In an unloving world of Vampires only soul mates survive. Many die and many young girls are taken from their homes to live with their mates. Major Jasper Whitlock leader of the Superior Vampire race, has been looking for his mate. Only this young girl lives in a place where she is unloved and forgot by all. She is waiting for the day when a vampire comes across her and finally ends her misery by killing her.

She Screams, The Major Falls To His Knees.

She Cries, He Cries.

She Runs, He Runs After Her

When She Cries, He Wipes Her Eyes

When She Loves, He Loves Her

Because They Are Bonded Into One Heartbreaking, Sad, Loving Soul

Just a quick synopsis, tell me should I continue or not. Leave me a comment down below telling me what you think. Bella/Jasper Love Story