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This drabble is short, yes, but I hope you enjoy.


The sunset was gold and pink, sprinkled with carmine and dotted with lavender. Artists' brushes and heaping hills of cotton were thrown across the horizon, bathed in color that ran and bled into each other like watercolor. The water rippled the whole affair into broken bits of sky and deep shadows, and lying on the shore Tenten could almost imagine she was being swallowed up in the great, big world that lapped at her toes.

"Are you comfortable?" Neji murmured, pianist fingers stroking through her loose hair. "Cold?"

Breath echoed in his lungs, mixed with the bass beat of his heart. She tugged at a loose strand of hair. "I'm fine. More than fine. It's beautiful, don't you think?"

Neji would have replied, but he was busy pressing satin lips to her shoulder and was therefore utterly engrossed in the delicate intricacies of finding the exact number of freckles she had mapped on her skin. She laughed, and tugged on his hair again. "Ne. Ji."

"You taste like cinnamon," Neji said, ignoring her completely. "Are you sure all these freckles aren't just from spilling cinnamon all over yourself?"

"I think I would have remembered that," Tenten said, face hot. "Neji, look at the sky."

His cold nose pressed to her neck, and he breathed deep. She could feel the smile in the corner of his mouth. "Alright," he said, pulling away to look up. "Let's see this sky worth interrupting."

Tenten smiled, and buried her face in the crook of his neck, staring up into the sky with him.


She had been right, the colors looked even brighter in his eyes.


Author's Notes: Yes, I did just subject you to brutal, unadulterarated fluff. I couldn't help myself.

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