I know he's dead. I know he's gone.

They won't say it, they won't tell me but I know it. I can feel it. It seems almost fitting that my father should die, after ever other horrible step of this journey it only seems right to steal me of him as well.

I can feel the water in the air, the spry off the waterfall hitting my face and soaking my hair. I glance at it as we hurry past, I'm too caught up in the movements to really pay any attention. But that was moments ago and I can think now. I can truly look at the running water.
I take a few steps off to the corner-I want more than anything to disappear into the stone wall behind me. I can see my sister being cradled by Hawkeye and I experience something I've never felt toward her.


I'm jealous that she can be held by the man she loves, I'm jealous that she can find some peace. I scan the room for Uncas. I can't find him among the same crowd and my heart drops. I wonder when I began to depend on his presences for safety.

I turn my attention back to the waterfall, a thought suddenly hits me. It's free. The water can go where it likes. Stone, earth, man, nothing hinders it.

I close my eyes tightly to prevent tears, I can't cry. I began to walk; I need solitude-I need a little peace.
I take a few steps into the darkness, the water is memorizing, it still does little to bring me peace. All I feel is darknessā€¦and it's never ending consumption of my life.

Suddenly an arm pulls me back, I gasp but only for a second. I know it's him.

He wraps his arms around me, holding me tight into an embrace we've both been aching for. He whispering comforting words into my ears. He strokes my hair, and kisses my forehead. I lean against his chest and release a breath I never released I was holding.

"Alice," he whispers into the darkness.

He doesn't want a reply, he just wants me to know he's there. And always intends to be.

I curl myself deeper into his hold, finally finding my peace.