Hey everyone! This is my first Glee fanfic :D

I don't own Glee or The Sound of Music (though if I did Kurt and Blaine would have been together a lot sooner)

Also I wrote this before the last episode (which was AMAZING but I won't give away any spoilers)

This was inspired by a videoclip of Chris Colfer that I saw where he said it was obvious that he played Kurt in The Sound of Music.

It was Saturday night, and Kurt was sitting alone in the Warbler's practice room, studying for history.

"Hey Kurt!" Blaine greeted. "You've been studying too long...you should take a break. Do you want to practice?"

"Sur- no. Not that." his answer changed when he saw the Sound of Music CD in Blaine's hands.

"Why not? You love musicals" He looked down at it as if expecting to see something visibly wrong with the CD.

"I do, but everyone and their next door neighbor wants me to sing this one."

"Well you do practically reek Von Trapp..." Blaine smirked.

"Is it so fascinating that I can hit that note? I'm not singing it!" Kurt crossed his arms and pouted in an armchair.

Blaine gave him a slightly confused look, then put the CD in.

"I'll start" Blaine said as he perched on the arm of the chair Kurt sat on.

You wait little girl
On an empty stage
For fate to turn the light on

'Oh' Kurt thought 'Oh! Blaine didn't want him to sing So Long Farewell? They were singing this?'

Your life little girl
is an empty page
that men will want to write on

Kurt decided to play along and leaned toward Blaine.

To write on

Blaine pretended to look scared as he took a step back, then spun around and continued.

You are 16 going on 17
Baby its time to think

Blaine put his hand on Kurt's shoulder as if he were explaining things.

Better beware
Be canny and careful
Baby you're on the brink

You are 16 going on 17
Fellows will fall in line

Blaine gestured to an invisible line behind him, then stepped forward like the line was moving. Kurt raised an eyebrow.

Eager young lads
And roues and cads
Will offer you food and wine

Totally unprepared are you
To face a world of men
Timid and shy and scared are you
Of things beyond your kin

Blaine clasped his hands behind his back and took careful steps around Kurt's chair.

You need someone
Older and wiser
Telling you what to do
I am 17 going on 18
I'll take care of you

Blaine held out his hand. Kurt took it with a smirk.

I am 16 going on 17
I know that I'm naive
Fellows I meet may tell me I'm sweet
And willingly I believe

Kurt sang and shrugged innocently.

I am 16 going on 17 innocent as a rose
Bachelor dandies
Drinkers of brandies
What do I know of those

Totally unprepared am I
To face a world of men
Timid and shy and scared am I
Of things beyond my kin

Kurt's fingers walked up Blaine's arm and Blaine ducked away laughing.

I need someone
Older and wiser
Telling me what to do

Kurt brushed his fingers through some of Blaine's curls

You are 17 going on 18
I'll depend on you

He punctuated his last line by tapping Blaine lightly on the nose with the tip of his finger.

They danced together to the rest of the song, twirling around the room and stepping up onto the couches. With a crescendo, they were both jumping back and forth across the furniture in perfect time.

There was a pause.

They fell onto opposite couches. They made eye contact and stood up slowly.

The music continued as they spun around the room, stopping when they faced each other, then spinning the other way.

On the third rotation, they faced each other again and froze for a bit longer than before. Kurt was about to turn when all of a sudden Blaine grabbed his upper arms and kissed him soundly on the lips.

...and proceeded to run out of the room.

Kurt was unable to control his glee as he smiled brightly, lifted his arms up, and squealed happily.