Abandoned Hero

Seventh year story. Harry Potter's life is falling apart. Can Hermione and Ron help him fix things?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of J.K Rowlings wonderful characters. Although quite frankly like every other person in the world with I did!

Not a slash story!

Harry Potter sighed as he walked through the hall at Hogwarts. He was supposed to be in class right now. In fact he was suppose to be in what used to be his favorite class. Used to be, that was exactly who and what he was. He used to be on the quidditch team, he used to be everyone's hero, and he used to be someone everyone wanted to be like. But now? Now he was an ex member of the gryffindor quidditch team, and nobody wanted to have anything to do with him.

Ron and Hermione had long ago stopped asking if he was ok. If he needed anything or anyone to talk to. They were in love with each other, and Harry got left in the dust. That was a feeling that was hard to get used to for a while, but eventually he did.

"Potter? Aren't you suppose to be in class?", Professor McGonagall asked startled at seeing him.

"Probably", Harry quickly said.

"I don't think it's wise for someone in your position of barely passing as it is to miss class Potter", McGonagall said to him, "As it is your already on the road to making us contact Sirius"

"Go ahead, think he cares? Cause he doesn't", Harry laughed at her.

"Whose class are you suppose to be in Harry", McGonagall said angrily.

"What does it matter, I'm just going to flunk out anyway", Harry told her.

She stared at him for a moment when finally he gave in and said, "Professor Lupin's"

"Follow me", she replied walking down towards Lupin's classroom.

"Why do you care if I'm in class or not", Harry suddenly stopped suddenly and asked.

"Because believe it or not there are some people who still believe in you Harry. That you can come out of this", McGonagall said.

"Come out of what", Harry asked as they continued walking.

"This thing you've got inside your head that's telling you to give up", McGonagall said stopping in front of Lupin's classroom, "I'll talk to Professor Lupin so you don't get in trouble all right?"

"Thanks", Harry said as she opened the door.

"Harry, there you are", Professor Lupin smiled seeing him.

"Harry was with me", McGonagall said.

"All right, oh Harry I do need to see you after class though ok?", Lupin asked.

Harry nodded and took a seat in the back of the room alone. Professor Lupin seemed to be explaining what they were doing that day. Harry didn't know what it was though because he wasn't listening.

"Harry? Aren't you going to get to work?", came a voice next to him.

"Eventually", Harry said looking for where the voice had come from.

"I really don't understand you anymore", Hermione said.

"I guess for once you don't understand everything Hermione", Harry replied.

"Come on Hermione don't waste your time on him", Ron said pulling her away.

"Yep there you go Ron take her away as always", Harry said.

"What was that?", Ron asked angrily.

"You heard me loud and clear", Harry said as Ron walked back by him.

"I am so sick of listening to you!", Ron yelled as Harry stood up.

"Yeah your real good at taking care of things aren't you Ron. That's why you and Hermione took care of the problem of me so well", Harry said.

"Don't you ever blame her Harry, don't blame her", Ron said shoving Harry.

"Hey!", Professor Lupin yelled pushing Ron, "Walk away Ron, walk away"

"Everyone's dismissed except you two", Professor Lupin said to the class who immediately began filling out as fast as they could. None of them had ever seen Professor Lupin as angry as he was.

"What was that!", Professor Lupin yelled.

"Talk to him not me, he's the one who thinks he knows everything", Ron said slamming his fist down on a desk.

"You can go Ron", Professor Lupin said softly.

"What?", Ron asked.

"I need to talk to Harry right now", Professor Lupin said.

"Fine", Ron said walking out and slamming the door.

"What's going on?", Professor Lupin finally said.

"Nothings going on", Harry said.

"That's why your best friend seems to want to beat you up?", Professor Lupin asked.

"Why don't you ask him why that is?", Harry asked.

"Because I want to hear what you have to say", Professor Lupin explained.

"He doesn't care about me, if he did he wouldn't have left me in the dust", Harry said.

"What are you talking about?", Professor Lupin asked.

"When him and Hermione started going out, they got what they wanted so they forgot about me", Harry said trying to regain control of himself.

"You know I'm going to have talk to Sirius right?", Professor Lupin asked.

"Yeah, and I really don't care", Harry said, "and you think he cares?"

"You're the reason he's a freeman Harry. You did that for him. You darn well bet he cares. Especially when your failing and you don't care!", Professor Lupin reminded Harry.

"If I don't care why do you? Nobody needs me anymore, I'm a nobody. Yesterdays news", Harry said with his head in his hands.

"That's not true, you know that's not true. God Harry is that's what's bothering you?", Professor Lupin asked.

"No, I shouldn't have said anything. I…I gotta go", Harry walked toward the door.

"Harry wait…", Professor Lupin said as the door closed in his face.

"I shouldn't have said that", Harry said out loud to himself.

"Shouldn't have said what?"

"Leave me alone Malfoy", Harry walked away.

"Are you alright Potter?", Draco asked.

"No, I mean yeah I'm fine", Harry said.

"You sure?", Draco asked.

"Yes, why do you care?", Harry asked.

"You're no fun anymore you know. It used to be fun to try to irritate you", Draco said.

"Well I'm sorry Draco I really am", Harry said.

"I want to help you that's all", Draco said.

"I don't need you. If I need anyone I have Hermione and…", Harry started.

"And Ron? Then where are they Harry?", Draco asked.

"They…I…they…", Harry stuttered.

"That's what I thought", Draco said.

"If you want to help me why are you making me feel worse", Harry snapped.

"They're not your friends. I'm your friend", Draco said.

"You?", Harry asked.

"I've gone through depression Harry, I can help you. Were more alike than you think. I know you think I'm just like my father, but I hate my father", Draco explained.

"What makes you think I'm depressed", Harry asked.

"It's obvious", Draco said, "now are you going to let me help you or not?"

"My head is screwed up as it is Malfoy, are you messing with me?", Harry asked.

"No, I'm not messing with you", Draco said.

"I don't know, I honestly don't know what to do anymore", Harry leaned against the wall, "I don't need any help, I don't need any friends. Just leave me alone okay?"

"That's the last thing you need, but fine", Draco said turning around.

"Are you still out here?", Harry heard his Professor's voice.

"I was just leaving", Harry said starting to walk.

"One thing Harry, Professor Dumbeldore's office tomorrow morning eight o-clock sharp", Professor Lupin explained.

"Fine I'll be there"