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Checking my watch, I sighed, scooping up some toys that lay on the floor of the living room. I walked to the playroom with the armful of toys and dropped them into the treasure chest toy box.

"Mase! Your Dad is going to be here soon," I called up the stairs, reminding my son that he didn't have long to gather up his stuff.

"I'm way ahead of you, Mommy," he smiled proudly, hopping down the stairs before holding his 'Ben 10' bag up in the air as evidence.

"So it seems," I chuckled, picking up his jacket. He walked over to me, dropping his bag on the way.

"Mommy? Why can't you come to the zoo with me and Daddy?" Mase asked, his little eyebrows furrowed as I put his jacket on him. I paused before answering, trying to choose my words right. I never knew what to say to him when he asked questions like this. What do you say? He's four.

"Mommy has a lot of work to do, Sweets," I informed him, zipping up his coat.

"How about the next time?" he asked hopefully, his emerald eyes set on mine.

"We'll see, baby," I sighed, picking up one of his shoes and handing it to him. With a frown at my reply to his question, he took the shoe and put it on quickly. Mase never liked it when I didn't straight up answer his questions.

"Are you sure you have everything?" I asked, handing him the second sneaker. He nodded wordlessly at me, and only a second later, the doorbell chimed. Masen's face lit up and he ran to the door, flinging it open and throwing himself at the man before him. His carbon copy. Edward.

"How's my little man?" Edward chuckled, lifting him up to hug him tightly. Whilst they greeted each other, I bent down to retrieve Masen's bag.

"I'm good, Daddy." Mase nodded, his wide smile never faltering. Edward's gaze turned to me and he smiled crookedly. I would be lying to say that smile didn't still make my knees weak.

"How are you, Bella?"

"I'm okay," I lied. Truthfully, I was a lot less than okay.

"That's good," he replied with a nod. "I'll have Mase back before twelve tomorrow," he informed me, setting Mase back down on the ground. I held the bag out for him to take, knowing he'd only forget it if I didn't.

"Why don't you go to the car, buddy? I'll be there in a minute," Edward suggested to Mase, who nodded and turned to leave.

"Hey, aren't you forgetting something?" I called after him, quirking one of my eyebrows up. I saw him laugh lightly as he ran back to me, wrapping his little arms around my waist.

"Bye, Mommy," he smiled before turning and running back down the driveway. I smiled to myself as I watched him hop into the car, his copper hair blowing in the light breeze.

"Thanks for this," Edward interrupted. I looked to him, meeting his emerald eyes. "I know it was short notice, but I wasn't informed until last night that I'd be off work, and I thought-"

"Edward, it's fine," I assured him. "It was a great idea. He's really looking forward to it."

Edward smiled at me again, to which I returned. We both stood there awkwardly until he gestured to the car.

"We better go."

"Have fun," I called after him as he walked down the driveway, before going back into the house and shutting the door behind me.

I leaned up against it once it was shut.

How had we ended up like this? I never would have thought that we'd be here – that we'd be living in separate places, passing our son over to one another every other day, but most of all, I never would have believed that we'd be getting divorced.

It was now six months since we separated, and every day since then had been the same. Terrible.

I missed being a family, having family outings with our son, tucking him in at night together. I missed the feeling of being loved, and loving someone back in the same way.

I hated the fact that Masen didn't have his father around at all times. I mean, he did stay with him two or three days a week, but I knew that wasn't enough for Masen. He missed his father, and if I was being completely and utterly honest with myself – so did I.

Next chapter will be in our dear Edward's point of view and you'll get more insight on how they met and all that jazz. :P

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