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Shikamaru had always admired Uchiha Sasuke.

Why not admire him? He was popular, brilliant, capable of intelligent conversation, and one of the best ninjas in their class. Sure, he was a little broody, a little dark, but what genius didn't have issues? He had even endured Ino's chattering for information on Uchiha Sasuke. He was admired, respected, and even Shikamaru had held him on a pedestal. He was a loyal ninja of Konoha, and one of their best at that.

He had believed that. Everyone had.

Then the idol had betrayed the village for the chance to kill his brother, almost murdering his best friend and severely injuring some of Shikamaru's own.

He had gone from a pedestal to the seventh circle in .075 seconds flat.

Shikamaru remembered thinking, over and over again, "Why? Is his stupid revenge so important he's willing to get himself and all of his friends killed for it?"

Lying on the forest ground, imagining that he could hear the screams of the one crushed below—smiling at them—Shikamaru thought of Asuma-sensei. He thought of the red-painted monster that had killed him; of the way that killing Hidan had consumed him, body, mind, and soul until he was crushed. The thrill of knowing that immortal wretch couldn't escape Shikamaru's plot. The smile on his own lips as he thought about the screams trapped below.

And he let himself drop off the pedestal.


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