Chicken Soup—and Other One-Shots

Author: ~MrsNaara

Couple Pairing: N/Touko/White

Rating: T

Series: Pokémon Black and White

AN: So, I've had a few N/Touko One-Shot ideas lately, and I decided to compile them all into one big slew of short stories. In these stories, the events happen in no particular order; and a good deal of them have nothing to do with the one before it. In this case, the first one-shot takes place with N and Touko being married, but the one-shot that comes after it has it before they start dating. Some events that are consistent, beginning with Chicken Soup are that;

Touko is the champion of the Pokémon League.

Shauntal is a mentor to both N and Touko throughout the stories and can be considered a main character. They like to refer to her as "Shaun".

Touko's Pokémon consist of, Reshiram (because I have Pokémon Black Version), Samurott, Krookodile, Dineo, Infernape, and Persian.

N's Pokémon consist of, Zekrom, Liepard, Zoroark, Darmanitan, Reuniclus, and Archeops.

N and Touko live in (the remains of) Plasma Castle where remaining grunts also live and work. N is good to them, although he will occasionally injure one with his rash actions… (if you don't get it, you will).

Phew… All that formality stuff is taken care of… You've all waited long enough, here's the first one-shot…

Chicken Soup

The Pokémon League is currently not accepting challengers. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

N stared blankly at the notice that barricaded the entrance to the Pokémon League's gates. He'd been in Nimbasa City for one day, one day,and all of a sudden something had happened. Last he checked all of the elite four were well and active, which could only mean one thing…

"She's sick, lover boy," Shauntal's dull voice rang out from behind him. N whipped around to face the novelist. Her hair was tied up in the usual style with two dark violet ribbons securing the ponytails in place. Her outfit was also the usual dark violet. Overall, her outfit reminded him of a Gothitelle. She adjusted her grip on her books.

"What?" he asked. Shauntal sighed and got closer to N.

"I said she's sick. No champion, no challenges," Shauntal stated.

"She's going to be okay, right?" N asked worriedly. Shauntal simply laughed and put a reassuring hand on N's shoulder.

"Doc says that she'll be fine in about a week. I'd tell you to go see her but she's…" Shauntal didn't get to finish because N had already taken off. "Contagious…" she finished silently.

Touko had caught a flu bug. It had been going around the grunts lately and she knew that it would only be a matter of time before she got it too. Unfortunately she was right. And now she couldn't do her own job because if she did, she'd not only give her virus to innocent trainers, but she'd be unable to focus. She was unable to focus at this very moment because there was no doubt that N had returned from Nimbasa City by now. Touko looked at her sickly appearance in the vanity mirror across from her and N's bed. Her skin was a pale pink, much lighter than usual. Her ice blue eyes were dull and almost gray as well. Her hair fell lifelessly around her thin features. She was hungry, tired, warm, her body ached all over, and she just wanted this bug to pass so she could get back to her life. A wave of nausea rushed over her and she upchucked promptly into the garbage can. Great, now she was even hungrier than before.

"Miss Touko? Are you okay in there?" a grunt's voice rang out from the other side of the door. Touko looked up from the trashcan to the door.

"I'm fine… thank you for asking, is N home yet?" Touko groaned.

"Yeah he's…" the grunt didn't get to finish his statement because all of a sudden Touko heard a surprised yelp, a loud groan, and a door slamming against a wall. Her gaze fell from the trashcan to N, who was standing in the doorway, a shocked yet worried expression on his face. Touko looked at the grunt out in the hallway who was on the floor… passed out.

"Hey sweetheart…" Touko said nervously before upchucking in the can below her again. N was at her side in an instant.

"Touko, are you okay?" he asked worriedly. "Shaun had me thinking the worst!" Touko laughed to the best of her ability, but fell back on her pillows shortly after.

"Leave it to Shaun to come up with something like that. N, I'm just fine other than this flu bug, you don't have to worry about me so much…" Touko said. N relaxed his vice grip on Touko's hand.

"Is there anything that I can do for you Touko-Chan?" N asked.

"Chicken soup," Touko stated simply. N's eyebrows creased in confusion.


"Chicken Soup," Touko repeated. "People say it's good to eat when you're sick because it's easy on an upset stomach. I've always loved a bowl of homemade chicken soup…and although it's good when the grunts make it, I want you to make it. I'm sure that it'll make me feel so much better."

"Anything for you Touko one bowl of chicken soup coming right up!" N said excitedly.

"I have no idea how to make chicken soup…" N said, staring at the empty pot on the stove. He scratched his head in confusion. One of the female grunts made her way over to where N had not yet begun to make his wife's requested meal.

"It isn't that hard M'Lord. You just need a pot, some chicken broth, cooked chicken chunks, egg noodles, carrots, and celery," the grunt said. "I can help you if you request," N gave a grateful sigh to the grunt and nodded. "First we cook the chicken... All we need is a skillet and some chopped up chicken with other spices. I have some leftover chicken that didn't get cooked for dinner last Monday in the freezer... And broth in the cabinet." the grunt said, moving swiftly around the kitchen and collecting up ingredients. N watched almost helplessly by the stove.

"What can I do to help?" N asked. The grunt handed him a carrot and celery stalk.

"You can chop veggies if you'd like," she said. "Go to that counter, take a knife and cut them into good sized slices."

"All right..." N said, doing as the grunt told him.

As a boy, N would wander around the castle with his latest toys, a skateboard under his feet or a basketball bouncing off the marble floors. As a creative ten year old, he'd ask the cooks if he could help them make food, they had always said no. Kings, or rather, princes, should not have to make their own food. Over his years of travel, N learned to make various foods and treats for himself and his Pokémon. When he made his first successful meal he felt like yelling, TAKE THAT GRUNTS! Into the air, but that would have drawn attention. So he just felt smug about it for a few days and rewarded himself with an ice cream.

N finished chopping the veggies for Touko's soup and smelled something delicious coming from the pot nearby.

"Oh good, you're done!" the grunt said. "Bring those veggies here and put them in the soup, but be careful, the broth is hot and it will splash..." N did as he was told and all of a sudden he felt like a little boy again... He felt like he wasn't bringing his wife food, but like a boy bringing something homemade to his mother. Not to say that was the case of course, but that's what it felt like.

"It's done!" the grunt said, turning off the flaming burner and ladling some soup into a bowl. She put a spoon on a tray complete with a napkin, crackers, and some nausea medicine, then the bowl.
"Touko will love it M'Lord." the grunt said, handing it to him. N took it with the utmost care and nodded his thanks to the grunt before making his way out of the kitchen.

N made his way through the hallways, wanting to make haste so that the soup in his hands wouldn't get cold. The door was still open to his and Touko's bedroom so he made his way in and set the tray on the bed beside him, Touko had fallen asleep and was snoring softly. N stood there for a moment; she was so adorable when she slept... Even though she was sick, her pale features looked a bit like a porcelain doll. Her hair was strewn all over the pillows, and she was tucked into the covers in order to keep warm. N knew this was to help break her fever. He never understood why they said, "break a fever" was it not before? Not that it mattered. One of Touko's bangs had fallen over her face, covering her eyes. N pushed the silky strand from her face, and his gaze was met by ice blue eyes.

"N?" Touko's weak voice asked.

"Hello darling, I brought you some chicken soup," N said, gesturing to the tray of food.

"You did?" Touko asked, sitting up so her back was to the pillows against the headboard. N put the tray in her lap and the first thing she did was take the nausea medication.

"Are you feeling any better darling?" N asked as Touko swallowed three pills and washed them down with a long drink of water from the bottle by her side.

"Not much... But the nap helped some," she said. She picked up the individual packages of soup crackers and tried to crush them in her palm but she was shaking.

"Oh let me help you with that," N said, taking the crackers and crushing them with ease. He dumped them into the soup and looked back to Touko. "Are you going to be able to eat this?" N asked.

"I should be able to, but all of muscles are beyond sore..." N sat on the bed by Touko's side and smiled at her.

"Well then I'll feed you!" N said almost childishly. Touko's face displayed a blush and she looked at the tray in her lap nervously.

"N... Y-you don't have to do that!" she said sheepishly.

"Nonsense! It's not every day I get to feed my sick wife," N said, picking up the spoon by the bowl and dipping it into the soup. "Open." he commanded. Touko did as she was told and took a bite of thesoup. She swallowed it and smiled at her husband.

"It's really good! Did you make this?" she asked.

"With some minor help," N admitted, spooning another bite into her mouth. This continued until the bowl was nearly empty. The final bite Touko savored most. She heard the spoon clank against the side of the bowl and as she opened her eyes, N's lips met hers. She stared at him in shock, and he broke away upon realizing that she wasn't kissing him back. He stared at his wife who was staring at HIM in utter shock.

"What's wrong Touko?" he asked. Touko didn't respond immediately, she just sat in shock.

"N... Why did you just do that?" she asked after a moment.

"I kissed you because I wanted to. Is there a problem with me kissing you?" N asked childishly.

"N! I'm contagious!" Touko cried.

"Why is that bad exactly?" N asked. Touko stared at him in disbelief.

"Y-you're kidding right?" Touko asked. "N, now you're going to get sick!" N leaned into Touko's face and pecked her lips for good measure.

"You're worth it darling…" he said.

**Two Weeks Later**

"I warned you sweetheart," Touko said as she entered the room with a bowl of chicken soup. N looked over at her and laughed.

"I said you were worth it and I meant it… now, it is payback time," he said eagerly. Touko set the tray of food in her sick husband's lap. She gave him a sly smile.

"Sorry dearest, but I have lots of challenges to make up from my week of being sick. Get some rest and I'll be back before you know I've left," Touko said, walking right out the door and shutting it behind her. N stared after her in utter disbelief.

"Touko-Chan? Sweetie? You're kidding right? Darling?" N called out after her. Maybe he shouldn't have kissed her. But it was so worth it… N thought to himself as he took a bite of chicken soup.

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