My hands shook as I looked at Carver. My little brother. Always thinking he was in my shadow which was so far from the truth.

I had denied and ignored that he looked ill. Now my eyes were now opened and I could see the blight sickness ravaging his body. His voice still strong and full of conviction, asking me to end his pain.

For a moment I was taken back to our childhood, we were boys and he was pestering me relentlessly. Doggedly hounding my every step as little brothers always do. I had not always been patient with him. Now I regretted every time I had told him to leave me alone, all of the friends he had been forced to leave because of my magic.

No magic could save my brave young brother, no miracle this time. He stood up in front of me and in his eyes I saw that spark fading.

We locked eyes, and this time unlike so many others instead of taking each others measure we silently said goodbye. I looked at him and silently pleaded for him to forgive me, and grant me the will to do this horrible thing. He looked back at me with a deep sadness and courage.

As I slipped the dagger in between his ribs, I softly cast a spell to slip him into sleep. He would feel no more pain. Just before his eyelids fluttered closed I saw relief, and the subtle realization that he in fact had never been in my shadow.