Abandoned Hero

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Voldemort had been killed. Harry's life was as normal as it had ever been. How will he react when someone puts a twist into his new life?

Chapter Eleven: Graduation

Four Days Later

"Hermione!", shouted a voice through the crowd.

"Sirius, hi these are my parents", Hermione smiled.

"Nice to meet you", Sirius smiled, "have you seen Harry today?"

"Come to think of it I don't think I have, but try Ron", Hermione said looking around the room.

"Okay thanks, it was nice meeting you", Sirius said searching for the redhead boy who didn't take long to locate even in the semi large crowd.

"Ron", Sirius tapped him on the shoulder.

"Sirius hey", Ron said quickly turning around.

"Have you seen Harry? I'm looking for him", Sirius asked hopeful that Ron would know.

"Yeah, I saw him this morning, want me to help you find him?", Ron asked looking around the room.

"No, the ceremony is starting soon I'm sure he's here somewhere"

Harry had been planning the perfect escape for days now. He'd gotten the idea from Hermione:

"They can't make you stay here. Were practically adults, we make our own decisions from the time we walk out of those doors."

He'd had the idea since then. He just hadn't imagined really going through with it until the other day. It was time to face reality. Voldemort couldn't be defeated no matter how much training they had. The rate things were going he'd be dead by the time he turned 21. He was done with the wizard thing. It'd helped him though his teenage years, but now it was making him absolutely miserable. It was time for a change, and he was ready.

Harry rummaged through his truck one more time making sure he had everything. Anything he forgot he wouldn't be able to come back for. For once he was taking a stand in his life. And nobody could stop him.

"Thank you for that wonderful speech Miss. Granger. When your name is called please come up to receive your diploma", Professor Dumbeldore smiled brightly.

"Lavender Brown"

"Missy Henry

"Erin Lefinwall"

As the list went on Ron grew worried as to where Harry was, "Where is he Hermione?",

"I…I don't know Ron", Hermione whispered back.

"Hermione Granger"

Hermione frowned at Ron before putting a fake smile on as she walked up to the stage.

"Abigail Kensington"

"Harry Potter"

A silence filled the room as everyone waited for the famous Harry Potter to walk on stage. But no it wouldn't mater how long they waited…. Harry Potter was missing.

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