These are my OC's.

Disclaimer: I only own these characters. I don't own Soul Eater or any of the original characters!

Rai (meister):

Age: 16

Body Type: She's very small and childish looking for her age. Most underestimate her abilities, but her smallness does give her advantages in battle.

Hair: Wavy, orangey-red that reaches her waist. She normally wears it down with a beanie hat, but can be seen with it in pigtail braids when lounging.

Eye color: silver

Personality: Straightforward, confident, determined, fiery temper. Cares about her friends, sometimes acts and speaks before thinking. Her loud confidence her sometimes her weakness. She fits a stereotypical tomboy who loves music, sketching, and working on cars.

Family: Will be explained in greater detail later. It's a surprise ;)

Derek (weapon):

Age: 17

Body Type: Tall and lean

Hair: Dirty blonde, often hangs in his eyes.

Eye Color: brown

Personality: EXTREMELY flirtatious and somewhat lazy. Although he goofs off most of the time, he does care about the people close to him and can be serious when he needs to be. He's also somewhat protective of Rai because she

Family: His younger brother is Mason and they work together as weapons for their meister, Rai. (If you want to see their weapon forms, you have to keep reading) XD

Mason (weapon):

Age: 15

Body Type: a little shorter than Derek, but not as short as Rai XD

Hair: brown and spikey

Eye Color: brown (the eye color is about the only thing that Derek and Mason have in common.) He also wears glasses.

Personality: Mason is more of the quiet, studious type. He likes reading and is shy when you first meet him, but will open up eventually. He's also quite a push-over. He greatly admires Rai and Derek's outgoing personalities and relies on them greatly to make new friends.

Family: His older brother is Derek.

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