By Digitalrandomness (credit to TOEI and BANDAI)

Cullen: The first chapter is finally finished! It's mostly going to be in Impmon's POV. R+R

I leaped onto the nearby building and ran to the other side. I stopped and looked down at the restaurant windows. In one of the second floor windows which was used as a house, I saw her playing cards with a friend. She looked happy, but I knew that my wicked deed still clung to her heart.

My name is Impmon, and about six months ago I had committed many terrible sins. My greed for power caused me to meet up with one of the twelve Devas, the servants of the Harmonious Ones. He gave me the ultimate power to turn into my mega form, Beelzemon. But in order to keep this power, he told me that I had to kill the Tamers' partners. Unfortunately for my conscience, I succeed in killing one: Leomon, this girl's partner.

I've come to repent my evil deed, but by then I'd already absorbed all of Leomon's data and left Jeri heartbroken. I know I've apologized a million times, but I still want to make everything right again. The question is: how?

"HEY IMPMON!" a friendly and cute sounding voice shouted.

I jumped from surprise and whipped around, "Oh, Calumon, it's you. What do you want?"

"You don't look very happy. I don't like seeing my friends sad…"Calumon said, his big white ears shrinking. "Is there something on your mind?"

I sighed and turned back to the window where I could see Jeri and Takato playing that Digimon card game. I gazed at the brown haired girl and forced my tears not to come out. She had forgiven me, but I still felt empty, and like my heart was a dense ball of ice. Before I could stop it, tears were finally escaping my eyes. "Impmon, you're… crying. Is everything okay?" Calumon asked.

"No… I'll be fine," I lied, "I'm going to the park to see if I can see any stars (though I doubt it with all the light pollution). Do you wanna come with?"

"Okay. Let's go," Calumon agreed, hoping it may cheer me up. It probably won't but…

We got to the park about twenty minutes later. I sat down in front of the little den where the Digidestined usually hung out and gazed up at the sky. Nothing. Not one star. I sighed loudly and let my head fall to the ground, I cossed my arms over my chest. Calumon sat right next to me.

"No stars huh?" he asked.

"Well it may be because of all the light pollution but the sun only set a half hour ago, they might come out later..." I sighed.

As if on cue, thousands of stars just... appeared. "Hey, that constellation looks like a Tentomon!" Calumon shouted excitedly.

I followed his gaze and realized there was a Tentomon constellation, as if we were looking at the Digital World sky. Wait... could it be?

I sat up suddenly and did a 360 head turn. No buildings, no people. Just a large forest with... a bunch of street signs doing the konga? I sweat-dropped. "Calumon," I asked nervously.


"Um... are we... in the Digital world?" I glanced around again, a Gaomon ran past us at top speed shouting, "Hup two three four, Hup two three four!"

Calumon shrugged, "I think we are..."

I shook my head, "Okay that's random. One second we are in Japan, and the next we're in the Digiworld. That's bizzare." I stood up.

"Huh, that constellation over there looks like Azulongmon!" Calumon squeaked.

Suddenly I got an idea. "Speaking of which, I need to go see him right now!" I jumped to my feet.

"How come?" Calumon asked.

"Just you wait. You'll find out when we get to the Palace of the East."

Why does Impmon need to speak with Azulongmon and what does he intend to do? Find out next time on the next Digimon Digital Monsters, Impmon's Quest Chapter 2!