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1 ½ years later—

"ISABELLA CULLEN! What do you think are you doing?" Edward shouted as he saw me balance my weight on the step ladder and reach up for one of the bowls placed up high in our cup boards.

Why they were up so high, I had no idea.

I rolled my eyes at him.

"I needed one of these." I said as I showed him the bowl. "we need it for the soup."

"Bella, you know better than reach high places and climbing up while in your condition. We talked about this." He said looking at me in frustration and my anger flared.

"well, what do you want me to do? Strap myself in bed? If I remember correctly this dinner wasn't my idea. It was your and Alice's. but since neither of you are around to fucking cook or prepare anything, I did. I've been working hard since you left to pick everyone up from the airport Edward cause none of them fucking wants to drive after they all went on what was supposed to be our vacation, and the only reason I'm reaching for the bowl is because I need it to serve the fucking dinner. Now if you have a problem with that then maybe next time you and my sister, who has her own house and kitchen, decide to throw a dinner party, you two should fucking cook and prepare everything so we can avoid confusion."

"that's not what I meant. And no one told you to cook!" he yelled back.

Tears sprang to my eyes and I stepped down from the ladder and took the pan out of the stove and threw it into the sink.

"fine then!" I yelled back and I hurried to our bedroom glaring at everyone.

"Bella, stop over reacting. He was just thinking about you." Alice told me with a comforting smile.

"fuck off, Alice. In case you don't understand, this is your fault." She and everyone else looked taken aback. "I think it's best if you all left me alone." I said and slammed my door

"Bella, open the door! Come on love. I'm sorry. Don't be upset. I was just shocked to see you climbing up the counter and it made me nervous. Love, please… it's not good for you or our babies to be upset. Bella, i'm sorry. I really am." I heard Edward call from the other side. "we just thought you'd enjoy seeing everyone seeing as we haven't seen them in over a month."

"Edward, let me." I heard Alice say to him.

"alright, I'll be right here."

"Bella, Please open your door." I got up from the bed and was about to yell at her when I noticed that my dress was wet.

"I'm going to shower a bit I'll be right out." I replied and went into the bathroom careful not to slip. After taking a fast shower and timing my first contraction, I put on another dress and forgone my underwear.

I wasn't going to need it.

I gasped in pain and clutched my stomach as my second contraction hit me. I looked at the bedside clock and walked towards where the baby stuff was and grabbed the bags before walking to the door.

"10 minutes apart." I breathed out. "still a bit of time."

"BELLA!" Edward yelled.

"get out of the fucking way. I need to get to the hospital."

"what? Why?"

"well, because I'M ABOUT TO FUCKING PUSH NOT ONE BUT TWO WATERMELLONS OUT OF MY VAGINA AND IF I DON'T GET TO THE HOSPITAL SOON, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DELIVER THEM YOURSELF!" I yelled at him and bent over as another contraction hit me (shit 7 minutes apart now.). tears were falling from my eyes as I looked at him, he looked a little scared and worried. "I'm sorry Edward. I know you were just thinking of me and our babies."

"shhh… It's alright, Baby don't worry about it." He said as he hugged me and kissed my forehead. "now we have to get you to the hospital and get you some drugs." He took the bags from me and threw them at Emmett and Jasper. Throw that into my car will you?"

"which one?" Jasper asked as they looked between the Volvo(Edward's replacement car after the Audi got trashed), and my jeep.

"The Toyota out back." He called back as he guided me to the back door.

"dude… a Toyota?" Emmett asked raising his brow.

"temporary car for Bella but I already have the car seat back there and we don't have a lot of time. Rose, Alice, call our parents will you? I don't care how you're going to get to the hospital but do not touch our cars. Last time you did I had to replace the entire interior and have it repainted."

"Edward? what if something's wrong? I'm only 7 months pregnant." I said hysterically as he strapped us both into the car.

"Bella, everything's going to be fine. We're having twins. It's normal not to reach the entire nine months."

"I know but what if—"

"shhh… everything's going to be fine Bella."

I groaned through my contractions until we got to the hospital.

"time it." I told him unable to concentrate anymore.

"6 minutes apart, 30 seconds long." He whispered.

"slow down, Edward, we still have time. We don't want to get there and be sent back home just cause we were too early." I told him as we rushed through the alleys.

"I know baby. But I don't want to see you in pain. We need to get you the epidural before it's too late."

"I thought we agreed we wanted to have a normal birth?" I asked him joking and he turned pale. "just kidding Edward. i'm sorry."

"it's fine baby, I should be sorry. If I didn't yell at you we wouldn't be here right now."

"Edward Cullen! Are you telling me you are not excited to meet your babies. Isn't it exciting? I'm glad we decided to have the sex of the babies as a surprise. I'm surprised you got out unscathed from all the pleading and threatening."

He gave me a small smile.

"whatever makes you happy, Bella. Though you'd have to forgive me considering I sometimes have no idea what you want. I shouldn't have agreed to that dinner party. I knew you were tired enough and I didn't want you to get stressed but…"

"I am happy Edward. I did miss everyone. It was just my hormones acting out. But you really should learn how to say no to my sister's pout."

He chuckled.

"I know." He said as he pulled into the hospital parking space and parked closest to the door. "are you ready?"

"yes. Are you ready?"

"as I ever will. Let's go meet our babies." He said.

He opened my door and helped me get out.

"I should walk."

"okay don't wander too far, I'll just gather all the things we need."


As I made my way back to Edward, I hunched over and he came running towards me.

"shit! 4 minutes apart, 67 seconds long. We got to go." he said and guided me carefully to the receptionist who fixed her breasts when he saw Edward.

"uhmmm, hi Lauren." Edward said reading the girls name tag and she looked like she was about to pass out.

Didn't she realize she has a name tag? I rolled my eyes and grabbed Edward to keep from falling.

"is there anything I can do for you?"

"yes." The nurse looked hopeful.

Didn't she see me right here? I wouldn't be surprised.

"actually, we need you to page Dr. Carmen Denali. My wife, " he gestured to me and planted a soft kiss on my hair. "Isabella Cullen, is about to give birth to our beautiful twins. Don't you think so? Isn't she one of the most beautiful woman you've ever seen?" Edward said just to spite her.

Lauren grunted and glared at me. I just smirked at her.

"can you please do the paper work and the nurse will be right with you." She paused and pressed a phone like thing on the table. "Alec, do me a favour and page dr. Denali. We have an emergency. An Isabella Cullen is in labor." She said through a phone.

"on her way." A voice said back.

Lauren then called 2 LPN's to assist us to our room. Edward handed the papers back to Lauren as they showed up with a wheelchair but I shook my head.

"I'll walk. I need to walk." they nodded and Edward gripped my waist as we walked down the hall to a room.

"okay, Mrs. Cullen, we need you to lie on the bed so we can see how far along you are." The nurse said and I complied.

Edward stood beside my head and gave me an encouraging smile.

"FUCK!" I yelled as another contraction hit. This was more painful than the others.

It hurt like hell and I think I cursed Edward and told him that I wouldn't let him touch me ever again.

He grimaced as I squeezed his hand but ignored the pain and informed the nurse of the distance of my contractions.

"you are 5 centimeters dilated. Did you want the epidural now?" she asked me.

"I would love too." I said as I tried to relax my muscles and breath.

"alright we will inform Dr. Denali and she will be with you in a few moments." She smiled and left never once giving Edward a glance more than necessary not to appear rude and I wondered why until I saw her smile at our entwined hands and at me.

Then I understood; she has her very own Edward.

"Angela!" I yelled as I remember we needed to call her. Edward looked startled and patted his pockets for his phone which he probably left at home.

And speak of the devil and she shall appear.

"Jasper called." She said as she entered the room. "how are you doing?"

"awesome." I replied sarcastically and she laughed.

"I know what you mean." She smiled and looked up at Edward. "ready to be a father, mr. player?"

"I'm hoping. But I'll have bella with me. so I am ready to be a father."

"you say that now. tell me that once you are holding your baby in your arms." Ben said as he came in with their one year old daughter.

"what do you mean?" I asked.

"there is a time when a guy looks down at his baby and asks himself if he was ready to be a father and let me tell you, you'll doubt it." He smirked at Edward. "Congratulations dude. Why do I get the feeling this wasn't all natural?"

"well, I was upset." I replied and grabbed the chocolate pudding Angela was holding and opened the lid before I dug in.

They looked at me strangely.

"What? I'm hungry."

"anyways… why was she upset again? Let me guess… The others are back and dinner was at your place and something went from right to wrong."

"that sounds about right."

Before anyone can say anything else, Dr. Denali came into the room followed by mom, dad, Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle (who was on his shift at the hospital. Apparently me being pregnant with twins was a signal for everyone to move closer to my and Edward's house) and even my chief.

"I'm here the party can start!" Emmett yelled which earned him a slap upside the head from everyone."ow…"

I stared at the chief in curiosity as everyone fussed about me and he shrugged.

"Angela left in a hurry and when I asked her she said you were in labor so I ducked out of the office to bring you these" He said and showed me the flowers and those strawberry candies I loved with a little bit of chocolate. "before I went home and told my wife that her favourite detective has finally given birth."

"I love it, thanks chief."

"bella, I am so sorry… I wasn't thinking when I planned the dinner party. Don't blame Edward. I convinced him that it would make you happy. I couldn't help it. I just missed you so much."

"it's alright alice, I'm sorry I snapped at you."

Another contraction, more pain and longer this time.

"Okay! Everyone out except Edward and Bella. We need a little privacy here." Dr. Denali said and everyone piled out. "I need you to lie back Bella. I'll just check how dilated you are."

"6 ½ centimeters. Good enough. Sit up and lean forward. Just slouch."

I did as she said and less than a minute later I felt no pain. A sleepy smile crept up to my face.

I sighed.

"I love you, Dr. Denali. Edward if you ever leave me, I am running off with the doctor over here."

Edward chuckled.

"I don't think she swings that way Bella. But then again, you with another woman… it's going to be so hot."

"actually, you two would have to wait 8 weeks before you could have sex again after you give birth. And Edward, I can swing that way when I want but I don't think that'd be very professional. You don't know how many mothers actually propositioned me over the years." She smirked and turned to look at me. "lie back and don't force yourself to stay awake. Sleep if you need and we'll be right back to check on you. Did you want me to let them in?"

"in a few minutes, just let me get a little bit of sleep." I mumbled and I heard them chuckle before I fell asleep.

6 hours later—

"one last big push Bella… Ready? And 1,2…"

"whaaaaa!" I screamed and held tight on Edward's hand who sat beside me who just smiled when I cursed him.

"and there she is… daddy would you like to cut this one too?" Edward took the scissors and cut the cord.

I saw him lean forward and held our baby in his arms his smile grew before he turned to look at me and the nurse took our baby.

"they're beautiful, Bella." I heard Edward whisper as he kissed my forehead.

"that's because they have you for a father." He shook his head and gave me a smile.

"and because you're their mother."

"okay… here are your bundles Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." The nurse said and handed us a blue and a pink bundle. "and of course the photo to finish." She said as Edward sat beside me carefully after he handed the nurse the camera. "wonderful. Now what are your babies' names?"

I looked down at our baby boy and turned to Edward.

"What about Edward?"

"absolutely not. Unless you agree we name our baby girl Isabella."

"nope. What about Anthony?"


"yeah! I love it! So Alexander Masen Cullen?"

"Alexander Masen Cullen." He repeated his smile growing as he look down at our boy. "alright, what about our little girl…"

"what about Sophie?"


"okay what about, Ava Rianne Cullen?"

He smiled at me before turning to our baby girl.

"Ava Rianne it is."

I looked at him with a smile on my face. If I thought I could never love him more than I did, I was wrong. As I stare at him watch our babies I found myself once again falling for Edward Cullen.

He looked up at me and I saw his eyes were field with tears.

"I love you." He said before he leaned forward and kissed me.

"I love you too. Just don't give in to alice. I'm sure she's going to want to go shopping so just talk to me first before you agree to her plans. Cause really if our children becomes shopaholics I am going to take them somewhere far, far away."

He laughed and pecked my nose.

"you think it's funny now, but just you wait."

"well, who else is going to go shopping for them?" Edward asked.

"fine if Alice comes in we'll tell her she has a 150dollar limit and she has to show us the receipt. On second thought make that all of them "

"alright, my lovely wife." He said as we handed our babies back to the nurse reluctantly. "but if she pouts I give no guarantees."

"Edward sometimes I think you like my sister more than me." I told him poking his side.

"Bella, I agree with you. The shopping… yep not more than 150 dollars' worth of clothes. We have the cribs, and the seats, and the strollers, and diapers. So all we need is a few clothing since you already bought a few."

"Awesome… this is gonna piss her off."

Just like that everyone rushed into the room.

"I am going to go shopping!" Alice declared.

"we have a few conditions." She pouted but Edward shook his head at her.

"not this time alice. I agree with bella on this one. If we need things for the baby we can get them for ourselves."

"what's the condition?" she asked.

"150 dollars' worth of clothing only and that's for 6 months for each couple. So 150 for Alice and Jasper, 150 for Emmett and Rose, 150 for mom and dad, and 150 from Carlisle and Esme. That's a total of 600 dollars' worth. You also need to show us the receipt so we are sure that you aren't cheating. If I'm doubtful, I can call the store and investigate. Unless both Edward and I agree to a certain amount it will stay that way. If anyone ever spends more than that and we didn't agree to it. No shopping for the baby or for me, no gifts no nothing until we say otherwise and under a budget. I also get veto on the shopping trips which means I can disagree if I didn't want to go starting now."

"But that's unfair! 150 can't buy anything."

"150 won't go much anywhere this days." Rose added our parents looked on amused but agreed to my conditions.

"150 or nothing. If you want to go shopping for a baby, why don't you get one? Or make one? But then I veto all shopping trips you take me to."

"but… 150? Really? EDWARD…" she whined.

"sorry alice, but those are the rules. No exceptions. Oh and toys are included in the 150 by the way, almost forgot about that. Basically anything you buy must be under a total of 150 dollars and you must wait another 6 months to spend anything else on them. The rest we'll handle." Edward said as he sat beside me. "now will you all shut up so my beautiful wife can rest?"

"fine." Alice said as she grumbled but she gave me a smile. "congratulations sis."

And I was asleep.

Life wasn't perfect and I know we were going to have bumps in the way but as long as I have Edward, I'll make it through anything.


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