The Awakening

The Sisters took their leave of the heroes, explaining that they had wanted to watch over the awakening of the others too. Magic was doing its best to regenerate their bodies and reinforce their Magic; some of them had been long dead. Although they had seen the outcome, they wished to watch the process as Magic did her best work, reviving and rejuvenating the dead.

Across Britain the future Protectors began to glow setting off the alarms heard in the Ministry and at Hogwarts.

On the Hogmanay in the year of 2107, four days after the Wyrd Sisters' initial visit, Harry and Severus were alone in their tomb; their son's soul had disappeared, whisked away by the Sisters for a reason unbeknown to the Heroes. Their souls slept again whilst as the day wore on each of the men's bodies started to transform, each became taller, they gained muscle mass their hair grew into silky locks down to their midriffs. Their faces morphed into those of ethereal beauty. Their hearts and lungs started up again, their bodies slowly warmed up as blood coursed through their veins. They were alive. When the transformation was complete Magic bombarded their bodies as their souls re awoke. Harry could feel Severus' warm breath gently blowing against his face; he slowly opened his eyes and found himself pulled into the deep pools of Severus' eyes, both remained transfixed with the beauty of the other. Harry could wait no longer, he plunged forwards, bringing Severus' soft lips to his own; they gently kissed, expressing all of their love for the other, slowly, hands started to roam, rediscovering the others' bodies, their kisses became more sensual, then more urgent. Mouths and hands followed the trail of discovery, kissing, licking and nipping at each new piece of skin uncovered, gone were the scars from their previous lives, bronzed smooth skin was all that remained. Their robes lay completely discarded as their explorations continued. Everything was new and had to be learned again, they knew that they would have meager amounts of private time once they left their tomb, the world would want to monopolize them, greedy to spend time in their presence, few thinking of their need to adapt to their new situation, they wouldn't be completely alone except for when they'd want to drop from exhaustion. So now they were going to enjoy the reprieve. The couple slowly made love, when their orgasms exploded from their bodies, both had silent tears of felicity running down their beautiful faces. They closely embraced, their legs tangling, Harry's head over Severus' heart and understood why their son was no longer with them, just as they drifted off into a light sleep. The next time they woke, they felt the physical presence of their son wriggling between their joined bodies, Magic had done more than simply revive their son, he had been born. He was a beauty to behold for the two men who had never hoped to one day have a family; both had thought that they would not outlive the war.

Their son, Subortus looked to be a few months old, he had jet black hair that was all over the place, he had a perfectly proportioned straight nose, a beautiful rosy smile, a mouthful of perfect little white teeth, but his best feature was surely his eyes, one was coloured brilliant emerald and the other the deepest jade.

The couple had only just the time to take in these details when an explosion of blinding white light shot through their bodies, the light carried the three towards their future, they were stood before their tomb, a small crown looking at them in awe. Another bright light assailed them, then two gentle pops were heard, beside them stood two beautiful creatures. Dobby and Winky had been totally transformed, both physically and Magically. They stood tall and proud, their rebirth had freed their bodies of the slavery that had imprisoned their race. With the help of Genus Unicus, the fourth Potter Snape child, they would liberate other Free Elves. The Elves threw themselves into Harry's and Severus' arms, thanking them profusely for having freed them, some things never changed! There was no more time for discussion as one after another blinding white lights announced the arrivals of the other Protectors, each of whom had woken just instants before being pulled towards Hogwarts. Each did a double take on seeing the others, for although their facial traits remained, they were harmonized, each of them was a wonder to behold.

The small welcoming comity silently pulled back, leaving the group of fifteen the time to reunite. Families were arriving, having guessed where their loved ones had returned when their tombs had stopped glowing and pulsating Magic.

Harry gave Subortus to Severus, then he quickly went to find his brothers, the only two he would not recognize in the group. Their reunion was brief but touching, they'd have all of the time in the world quite literally to get to know one another. Harry frayed his way through the group; he was looking for Sirius and Remus, the two adults who meant as much to him as Severus did. Their reunion was tear filled. Harry moved on, he had to see his favourite red heads. Ron was no longer the lanky freckled teenager that had had known, he was a wall of bronzed muscle, but at least Harry had caught up with him on the height front. Fred and George stood beside their brother waiting for Harry to let Ron out of the death grip he had him in. When Harry turned to them, they joked that he might want to clean up his puffy eyes and running nose before he got any closer, snot covered togas was not a good look on them! Harry obliged, charming himself clean then the twins attacked, he was bowled over by the force of their embrace, all around the other Protectors, their families waiting on the sidelines and the group of spectators laughed, yes, some things just never changed, Harry was still accident prone. Harry found Neville, their reunion was calm in comparison with the last, but it reflected their friendship, Neville had always been calm and collected, except for during potion classes. Draco and Luna were his last stop; they had already seen Severus and Subortus, who had trailed off to welcome the others. Luna confided in Harry that yes, of course she has seen this outcome many years before, at the time she hadn't understood all of what she had seen until she had made the dual prophesy with Trelawney at his will reading. From that day on she had refused to mourn him, knowing that they would meet again. As the group reacquainted themselves with each other, slowly but surely the remaining families approached, hugging and kissing their long lost family members.

The whole group was ushered towards the castle where a welcoming banquet awaited them, Ron attacked his food as if he was a starving man, yes, some things really did never change.

The Press and Alexander Creevey from the WWN were invited to the castle in the evening, once the prestigious guests had settled into their new quarters.

Each of the Protectors had been interviewed and photographed separately after a group announce had been made by Sylvan Wood on their request. Alexander rushed back to Hogsmead to get the first news of the Protectors on the air. The Journalists fought their way out of the castle wanting to be the first to publish the hottest story in years.

The next morning at breakfast many special editions of the press came in with the owls. Harry picked up the Daily Prophet Special Edition.

The headline read "January 1st 2108 at Midday the Protectors returned to us"

Fifteen smiling faces looked back up at him; the front cover was a group photo, the accompanying caption read

"Big, Beautiful and Hot Bodies, some of these guys are up for grabs; let's hope they're not all gay girlies"

Harry laughed, yes undeniably, some things just never changed.

The ghosts of the Four Founders and the Wyrd Sisters stood back and smiled, their work was done.

The end, or was it just the beginning?

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