So this was originally supposed to be a part of Speak, but I feel like it got too…off topic. So I'm making it a one-shot. This takes place after N and Touko are married and all that. The characters include their two kids, Mat (from Pillow Talk) but he doesn't appear, and a new little girl named Leigh I can put an introductory story in for Leigh later if you guys want it. Enjoy!

Description: N grows closer to his daughter by telling her a fairy tale.

Rating: K+

Series: Pokemon Black and White

Author: Mrs. Naara

Words: 4326

Fairy Tales

Life for the Harmonias had become a bit of a pattern. And N hated it. He always did the same exact things, said the exact same things, and walked the same path through the hallways of his "castle". His wife, Touko White- Harmonia had her job at the Pokemon League, which often left him alone for the day. His childhood caretakers and close friends, Anthea and Concordia took care of Mat and Leigh, his two children, so he rarely saw them. But he occasionally saw a green streak in the hallway, followed shortly by a brown one. He worked hard to provide for his family, but since the passing of his father, Ghetsis, and the disbanding of Team Plasma, N had nothing to do. So he picked up Pokemon breeding. His ability to communicate with pokemon made this much easier.

He sat at his desk that evening, Touko had gone to put the kids to bed, and he was finishing up some paperwork for the Pokemon Adoption Agency. A little girl from Nimbasa and her single father had come into the office that afternoon. The poor girl's mother had passed away earlier that month, and her father decided to get her a pokemon as a friend, to help ease the pain. N remembered when Anthea brought him the Zorua for the first time after his mother passed. He felt a strange connection to the little girl, so he introduced her to a newly hatched Petlil, whom the little girl fell in love with immediately. N was glad to let the Petlil go with her. Of course, that meant paperwork. However the grin on the little girl's face made all his work worth it.

"Dear?" his wife's voice rang out from the doorway. N raised his head and met her ice blue gaze.

"Yes Touko? What is it?" he asked, signing his name on one last paper before setting down his pen and going to meet his wife in the doorway.

"Leigh won't sleep… she says that she can't sleep without a story," his wife said.

"Then tell her a story," N responded.

"I've told her every story I know. She wants a new one… do you think that you could help me out?"

"Well, I do need a break from working…"

"Great! I'm going to bed then," Touko said, leaving her husband's embrace and making her way out of the office. Suddenly, N felt… used.

He made his way into the wing of bedrooms where his room, Mat's room, Leigh's room, and Anthea and Concordia's rooms were. He approached the door that had his daughter's name on a sign hanging on the door. He put his hand on the handle and pushed open the door, poking his head in so that Leigh could see him.

"Daddy!" came the eager response to his head. He stepped all the way into the room, shutting the door behind him.

"How's my little girl?" he asked, making his way over to the bed where his daughter cuddled a stuffed Happiny in her thin arms.

"I'm not a little girl anymore daddy! I'm almost 5!" Leigh squeaked, her brown hair bouncing as she spoke.

"Oh how could I forget? How's my big girl?" he asked, sitting on the side of her bed and realizing how small it was in comparison to the king sized one that he shared with his wife.

"I'm good! Are you here to tell me a story daddy?" she asked eagerly.

"That's what your mother says," N replied. "I think I have a great story for you as well baby."

"Really? Wassit about?" she asked eagerly.

"Well, it's about a pokemon trainer and a Ferris wheel," he said.

"Mommy told me that story last night," Leigh stated. N sighed.

"How about the one about the giant legendary pokemon who determined the fate of Unova?" he asked.

"Auntie Concordia told me that one last week."

"Well, what do you want to hear a story about?" N asked.

"A princess!" Leigh said excitedly.

"A princess huh? Is it okay if a Pidove is involved?" N asked, knowing exactly what story he would tell his daughter."

"Of course! Can you make it really sweet? Can she fall in love?" Leigh asked.

"I have the perfect story for you then," N said. Leigh perked up and pushed her sheets forward eagerly.

"Really? What's it called daddy?"

"It's called the Princess' Pidove," N said. He pulled his long legs up on the bed and crossed them Indian style, turning to face his daughter.

"Can you brush my hair like mommy does when she tells a story daddy?" she asked.

"I suppose," N said, picking up a brush from his daughter's night stand and running it through her silky hair. His daughter's body relaxed at the touch of the brush.

"Okay, you can tell the story now!" she said happily.

"Very well… Once Upon a Time there was a princess…" N began.

(A/N: Italics are the story, normal is N's and Leigh's narration from here on)

"Her name, was Princess Genevieve…"

"That's a pretty name daddy!" Leigh said.

"Now everyone in the kingdom called the princess by her nickname, Jenny."

Jenny was a bit of a different princess from her birth. She wanted to find love in another way. Unlike other princesses who hosted parties and who met their prince's in another form such as politoads or Beartics, she wanted to meet a prince who could love her despite the circumstance of distance or age. Her parents, King Joel and Queen Wendy, had tried to set up their daughter with many a prince. Each one of them she turned down. She couldn't find herself loving these men.

One day, Princess Jenny decided to try an experiment. She wrote a letter, to no one in particular, just a random love letter that expressed her need for a man. It was well written in the Princess's elegant cursive handwriting, explaining her love of music and the arts, as well as her interest in playing strategy games. She signed the note, and tied it with a blue ribbon, cut off of one of her dresses that no longer fit, and she called her loyal friend, a Pidove that she had raised from childhood. She tied the note to the Pidove's foot and told it to fly the letter to someone…anyone who she thought was fit to read it. The Pidove, understanding her, flew away through the window and disappeared from sight.

The Pidove flew and flew, resting in trees and on telegraph wires. It flew for a full 3 days and finally approached a castle. In the castle resided a young prince who had just come of age the previous winter. (In this kingdom, the age of adulthood was 19). His name was Prince Shawn.

"Is Princess Jenny going to fall in love with Prince Shawn, daddy?"

"Keep listening and I'll tell you," N said. Leigh pouted, but remained quiet, waiting for her father to continue.

Now, Prince Shawn was the only heir to his kingdom's throne. He had a stepbrother, but since Shawn was born from the King and Queen (the first king), he had been named heir. The Pidove flew through the prince's window and landed on his desk as he worked on his studies. The Prince, confused, wondered where this bird had come from, and he took the note from the bird's leg. He unrolled it and read Princess Jenny's note, surprised that any princess would contact him, especially one from another kingdom. He felt entranced by this girl, and not wishing to be rude, responded to her note. He explained his love for similar strategy games, as well as his love for sports. Or at least…watching them be played. He said his age and his interest in writing poetry, though he hadn't done so in a couple of years. He tied the new note to the Pidove and urged it to return to the Princess as soon as it could. The Pidove took off into the sky en route to the castle where Princess Jenny waited.

Jenny waited patiently for the return of her beloved Pidove, she waited for a full 5 days before finally, she saw the Pidove approaching on the horizon. She let out a cry of joy, wondering if it had accomplished what it had set out to do. When the Pidove landed on its perch in her room, she saw a foreign piece of parchment was now on her bird's foot. She eagerly took the page, and read its content. Princess Jenny was overjoyed that her letter had made it, though she felt bad for the Pidove. The letter was elegant and kind. She felt a strange attraction to Prince Shawn, so she decided to send a reply letter to him. She let the Pidove rest for the evening so that she could write her response. She told Shawn how impressed she was that he wrote poetry, and how she wished that she could read some in the future. She also commented that she was 16 years old, and would be 17 that autumn. His age didn't worry her. She explained how she was the Princess of Unova Castle, and how she would love to hear from him in the near future. The next morning, she sent the Pidove on its way, hoping that he would get her letter soon.

The Pidove flew and remembering its previous path, took only 1 day to return to Shawn. He was excited to see what Jenny thought of him. When the Pidove landed, he took the note quickly and read it. She was almost 3 years younger than he. She also told him that she'd love to read his poetry sometime. So he responded with a poem, expressing how his heart beat for her, even though they had only just met.

This passing of letters continued steadily over the course of four months. The two eventually exchanged images of one another. They grew close, even though the distance was long.

"That's really sweet!" Leigh said.

"It is, but I'm not done yet," N said.

One evening, Jenny asked Shawn if he'd like to meet her in person sometime soon. There was a tournament coming up that would be hosted in the Royal City, and she asked if he would accompany her to the event. Shawn's response, was that he would love to join her, granted he could find an escort to take him to the event. Jenny was overjoyed that he wanted to meet her. She told her parents, the King and Queen about his plan. The couple was wary of the strange man their daughter had befriended, but they nevertheless, offered him a room at the castle. Jenny, now even more excited about the event, told Shawn right away (as soon as the Pidove returned).

The three weeks leading up to the tournament passed slowly for Jenny, as she looked forward to meeting her prince. One week before the event however; he sent her a note…saying that the queen of his kingdom had fallen ill and he had to stay to take care of her. Jenny was heartbroken. She had so looked forward to meeting him, and he couldn't come after all. She cried for a day, waiting for his response to come. When it returned, he apologized many times, explaining that he really cared for her, and that he wished he could attend. Jenny accepted the apology, but that didn't stop her heart from aching the day of the tournament, when the seat next to her was filled by another knight rather than Shawn.

"That's so sad Daddy!" Leigh sniffed, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

"It gets better sweetie," N replied.

The letters didn't stop coming from Shawn, nor did Jenny stop writing to him.

One evening, Jenny was recovering from a particularly bad day. She had been flirted with by a knight by the name of Sir Prize, and though he failed, she felt bad and decided to watch him spar with another knight, Sir Sheldon. She had failed an exam to enter the Pokemon Nurse's school, and her parents were mad at her for a strange reason. She had been expecting a letter from Shawn that day, as he usually responded immediately. However, he didn't write. In fact, her Pidove had been gone since late the night before. Around 11:00, she decided to turn in for the night, closing her window, and promising herself to be angry for a while. She got up within the half hour to get something to drink and as she crawled back under the covers, crying silently to herself, she heard a tapping on the window. It was her Pidove, with a note from Shawn. She opened it and the Pidove nuzzled her softly. She read the note quickly…

"What did it say daddy?" Leigh asked.

"Well it said…"

My Dear Jenny,

I must apologize many times for taking so long to respond to your letter. I feel bad this didn't reach you sooner, and I hope your day went well. I've come to a realization however, and that's why it took so long. I was debating how to tell you. I love you Jenny. I haven't felt this way in a very long time. I hope that you'll respond soon. hope that you'll respond soon.

Your Prince

Jenny burst into tears at Shawn's confession. She didn't know if she could take his word for it. But she knew one thing…she had fallen in love with him as well. She had to respond as soon as she could. She wrote a response, and tied it to the Pidove, letting him rest. But while the Princess slept, the Pidove flew off into the night, taking her response to the prince.

From then on, Jenny and Shawn ended their letters with I love you.

It didn't take long for a full year to pass, and eventually, Jenny had turned 17, and Shawn had turned 20. At age 21, he would be sworn in as the king. He and Jenny had not yet met in person, for conflicts surrounded them constantly. Finally, that Summer, Jenny suggested they meet once again. She asked if he would like to join her at the premiere of a new play at the theater. Shawn once again said that he would love to, and the couple began to plan their date to the theater. A full month passed, and the week finally arrived where Jenny would find out if Shawn was actually going to come to see her. But her Pidove didn't return. Not in a day, not in 3 or 4 days. She didn't know if Shawn would be there or not. But by not responding to her, she was heartbroken again. The day arrived when the play was scheduled to open, and Jenny, not knowing if Shawn would be there, decided to attend alone. As she boarded the carriage to the theater, a sudden yell startled her, and she turned to find Shawn, running up the path towards her. She stepped down from the carriage and crossed her arms over her chest, refusing to look at the man she claimed she loved. Shawn held a bunch of flowers in his grip, and he smiled at her softly. His smile (like the one in the picture he had sent her) was endearing, and made her heart flutter wildly as it had so many times before.

"Jenny…" he breathed softly. "Oh Jenny I'm very sorry. I didn't respond you because your Pidove…it passed of old age and I couldn't send word," he said. Jenny looked up sadly at the loss of her dear friend. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes. Shawn held his arms open to her and she flung herself into them. His embrace was warm and comforting, she had imagined it for a year, and now it was real. He broke the embrace and took her hands in his. They met each other's gaze.


"But Daddy! They just met! How can he expect her to marry him?" Leigh asked, interrupting. N looked at his daughter with a confused expression.

"How did you even know he was going to say that?"

"Because that's how ALL fairytales work daddy! They get married without knowing each other!" Leigh complained.

"That's a fairytale for you," he said, getting up to leave.

"No! Not this one daddy! Change the story!" Leigh said slamming her fists on the bed angrily.

"Honey, that's how fairytales work," N argued.

"N, do what she wants," his wife's voice rang from the other end of the room.

"When did you get here?" he asked turning to face her.

"When he couldn't make it to the tournament."

"Oh…well, I guess I can change it around a bit…" N said, not willing to make his wife angry.

"Make them hug, but make him wait longer to propose daddy!" Leigh said.

"Okay fine…now where was I?"

They met each other's gaze. He was everything she had dreamed he would be and more.

"That's much better," Leigh interrupted. "Daddy, what do the prince and princess look like?"

"Well, Princess Jenny had stunning black hair, that ran in waves to her shoulders. She loved the color green, because her hair brought out the green in her eyes. Shawn also had dark hair, cut short, and he had brown eyes," N described, making the appearance up on the spot.

"Can Prince Shawn have blue eyes?" Leigh asked.

"Ah, sure… Shawn has blue eyes then," N said. "May I continue the story then?"

"Yes daddy," Leigh said.

The two boarded the carriage, ready to depart for the theater. It was hard for them to not sit close to one another. They told each other stories as Jenny snuggled up to his side and just took in the moment. He told her of his coronation in the summer after he was to turn 21, which was in a little over a year away. Jenny just loved listening to him talk, after not hearing his voice till then. His eyes gleamed with happiness, for he too was glad that he and Jenny were finally together. She told him that she had finally passed the exam to join the university to study the arts, since the nurse thing hadn't worked out for her. They went to see the production (which was fantastic) and that evening he returned her to her home. He was to stay for a couple of days, which was a good thing.

The king and queen were pleased that this was the son of their dear friends from Shawn's kingdom. They hadn't known that he was so handsome. Jenny was pleased that her parents approved of him, and upon his request, gave him permission to start formally courting their daughter.

Jenny and Shawn were overjoyed that they could now be together. They hugged and laughed, and agreed that they would always be together. Of course, that isn't always the case…

The weekend passed quickly, and the time came for Shawn to return to his home. Jenny pleaded for him to stay another day, but it wasn't meant to be…and Shawn began his return trip home.

When he returned home a couple days later, his mother awaited him, overjoyed about something. Shawn asked what it could be, and she revealed another Princess. Her name was Erin, and she was the Princess of Hoenn Castle, many miles from there. Shawn was against the idea of Erin being there. He tld his mother about Jenny, and his wonderful weekend with her. His mother wouldn't hear it, and told him to get used to Erin, because the two would be wed before his 21st birthday.

Shawn was distraught, and immediately remembered Jenny, he had to tell her. But he remembered that her Pidove, the one that had brought them together, was the only one who knew the way to Jenny other than he. Shawn pondered the situation, wondering how he could get ahold of his girlfriend. Then he remembered, Jenny had promised to send a message within the week.

So he waited. And he waited. Soon enough, a bird landed at his window. A note from Jenny attached. She explained he excitement at their relationship, and told Shawn of the new bird, saying that he would return to her. Shawn took the note he had prepared for Jenny, and sent it on its way.

When Jenny received the letter, she broke down. His mother had arranged another girl, even with the knowledge that he was courting her. Shawn explained that he would do everything in his power to avoid the marriage, even if it meant giving up his claim to the throne so that he could be with her.

Jenny hadn't felt more in love in a long time. He would give up his claim to the throne for her? It was so unbelievably sweet that she wrote a response immediately. She expressed her happiness and thanked Shawn for the heads up.

Another 9 months passed. Shawn's 21st birthday was nearing quickly. He had come to visit Jenny a total of four times in those nine months, and she had gone to see him once. His mother had approved of her as a person, but that didn't stop Shawn and Erin's arrangement to be wed in the next month or so.

"No! Daddy! Shawn can't marry Erin! He has to marry Jenny!" Leigh screeched. N sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Do you want me to finish the story or not?" he asked in an exasperated tone.

"I want you to finish it…" she mumbled.

The day of Shawn's wedding arrived. He was to have his coronation with his new queen immediately after the ceremony. Shawn readied slowly…not wanting to go through with it. He had sent an invitation to Jenny and her family…however she refused. He didn't blame her either. By going through with this, he was breaking her heart. He tied his bow and set the crown on his head, sighing deeply as he went to ready himself at the altar. He had once told Jenny he'd give up his claim to the throne for her. But he wasn't so sure now. The right thing to do was to marry Princess Erin. The wedding march began, and he watched as King Peter led Erin down the aisle. She was pretty…but he felt a pang that he shouldn't go through with it. As he took her hands, and the minister began to talk, he just wanted to back out.

"Is there anyone here who objects to this union?" he asked. A figure stood, dressed in a floor length green dress, and a tiara.

"I object!" her familiar female voice spoke clearly. Shawn whipped his head towards her and saw that it was Jenny, his heart fluttered in his chest and he let go of Erin's hands, running down the aisle towards her.

"Jenny," he breathed as he had when they first met.

"Shawn," she breathed equally breathless.

"SHAWN!" another voice called. Both lovers turned their heads to face his mother, who had stood up and was angrily storming towards them.

"Mother," Shawn said.

"What do you think you're doing? Get back up there and finish what you started!"

"Jenny objected, mother," Shawn said. "I'm giving up my claim to the throne."

"You can't do that!" his mother screeched. "Your father named YOU heir. You are the only one who is eligible to take the crown."

"No, I'm not the only one. My stepbrother has a claim to the throne. And I want to give it to him," he said. His stepbrother stood, and looked and Erin, then and Shawn and Jenny.

"Shawn…" he said.

"Take it. I know you love Erin, I can see it in your eyes," Shawn said. His brother smiled, but his mother did not.

"You have dishonored this family Shawn. I am very disappointed," she snapped.

"Well, it's not like I'll be a commoner. Jenny is a princess mother. I want to marry her someday. Maybe not now, maybe not in the next year. But if she'll have me…I wish to be her husband one day," Shawn said, turning from his mother to Jenny. "Will you have me Jenny? Can I be yours?" he asked. Jenny grinned widely, her heart beating madly.

"Yes Shawn, I will," she said. Shawn, overjoyed, leaned down impulsively, and kissed Jenny, eliciting a group wide awwwww. He let her go and he crowd clapped happily. Jenny and Shawn took their seats and watched as the wedding went on. Erin and Keith, the new King and Queen of Johto.

"And they all lived happily ever after…the end," N said. Leigh turned to her bed and fluffed her pillows, letting her dad tuck her into bed.

"Was that a true story daddy?" she asked as he kissed her forehead.

"I don't think so sweetheart, I made it up on the spot to be honest," N replied making his way to the door where Touko was waiting.

"Well it was a good story daddy; can you tell it to me again tomorrow night?" Leigh asked.

"I suppose I can…" N said, shooting a glance at Touko, who simply shrugged. Leigh clapped her hands and let out a yawn, snuggling up in her bed.

"Good night daddy, good night mommy, I love you!" Leigh said.

"We love you to Leigh, sleep well," Touko said, closing the door. As she and her husband made their way down the hall, Touko turned to him.

"Made it up on the spot my ass; I distinctly remember that story being in the book of fairy tales that Shauntal gave us when Mat turned two," she said.

"Well I changed it around a little," N said, pecking her cheek.

"Regardless, thank you for telling her a story," Touko said.

"Anytime dear, anytime…"

A/N: And THE END! That took FOREVER! But I finished it! Quick thing about the story N told Leigh. That is pretty much the story of my boyfriend and me. We met under similar circumstances, and while we've only been together a month and a half, I love him anyway, and this is dedicated to him. Though the ending didn't happen, and there isn't a second girl. Ha! Please review, I worked hard on it.