. If you do the whole mood music during the story, use God Help the Outcast from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Also, if you wouldn't mind leaving a review, I do like talking with people that read my works.

After the failed invasion of Canterlot, Chrysalis and her followers went into hiding. However, everywhere they went, they found their favorite food cut off from them. They could no longer feed on the love given by all the other ponies in Equestria as they grew suspicious too quickly. And so they wandered onward, seeking some way to sustain themselves. At first none of them noticed that their disguises grew more haggard and worn as they followed their leader to whatever destination she was guiding them. She was their beacon of hope, as she continued to remain young and beautiful in any form she took.

Their last stop took them past Ponyville, where they didn't even attempt to stop, having heard that the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony resided there. Instead they went into the Everfree Forest. There, lost among its many twists and turns, they came upon an ancient church. This church was something that they knew was a safe haven, as they approached the doors opened with a slight creak, despite no pony or magic being applied to them.

This was to be the final resting place of the once great Changeling race. The Queen knew why she had remained powerful, it wasn't because she gathered the love of other ponies, but instead that her dear Changelings gave her their love freely, and in return she was fed. However, when the last of them faded, she would not be far behind them. Bowing their heads they entered the sacred shine to a power far older than any other race of Equestria. A power that was greater than Celestia and Luna, than even the great Discord.

Lowering their heads, the changelings stood by the doors as they closed, while their queen approached the statue. There was a bust of each of the three primary races of pony, the Unicorn seated upon an emblem of magic, the Pegasus over a lightning bolt streaking from a cloud, and finally the earth pony in the center over a bushel of wheat. Chrysalis's lowered eyes refused to look up at the final statue, feeling that she didn't deserve to look upon the creature that was said to have progenated all the races. The eyes of the mighty Fausticorn seemed to burn straight through her disguise, and those of her followers as they approached. The followers by the doors slowly slumped as their hunger pains overwhelmed them, their eyes sliding shut as pain faded into sweet oblivion.

One by one she felt the love of her followers dying off, even as she prayed for some desperate miracle to spare them. Finally Chrysalis felt the last tiny flicker of love her dearest changelings fade and disappear, causing her to look up into the eyes of Fausticorn with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Fausticorn... please give them the love they couldn't find here... I can get by... but save them..."

Without another word she lowered herself down upon the once luxurious carpet that would have been a comfort, but age and disuse made it stiff and crisp. to her painfully thin sides. Looking back at the bodies of her followers she let her head lower, until her eyes rested on the small foal she had hatched mere moments before the invasion began. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as she turned away with guilt burning in her heart. "I'm sorry my dear little ponies... it's all my fault..."

With that she rested her head upon her forehooves and awaited the end, alone with her suffering and the love she felt for the Changelings, a love that while pure and heartfelt, not enough to support any of them.

Thus ended one of the children of Faust.