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Wind blowing across the fields sent ripples through the pools of grass and the sun was beating down on the dead Kohaku River. It was now just a path of rocks leading into the beyond. The clouds slowly passed over, forming shapes and figures in the sky. But the amusement park stood behind the fields holding secrets only very few knew, and one of those people was Chihiro. The adventure she had into a different world, the spirit world. The spirits she met influenced her life and made her stronger in the heart, especially the dragon that was now free because of her.

In the distance stands a young man with hair as green as emeralds. He stands atop a building in the empty amusement park. He looks around the park to make sure no one is looking. When he knows it's clear, he sheds his human body, letting the true spirits arise within him. "Chihiro…" he says with a sigh as the last of the transformation is complete. There stands the spirit of the Kohaku River, a powerful but free dragon, but being free didn't satisfy him. He grieved the return of the girl he once knew and the promise he made to return to her. But if he was to enter the human world it would upset the balance between spirit and man. What the dragon didn't know was that a pair of eyes were staring at him from below. All he did was launch himself into the air flying toward the other person he had comfort in- Zeniba. His fur moved with the wind as he disappeared into the sky above.

" Chihiro….me get Chihiro," said the little pair of eyes. The little demon crawled out from its hiding place and stared at the sky as the dragon was flying away. An evil grin appeared upon its face as it made its way toward the middle of the street. It let out a screech that sounded throughout the amusement park and bathhouse. Then it dissipated into thin air, drifting away with the wind. It was heading towards its master to let him know that the dragon was flying to Swamp Bottom. And how did it know that Haku was traveling towards swamp bottom? It knew because it had been watching him for sometime now and it knew he went to Zeniba when he was upset or sad. The demon, along with the others, were planning to do something wicked that would affected the spirit and human world greatly.

"Chihiro... Chihiro wake up!" screamed a voice.

Chihiro suddenly jumped up from her seat and screamed " The answer is 2.5." She was breathing heavily and looking at her teacher. There was a moment of silence and a pin could be heard if it was dropped onto the floor. The kids burst out laughing, sending waves of laughter up and down the aisles. Chihiro's eyes then widened and she slumped back into her seat. Her desk was in the center of the room which caused the humiliation to be even worse. Chihiro just kept her head in the safety of her hands.

The bell rang and it signaled school was over.

Finally school is over, she thought.

But this wasn't her sanctuary just yet.

"Chihiro please stay after class for a bit." called her teacher from the front of the room. So as the kids emptied out of the room, whispering and giggling, she was left standing with her teacher.

"Chihiro, you have been dozing off lately during class. Are you ok? Have your parents been fighting or is there a family issue? Cause if there is, please let me know because I will be glad to help." said Mrs. Soto with a smile.

"No ma'am, i just haven't got much sleep lately because..." she had to think of an excuse because she wasn't going to tell her teacher she was dreaming about dragons. Or that she was dreaming about a boy she once knew, with hair green as emeralds, that could fly through the sky as a dragon. Or the spirits she met five years ago in the old abandoned Amusement Park.

"Of my... new dog I got... yeah the new dog I got. It's been my responsibility to take care of it and its been going crazy every night keeping me up really late."

"Oh ok. Just please try to get some sleep because I want you to pass the test we have on Friday."

Chihiro nodded and went back to her seat to gather her books and head off to walk home. She walked out of the room into the hallway with sunlight streaming through the window onto the the floor, reflecting off the tiles. Her feet began to carry her down the empty halls and her footsteps echoed and sounded as if a giant was walking through. The front door was coming into sight and Chihiro was glad the day was over, at least for school that is. As she pushed through the front doors the sun blinded her eyes and it didn't help that there was no clouds to reflect the sunshine. It was a dry, hot day and no breeze had come through to chill the town off. But suddenly a breeze came about, a big one, that disturbed Chihiro's long brown hair, flying into her face. Struggling, she tried to get it back in place and once she did, she wasn't alone. There in front of her stood a small black figure, a demon. The demon snarled with a grin flashing all its teeth. But the odd aspect was that it didn't have eyes which creeped Chihiro out even more then she already was. It stood at about two feet tall with thin legs and arms. But its hands had claws like butcher knives moving back and forth.

"What do you want?" Chihiro stuttered, trying to get her words out.

"Me get Chihiro." It said.

Again a strong breeze blew and the demon dissipated into the air, separating it into small pieces like torn pieces of paper. The dark particles soon disappeared and Chihiro started to run away. She breathed heavily and tears came out of her eyes. Why a demon was talking and hunting her down is what she wanted to know.

Chihiro sped through the courtyard heading towards her house. She wanted to be in the safety of her house before the demon came back. She passed trees, bushes, benches, and the Kohaku fountain. The fountain was dedicated to the once alive Kohaku River. Chihiro usually stood by the fountain and talked to the spirit of Haku. She still trusted him that he would come back to her, that they would never be alone. Five years didn't matter to her because she still believed the promise he made and he would never forget it.

Suddenly she felt a weight on her shoulder and she turned to look.

"Me get Chihiro... Me get Chihiro... Me will bit Chihiro."

"Leave me alone you ugly ass thing." Chihiro screamed slapping it. But her hand just went right through it. It faded as her hand went through and faded back when the hand exited its body.

"Hehe..." the demon said. It grabbed Chihiro's head which caused Chihiro to fall to the ground. A cracking sound emitted from the concrete as soon as she hit, it was her leg. Screaming and fighting the demon at the same time wasn't easy; flinging her hands at it while it pulled at her yellow shirt taring through it. Chihiro swung her hand and the demon caught it twisting it in a full rotation. But her leg was still available so she swung it up almost hitting the demon in the head; however, it just disappeared again avoiding the attack. Screams and growls were coming from both of them. Finally the demon got a claw in and it held it against Chihiro's slim neck.

"Chihiro will go bye ,bye."

The claw felt cold against her neck sending chills down her back and it slowly bent the skin causing it to give way. Blood seeped out dripping in a pitter patter like motion. Chihiro's body didn't dare to move because one, the claw would just cut through her neck and two, if she did escape, it would just follow her through the air again. The blood seeped into the cracks below and traveled through the spaces in the pavement. Chihiro tried to let out a scream but her voice didn't come out. The demon removed the claw and grabbed Chihiro by the head.

Moving the hair she once fixed a few minutes before. It turned its head and leaned in towards her neck. Her eyes followed the demon as it leaned in towards the lower part of her neck. Suddenly a sharp pain seeped into girl's neck, releasing venom which soon flowed through the blood stream towards the main parts of the body, like the brain.

Chihiro looked at the sky one last time. Wishing that why couldn't her life be normal. Why did she have to be involved with spirits. What would her life be like if she never crossed the Kohaku River? She regretted thinking that but it was what she really wondered. Her eyesight soon began to fail, the feeling in her arms and legs began to cease. Her lungs struggled to get air in and her eyes tried to see. But they couldn't and Chihiro took one more look at the sky. Then everything faded and went pitch black; releasing her into an unfamiliar world of darkness that she wasn't going to wake up from.