The woman with the sky blue hair led the two little children through the woods. Both of them clasped onto each of the woman's hands and looked up at her as she talked. Both of the little children found the woman's voice quite soothing, airy and sweet. She had this sort of motherly figure to her and her voice brought comfort to them. A light breeze blew past them, and it only seemed to concentrate around them. the woman's hair was carried in the light breeze and her dark blue eyes were concentrated on the path ahead of her.

"Do you miss your mom and dad?" she asked. Peter looked up at the woman and nodded.

"Yes, Miss. Aria. I want to see my mom again. They are also probably worried about my sister and I."

"But once we get back we can tell mommy and daddy we're okay. The nice lady is taking care of us of course." Livia smiled at Peter and Aria as she said this. Livia was drawn to Aria, she just felt safe around her the moment she laid eyes on her. A warmth and sense of comfort emanated off Aria, and that's what Livia was drawn to.

"I don't think mom and dad would even believe where we are," muttered Peter.

Aria reached down and ruffled Peter's hair.

"It's a hard concept to take in, I know. You are only eight years in humans years after all."

"I am almost nine," he argued back, his was tinted red at the same time.

"I was joking," smiled Aria. "Young one I know you are smart, I can see it in your eyes. You have a lively spirit, one that would cheer up others around you. It was surprising to see that you took in the news so easily. You truly believe you are in the Spirit World?"

"Grandma told us about it," interrupted Livia. "She would always tell us stories of powerful spirits and powerful Gods who ruled over the lands."

Aria seemed to understand and simply nodded. she continued to walk with both children hand in hand. They disappeared farther into the forest on the path they were traveling on. Aria tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and closed her eyes.

"I am counting on you," she whispered. "Fix the problem my love, I know you can. I believe in you."

A light breeze drifted past the group of three and traveled ahead of them, sweeping itself into the sky. Whispers were drafted up along with it as it disappeared into the heavens above, Aria's words traveling through the air with it. She let out a soft smile and opened her eyes knowing the message would reach its destination. She let out a breath and continued on the path she was traveling both physically and mentally.

Chirashi looked down at the book that was on the table in front of her. Her head was in her hands, pushing up the skin on her face, while her eyes concentrated deeply on the ancient scripted pages before her. The text was vernacular language but it was worded in a way that was hard to understand; however, Chirashi being the smart one in the room, knew exactly how to read it and comprehend it perfectly.

"We definitely need the power and knowledge of a High God for this, or someone who is extremely powerful. Although, I think the only one who can truly cast it is the one who is of pure wind origin, Aria." Chirashi turned the page then flipped back and rubbed her eyes. "Can't casting a spell be easier?"

"Still there remains the main problem. How are we supposed to get in contact with a High God?" asked Kokatsuna. "It's not like we can call to one and they'll magically appear. They rarely, and I mean rarely, come in contact with a spirit, let alone us."

"So how many problems do we have now?" asked Hana.

"Well," sighed Okami. "There's Kaze trying to take over both spirit and human world, humans wandering into the spirit world, not being able to cast this spell, and not being able to get in contact with a High God."

"That's more then I can even keep track of," groaned Kokatsuna.

"It's only four..." said Chirashi, and then she held up four fingers. "See. Four fingers."

"No it's not JUST four problems, these are things that are rather urgent that we solve right away," said Kokatsuna with a smirk.

"Wha-" said Chirashi. "You...You set me up for that." kokatsua snickered at Chirashi's comment and simply smirked.

"Of course I did, I'm a genius of course."

"Kokatsuna you wish you were a genius," added Hana. "You are like a bag full of bad jokes. Nothing good ever comes out from that opening on your face. And plues we also have to get Aria back home."

Aria simply smiled and looked at the book that Chirashi had in front of her.

"Whatever Mrs. Party Pooper and I promise we will get you home Aria as soon as possible." Kokatsuna rolled his eyes and positioned himself so he was beside Chirashi again. He ran his finger over the page of the ancient writing, trying to depict something that was bothering him, or rather the rest of the group as well. None of them knew how to contact a High God, or how to even begin to comprehend the difficulty of the task.

"Well to start off, do we know a spirit that would even be able to at least connect with a High God? They would have to be of great power." Okami stood there with a hand under his chin waiting for someone to respond.

"Well there is Zeniba." Chihiro trailed off and looked as if she were in deep thought.

"She is a great witch, one with a extreme amount of power, I have seen it, but I don't think she is at the spiritual capability to even contact a god. Sure she is a witch, but spiritual things doesn't seem to be her forte." Haku contemplated with the idea he had just introduced. Sure Zeniba was a great witch, but like he had said, she wasn't one for spiritual acts of sorts.

"I don't think any spirit would be able to contact a High God, I think they show themselves whent hey feel like it and when the time is right." Chihiro stated. She closed her eyes and breathed in. Suddenly a faint whisper was heard in her ear and her eyes shot open. Haku looked upon Chihiro and was rather confused.

"Something wrong?" he asked her as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"No...Nothing...I just thought I heard something."

'Fix the problem my love.'

Chihiro stood where she was, behind Chirashi, still and motionless for a moment. she knew she had definitely heard a voice in her ear, it had drifted in somehow and disappeared at that; however, it repeated itself quite a few times, fading with each time. she looked around to see if anyone was speaking, but no one was. Everyone's mouth was closed as they looked upon Chihiro wondering what in the world was going on with her. She looked towards the staircase to her right and felt the urge to suddenly walk up it. Haku watched her with a keen eye and sensed something was bothering her.

"Chihiro?" he asked. She didn't turn to face him but opened her mouth a tiny bit to speak.

"One second," she muttered. Chihiro pushed past Kokatsuna who was next to her and made her way to the staircase. Her fast strides turned in a running motion as she flung herself up the steps of the staircase. Haku watched her run up and decided to go after her. "You guys stay here," he said to the group. "I'll see what she's up to."

Haku then ran past the group and followed in the same footsteps as Chihiro. His emerald hair flowed past him and he swerved his body and darted up the stairs. A sudden increase in speed sent him flying up the stairs to where Chihiro had went. The dim lamps hanging from the walls of the staircase gave a eerie feeling to the area itself, but Haku paid no mind to it. His eyes were only concentrated on the approaching light in front of him. Finally he took the last step and was off the staircase, arriving at the top which was located in the living room. His eyes scanned the lavished room but found no sight of Chihiro. He tipped his head up and bit and inhaled an immense amount of air. Her scent was near, very near.

"Why did she go outside?" he whispered to himself. He turned and ran into the next room which was basically the hallway that led to the front door. The hallway was painted a indigo sort of color, and pictures lined the walls. They contained various spirits and what looked like paintings of different landscapes. They looked so vividly real, that you could reach your hand into the picture and get swept away into the landscape that was in front of you. The strokes upon the page were so precise and realistic.

Haku noticed the front door was open and a draft of air was swept into the hallway. A smell of pine filled his nostrils as he ran outside into the brightness of day. In front of him stood Chihiro, still and unmoving. The only movement that was visible was the slight twitch of her ears. It seemed that she was hearing some sort of noise, but he couldn't pinpoint what it could be.

"Chihiro?" he questioned, stopping a few feet behind her.

She stood there motionless still and he decided to call her name out once again.

"Chihiro?" Haku called out once more. Suddenly her hand shot up, signaling him to be quiet.

"Someone is calling to me," she whispered. "I hear them. They want me to come."

"Chihiro come back inside the house. It's probably someone trying to trick you into a trap of some sort. Let's go see what we can do to eventually solve these problems on our hands. Please, come back inside." Haku stepped forward and trid to grasp her hand, but she pulled away.

"I'm serious," she said without looking at him. "Someone is calling me, they want me to come."

"Then if they want you to come they should come themselves. Chihiro, you know better then anyone that things right now aren't exactly safe. Just come inside ignore the voice for now, you sure this isn't a memory that's coming back to you?"

"No," she said sharply as she turned to face him. She realized what she had done and hung her head. "I mean no. No, this isn't a memory that's coming back. It's a voice that appeared out of nowhere, it kind of came to me, I don't know how though."

Haku let out a sigh and pulled her close to him. He buried his head in her hair and wrapped his arms around her waist. Haku held Chihiro as close to him as possible then whispered into her ear.

"Just come inside, we'll figure out what the voice was later. Right now we have to get rid of this warping spell and stop the humans from coming through. Please Chihiro, come inside."

He felt her do a sharp intake of air and then relax a bit.

"Okay," she said in return and wrapped her arms around his waist returning the embrace he had given her.

"That's my girl," he whispered to her, and after a few moments Haku pulled away. He looked into Chihiro's eyes, looking at the Chestnut hue's that rested on her face. They were like a window of hope that anyone could rely on. He also looked at the beauty that was adorned upon her face, it was like her beauty was one that was never purged of evil. It was just naturally pure and bright, and that was one thing he love about her. He loved the pureness of her being and the warmth she emitted towards others.

Haku placed both of his hands on each side of Chihiro's face. He searched her face for another moment then brought his lips down upon hers. It wasn't a kiss that was urgent and passionate but sweet and gentle. They stood there in a loving embrace for a bit, sharing a gentle kiss that had not come up in a while. Their lips molded perfectly with one another and they noses just brushed against one another. They soon broke apart and looked at one another with a loss of words.

Haku lifted a hand and tucked a stray piece of hair behind Chihiro's ear and smiled at her. Chihiro gladly returned the smile and reached up and held his hand against her face. The bond between the two spirits had seemed to grow within this moment, strengthening as they continued to look at each other. Each of them didn't know what it was but they felt closer to each other. Time continued to pass by them and the wind began to pick up quite a bit, the seconds passing with no intention of stopping.

"I..." Chihiro stopped herself for a moment and looked into Haku's gentle green eyes.

'What is she going to say?' he thought.

"What Chihiro," he asked, but noticed her attention had slipped away from him. She simply raised her hand and pointed past him. He cocked his head to the side a bit, but then followed her finger. His eyes trailed the tip of her finger and then he turned around to see what Chihiro was pointing at. He suddenly understood her silence as he saw what was standing in front of him.

"It can't be," he whispered. "You see them right Chihiro?"

"Yes, Haku. They're actually there."

Both Haku and Chihiro stood there looking at two figures that were standing before them. A boy and girl, both looked like they were related to each other, in other words they were twins. They stood there hand in hand, alone, gazing at the two spirits before them. the girl seemed to coward away from them and hide behind her brother. The boy took a step forward and pulled the girl with him. He held his head high and spoke.

"We were told you could help us get home," he said with confidence. "A lady said you could help us."

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