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Winry P.O.V

I woke up, sunlight streaming down fm the gaps in the tree's branches. Day five, still four left. I had a feeling that wasn't going to last long.

I sat up and looked next to me. Ed's still asleep, and I was glad for that. Things have been so stressful for him lately, and each day he's probably tortured. Hopefully, this will all be over with soon. Prim was awake, feeding the panda bits of berries. "Good morning, Prim."

She turned to me and smiled. "Morning. Breakfast?"

I frowned at our meager supplies. "We're running low."

"I'm sure we'll have time to gather more today. Ed still asleep?"

I nodded. Even though I don't want to disturb the peace, he has to wake up. A smile crept to my face. "Let's wake him up."

Prim smiled and ran over, the panda cupped in her hands. "Watch," she instructed, placing the panda on Ed's face. I snickered. "He's going to hate us," I told her.

She laughed as the little panda crawled across his face and started scratching his nose. Ed subconsciously raised his hand to brush it off, but the panda bit him. That woke him up.

Prim and I laughed. Ed removed the tiny creature from his hand and set it on the ground. "Not funny."

"Well, at least you're awake," Prim said, giggling.

Ed turned to look at me. "Her idea."

"Sure it was," he shot back with a smile. That made me feel a little better inside. I'm pretty sure he hasn't done that for three days.

"Ed, it's been a long time. Can I check your auto-mail?" I asked. Prim looked a little puzzled at this, but Ed nodded.


"I wish I had the proper tools, but this'll have to do," I told him, missing my engineering tools back at home.

He shrugged. As he rolled up his right arm sleeve, Prim walked up. "Uh, Ed?"


She shifted uncomfortably. "I have some questions. One, why do you have a panda with you?"

"Well, she belonged to a tribute who died, so Al decided to keep him. We've looked after her ever since. Anything else?" Ed clarified.

"We should have a team name."

I laughed. "A what?"

"A team name. To make us sound official and together." (A/N:

About the team name thing. I wrote this and my sis was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and for those who watch it, y'know how Sokka wanted to give them a team name, like The Boomeraang Squad? I thought it would be hilarious if Prim suggested it. XD.)

Ed sighed. Well, what do you expect from a lonely thirteen-year-old girl? "Just don't include the 's' word."

I got an idea. "Little Edward and his Allies."

Ed frowned. "Not that either."

"I'll keep thinking," Prim said, walking away. I turned my attention to Ed's limbs.


"You actually managed not to break anything. Both will hold up as long as you don't go and do anything reckless," I instructed him.

"Sure, sure," he said, but I could sense his mind was somewhere else.

"You're not paying attention, are you? Look, I know this bores you, but-," I stopped, not daring to go further.

Ed turned to me. "But, what?"

I sighed. "You need to pay attention, just in case. Just in case," my voice wavered, "I won't be there to fix it if you break it. Which you do a lot."

Ed's face dropped. "Don't think that."

"Edward," I said in a soft, commanding voice. That got his attention. "Either you, Envy or me is going to make it out of here as Amestrian victor. And I really don't want the final two to be you and me." Gently, I touched his warm face. "You have to survive."

Ed seemed touched, but not displeased. "Winry, I-,"

Suddenly, Prim screamed. We rushed over to our unexpected visitor.

"Hello there, Primrose. Haven't seen you since I last attacked your sister. Remember that? You, me, your sister Katniss, that boy Peeta? Good times. We should do it more often. Oh, wait. They're dead. Oh, well. Miss me?" Envy said. (A/N: One example of what I wrote at 11:30.)

Prim gave a small, horrified shriek and tried to back away. Envy laughed and advanced.

"Leave her alone!" I heard Ed yell. "She's from Panem; not threatening your position as Amestrian victor."

Envy turned away from a cowering Prim, who let out a silent sigh of relief. His eyes fixed on the two of us. I wanted to look away. His eyes were full of hatred and pain. The worst part was, I couldn't look away. "I really wish I could finish both of you off right now. It would make things a hell of a lot easier. But, I'm not going to just kill you, at least not right now, I'm going to destroy you."

"How are you going to do that? You've already accomplished that by taking Al away!" Ed roared. I flinched. I'd never heard him like this, ever.

Envy shook his head. "I haven't yet, runt."


Envy laughed. "You still don't see it, do you?" He pulled out a spear. It was about a foot long, and the spearhead had been sharpened to a point that it could easily puncture anything. I found myself reaching for my wrench. "Listen, Mr. Alchemist, I'm not going to kill you yet, killing off weakling Primrose here won't even help," Prim shrieked again, "so who do I have left?" He turned his head to look at me. "You."

Ed lost it. "YOU DON'T TOUCH HER!" My heart thudded. If only my life wasn't in danger.

Envy smirked. I brought out my wrench. Not the best weapon, but it was all I could get to. "Oh, like that's going to get you anywhere, Winry." I gripped it tighter. "Now, I'm not going to kill you instantly, (it kills the suspense), but I'm fine if you do. Just as long as you die."

He threw it. It seemed to be in slow motion. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small, oval object. Then, everything faded.


I woke later, just as I had done that morning. Only, the sun was high in the sky and Prim was next to me. When she saw me wake up, she whispered, "Winry?"

"Yeah? Am I dead?" I ask with difficulty. It's as if my lungs are too weak to support my body.

She shook her head. "We knocked you out with a sedative from the first-aid kit, so your body wouldn't react to you getting hit with a spear: you were immobile and unresponsive. This also led Envy to believe you were dead."

She said all of this very professionally, as if she's done this before. "Ed and Envy?"

"Envy ran off, we don't know where, or if he's going to return. Ed's fine, except he's mega-mad at Envy."

I sat up, and when I did, a sharp pain shot through my torso. Prim chewed her lip. "The spear did clip you. Two ribs are broken, and there's some internal damage."

Probably my lungs, I thought. "What do you have in the first-aid kit?"

Prim looked at me; sad and dejected. "Nothing there that can help, except wrap your ribs, which I've done, knock you out, or get rid of a fever."

I bit my tongue, trying to see if there was anything else we could do, using resources around here. I could be fine if I had proper medical equipment, but of course, I didn't.

"We should keep going," I said as I painfully tried to stand up. "Envy knows where we are, and he's going to come back."

"You're in no condition to go anywhere," Prim commanded.

Shakily, I got up onto my feet and leaned against a tree for support. "Well, I got back up on my own. I think I'm fine."

Ed walked back to us from his post. I smiled at him. "I'm fine. We need to get out of here. The sooner the better."

Ed nodded. "Prim, get the panda."


Around noon or so, I had to stop. My ribs hurt way too much.

"I-I need to stop," I breathed as I sat down. Ed and Prim, looking concerned, turned to each other, and then to me.

"We're not going to leave you here," Ed finalized. "I'll carry you if I have to."

Prim nodded. "Try not to aggravate her ribs to much."

I blushed. Ed reached down and picked me up off the ground. My ribs burned, but I bit my lip. "Are you sure you can carry me for a long time?"

"Do you doubt me or something?" Ed asked.

I laughed, despite the pain it brings. "Well, I'm being carried by a person shorter than me for who knows how long in a treacherous terrain. So, I think I'm allowed to have my doubts."

"I'm not that small," Ed muttered. Prim snickered.


The sun was dipping below the trees when we stopped for the day. Ed gently set me down against a tree. "You hungry?"

I nodded. "You have to eat, too," I reminded him.

"I will, don't worry."

Prim flipped open the pack. "We don't have a lot, you two. Only some roots and berries. And with the three of us, that isn't going to last long."

"Do we have anything to hunt with?" Ed asked.

Prim searched through the pack. "Rope and a spear."

"Great. I can make some snares," Ed said as Prim tossed him the rope. He walked away and Prim sat next to me.

"Feeling any better?" she asked.

I grimaced. "No. My ribs are still broken and aching, and it's hard to breathe," I stopped. She probably thinks I'm complaining. "In other words, it doesn't look to good."

Prim shook her head. "I wish we had more to work with."

"That might not even be enough."

"Oh! What about a chance of sponsors?" Prim asked hopefully.

"Slim to none. It mat be way too expensive.'

She sighed.

"Me, too."

Ed came back, a rabbit dangling from his snare. Prim handed him some matches from the pack. Soon, we had a fire cooking our minimal dinner. As I fell asleep, my mind was filled with worries. How will we survive?


The next morning, I knew things were taking a sharp turn for the worst. The temperature was cold. Really cold, almost below zero. Breathing grew really difficult for me, and the cold made it worse. I shivered and sat up. The world turned fuzzy, ans my vision blurred. Not good. The slightest movement made a tidal wave of pain rush through my body. Carefully, I wrapped my thin tribute coat around me. That wasn't enough.

Ed woke up and noticed the temperature. "Winry, are you cold?"

My mouth too numb to retaliate with a smart-ass response, I nodded. Ed gave me his tribute jacket, but it still wasn't enough to keep out the cold. I also needed to tell him what's going on.

"Ed," I whispered, "I don't think I'm going to make it. Even now, I have trouble breathing. I think my lungs are injured. Probably damaged beyond repair. And I'm starting to show the signs of oxygen deprivation: headaches, diziness. It's like I can feel myself fading away."

Ed blinked, trying to take in the news. "Winry. Dammit. You can't die. Not here. Not now."

"Ed, do you remember the conversation we had the other day when I was checking your auto-mail? There's nothing we can do. We've tried everything."

I could sense Ed couldn't handle this all. "Don't cry," I said, taking his hand.

"Winry…you can't die," he repeated.

"I don't want to either."

Ed took a breath. "I hate Envy. Ever since the Games started, that bastard's been killing off all the people I love."

My heart skipped a beat. "You really feel that way?"

He looked at me, as if he was realizing what he just said. "If you do…"

"I have. For a long time," I confessed. I didn't care that I was telling him all this out loud.

Ed smirked. "Too bad it took the Games to make us confess this."

My breath was growing shallower and harder. I said, "Well, there's no time like the present."

Ed looked hesitant, but my present condition urged him on. He leaned down and kissed me. And that's the last thing I felt before everything faded.

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