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As children sleep and are having peaceful dreams.

Around them is defiantly not what it seams.

As a great general walked the city streets.

Everyone saluted him. For nothing he could not beat.

The most dangerous monsters he could slay.

He was the savior of the time and of the day.

Sword in one hand and prayer in another.

He waited for the monsters with the rest of the others.

Mercenary's were deployed along with the rest.

But general Rughadeen was at the top. He was the very best.

As the monsters came through the gates they fought with might.

The had a great battle that lasted through the rest of the night.

The monsters ran away defeated like they always would.

Because the general. The greatest one of all still stood.

5 generals fought together, never to be tamed (the other 4 refused to be named. sorry ; ;)

If the city fell. They all were to take the blame.

And to this day the city stands.

When they pass the trumpets play from the marching bands.

To show their ever lasting fame.

These five shall never ever be slain.

And the day they do is the day they die.

Tears will be shed and many will cry.

Because the heros of the hour,

The glory and the power,

Everything will vanish.

And their souls will be banished.

Never to return.

Never to fly once more but burn.

The justice is not true in this game.

They took the burden and the blame.

Now they watch from hell as White Gate falls.

And Begins another series of bloody brawls.

This great nation turns to ash.

"Nothing truly good ever lasts..."