Hi, this is my first ever Fan Fic, it's already completed; so you won't have to hang around waiting for the suite, however, I'd still like your reveiws to tell me how I did, I've read loads of Fics, I'm hoping that mine is up to par with most of what I've read here.

Summary: Harry is sadly back at Privet Drive, even though the war is over. Things radically change when he recieves a letter on the eve of adulthood.

This is a Slash story, if you don't like it, don't read it!

Disclaimer: None of it is mine, i'm borrowing characters, places and events from J.K. Rowling

Back to the Battle

Harry was in love, the kind of love you never get over, eternal, he didn't know how he could ever survive this summer in hell without his one love writing to him regularly. Sev, Professor Severus Snape - Potions Master extraordinaire at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to anyone else. But for the time being, he's back at 4 Privet Drive, living, if you could call it that with his oh so wonderful Muggle family consisting of aunt Petunia, his dead mother's sister, uncle Vernon, her enormously overweight whale of a husband; and his cousin Dudley younger version of the whale.

What the hell was he doing here you may well ask, July was coming to a close, and Harry had defeated good old Voldipants two months prior. He hadn't done it alone, no; he'd had the help of the Order of the Phoenix, of which he was himself a member since Sirius' demise a year earlier. Harry seriously reproached Dumbledore for the lack of information in which he was allowed to share, which led directly to the untimely death of his beloved Godfather, who at the time had been his sole chance for an eventual escape from this hell hole, Sirius had wanted to adopt him, make him his son and heir, taking him away forever from the Dursleys, extreme child abusers as they were and are still.

The Final Battle, which on general consensus would be fought at Hogwarts, was in fact enacted in the Lake District, large wild open spaces perfect for assembling huge armies but still far out of Muggle sight. Creatures fought on both Dark and Light sides of the war, Voldemort assembled an army of giants, poisonous snakes and wild dragons to accompany his Death Eaters. The order had a handful of giants that Hagrid had managed to convince to fight for the light, a troupe of Thestrals who flew in from the forbidden Forrest a strong contingent of semi tamed dragons, most coming from the Romanian sanctuary, headed by Order member Charlie Weasley. Lastly, and most surprisingly an army of five hundred House Elves, many came from Hogwarts, but Dobby and a no longer drunken Winky popped into many Pureblood homes inciting the poorly treated beings to revolt against their owners, citing one Harry Potter as the defender of all beasts.

The Centaurs only help was to read the stars predicting the best time and place for the battle that would see the fall of the dark side. The Acromantulas would come after the battle to feast upon the remains of the enemy and clean up the site. The Merpeople sent messages to their cousins in the Lake District, asking them to lure the enemy into the deep waters, never to resurface. Buckbeak and his companions came into the battle to swoop down on the enemy, pulling them into the airs before throwing them to the Merpeople in the waters below. Werewolves fought on both sides, either behind Fenrir Greyback for the dark side or under Pack Leader Remus Lupin for the Light.

Vampires steered clear of the war, being immortal by their very nature, they were however weak to certain attacks, they refused to risk their immortality for stupid squabbling mortals.

The Goblins, as History of Magic with Binns often showed, if one could stay awake long enough to listen that is, only entered into War if they felt they were being robbed of their Heritage by another species. The war between Light and Dark concerned them little; apart from the added work load they would have finding heirs to the estates of the dead.

Both sides had already subsequent losses prior to The Battle, although Harry's visions had managed to save Mr. Weasley from death during his fifth year, he did not see the attack on Diagon Alley where the Weasleys were shopping for Christmas six months earlier, Arthur died trying desperately to protect as many shoppers and vendors as possible. Ginny and Ron, experienced DA members, also present at the Ministry Battle the summer before died alongside their father, many souls were saved that day, but the loss for the Weasley family was terrible, and for Harry and Hermione the Golden Trio was no more.

The final battle was no less heavy in losses for the Light side Remus Lupin, Pack Leader and the last Marauder lost his life whilst taking down Greyback. Percy Weasley who had finally grown out of being a pompous ass after the death of his father and two younger siblings joined the Order, but now would be in a magical wheelchair for the rest of his life, his spinal cord severed in two places by a Sectumsempra, by the time he got medical aid, it was too late for his legs.

Hermione came close to losing her wand arm to the same curse that hit Percy, she decided once she was well enough; to leave the magical world behind, in sorts of course, she could never leave completely. She went on to Muggle University where she majored in politics. Years after the battle, her diplomas in hand, she went to an audience with the Queen and the British Prime Minister, where she proposed the creation of a Magical Liaison Department within the British Government, covered by Muggle repelling charms of course, which would employ Witches Wizards and Squibs working in strict liaison with the Muggle Liaison Office within the Ministry of Magic. The current Prime Minister was overjoyed, no longer would he or his successors have the heebie-jeebies scared out of them by that damned talking portrait, which would henceforth be found in Hermione's office. Neither would they have to hold court to idiots such as Fudge as he had done in the past. With prior accord from the Queen, the existing and ancient Prime Ministers were obliviated of their memories of the Magical World. From that day forward, the only Muggle with full awareness of the Magical World would be the Reigning Monarch.

Tonks, Shacklebot and Mad Eye survived the Final Battle, but so may Aurors were lost that they had their work cut out for them tracking down any missing known Death Eaters. The reluctant bad guy Draco Malfoy fought against and killed his perverted father in front of many a witness, his life changed for the better the day Luna Lovegood Seer predicted his role during the Battle, their future together, their children and their granddaughter becoming Minister of Magic in the future, knowing that his family name would one day be redeemed, and no longer feared swayed him over.

Neville Longbottom who missed his chance against the mad Lestrange couple at the Ministry Battle made good, with two well placed Avada Kedavras, his parents were finally avenged.

While the Light Side allied forces battled, Harry and Severus ploughed through their enemies hand in hand, having found the Power the He knows not. Pure love sent from a pure soul. Filius Flitwick found the ancient charm, long forgotten within the magical community; quite deadly however to an impure caster. Fawkes was required to soul search Harry, to confirm that his soul was pure; Severus would be needed by his side, not for his pure soul, but for the pure love that he shared with Harry.

Voldemort waited for his enemy and the traitor to advance within spell casting distance, this was his fatal error. Harry and Severus had him literally spell bound using wordless and wandless magic long before he could retaliate. They then cast the Muffliato charm around themselves, wanting no one impure to replicate their chant. Their hands joint, pointing towards Voldemort the chant began.

« Transporto inferno animam, hanc comuret cineres corpus »

(Send this soul to Hell, burn this body to ash)

Pure cold white light left their bodies from the tips of their fingers, hitting Voldemort directly in the chest, his black soul was ripped from his body and absorbed into the earth which trembled from the shock making many fall to the ground, but Harry and Severus stood fast until the completion of the charm when Voldemort's body was encased in white flames burning him to ashes which were taken on the wind. The Death Eaters that still had the strength apparated out to the safety of their homes or hide outs, those that owned House Elves would not survive the night, the Elvin revolution was underway. Those Death Eaters too weak to get out were immediately portkeyed to Ministry holding cells, a few Elves even managed to get some of them there.

Harry and Severus although tired, battled on; Harry brought the venomous snakes quickly under control using a sonorous charm and his parseltongue talents to send them away. The remaining dragons fighting for the dark side also seemed to understand his commands and quickly surrendered to Charlie Weasley and the other handlers, they would later be taken back to Romania where they would receive proper care and eventually get over the terrible treatment they had endured under Voldemort's command. Two females had hatchlings under threat of extermination, forcing them to fight; one other had a nest of eggs under the same threat. The males present were their mates and had no choice but to fight to protect the mates and their younglings.

The giants still living after Voldemort's demise abruptly stopped fighting, wondering what they were doing there fighting their brethren, so few giants were left in the world that more losses would sign the end of their race. The Giants may have been slow to understand the finer points of Voldemort's battle plan, but now that the ramifications were understood, the Brethren collided with one another, not in anger but in joy at still being alive, many were seen arm in arm singing in unfathomable languages like drunkards on a late night out.

The Merpeople were not underworked either, they pulled many an enemy below the surface of the black lakes surrounding the battlefield. Once the battle was over, they were once again brought to the surface for identification and placing on the death lists, and taken off of the missing lists.

The wolves with no Pack leaders took off literally with their tails between their legs; many dark wolves were later hunted down and destroyed by the Acromantulas, before the latter were let onto the battlefield to scavenge the remains of fallen magical beasts.

Thestrals were used to take the less severely injured to Hogwarts Infirmary or to St Mungos, while a Mobile Hospital was quickly and efficiently set up with the aid of House Elves for the patients who weren't stable enough to move. Magicomedics came in from around the world as did many a Potion Master, between poison snake bites, dragon burns and bites which were also venomous, spell damage plus strictly physical damage (the giants handiwork)sleep was not an option for many an hour.

A coordination tent had to be set up as well; archivists from the Ministry came in to lend a hand, listing the injured, the dead, the missing and the ongoing wanted list, which would be revised constantly as the Elves were knocking holes in the wanted list at regular intervals. Each list was replicated multiple times, to be sent to each magical and mixed community, Hogwarts, Gringotts and St Mungos where relatives clamoured seeking news of their loved ones. Certain families with Order members or Aurors among them were visited directly by colleagues brining news.

Molly Weasley looked out from her kitchen window seeing a dragon approaching, when Charlie dismounted at the edge of the wards she knew by the look on his face that he bore no good news, she had already given so much, why was her price for peace so high ? Before the battle she still had five of her seven children, Charlie was still alive, Bill should be at Gringotts, at least she hoped so, leaving her guessing as to Percy, Fred and Georges fates. Charlie entered his childhood home and cried; he'd had to leave Percy on the battlefield, too injured to be moved, Fred and George had minor injuries and were doing the rounds for other Order families. Molly laughed, she cried, her emotions all over the place, happy that her precious sons were still alive, profoundly saddened for her losses and those of others. It was only after Charlie administered a calming potion that Molly thought to ask THE question, was it over for good? Yes. Was Voldemort dead? Yes. And what of Harry? Fatigued but alive. And Hermione? Alive but injured currently at St Mungos to save her arm. The other Order members? Remus fell. Molly awaited the return of her missing sons before heading out to the battlefield to lend a hand in the mobile hospital.

Many others came; those of a harder heart were set to work laying out the dead.

All the while, Albus and Minerva held the fort at Hogwarts in the room of requirement along with the other professors, and all of the students, the room stood as the last bastion for magical children in Britain. All of those inside were awaiting news from the battlefront.

It was Harry and Severus who returned to the castle, flown in by Buckbeak, extremely fatigued, wanting nothing more than a shower and a warm bed, they knew however that they had one last duty to perform. When Harry passed the threshold of the Castle he was encompassed along with Severus in a warm transparent cocoon gently throbbing with different colours, had the two not been too tired to notice, they would have seen the ghosts of the four founders, never before seen at Hogwarts watching them, smiling at them, pushing a little of their magical force into the cocoon to alleviate them of some of their battle fatigue.

Their battle fatigue faded along with the disappearance of the cocoon, but it was not enough to keep them talking to Albus all night long. They would quickly convey the essentials this night, giving finer details the next day if nobody else came with news in between. After an hour in the room of requirement being bombarded with students' questions on the safety of family members, the couple bade goodnight to all, they were dead on their feet, and the rest could wait. On reaching Severus' quarters even a shower seemed too much, the two warded the door from entry, the chimney from fire calls, then fell into bed together wrapped in each other's arms, sleep taking them as their heads found their pillows.