Noah Puckerman woke up with a fierce headache and a throbbing pain in his stomach. Sitting up he noticed the room looking spotless. Shaking his head he sat up and stumbled into the bathroom. He washed his face, flinching when he accidentally touched his eye. He looked up and saw a yellow post-it note attached to the mirror. It read:

Dear Noah,

Take two aspirins that are sitting on the dresser. Breakfast is hot and ready for you on the table. I'll be home at 5:30. I love you.

-Rachel *

Noah had no clue what was going on. For one, why did he have a black eye? Why did Rachel leave him a note? She never does that! Leaving the bathroom he saw the aspirins sitting next to a glass of water. He took them hoping to clear his headache.

He walked out into the dinning room and sure enough there was his breakfast. Looking around he noticed that a few of the furnishings were different. He saw his son sitting at the table eating pancake.

"Tell me, what the hell happened last night?" Noah asked his son. Looking up his son answered.

"You came home drunk last night and broke the dinning room table and the left end table. Then when you went to bed you walked into the door, hence you black eye dad." His son shook his head suppressing a laugh. Noah looked around even more confused.

"Then why does everything look so neat?" He asked his son.

"Because when mom went to go take you pants off you said, 'Get off me Bitch, I'm married.' And she went out and went shopping." Noah blinked, before smiling to himself.

Dinning Room Table: $856

End Table: $179

Saying the right thing at the right time: PRICELESS