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Fortunately, they had a few days off right now. The flowers didn't work; Sasuke asked Naruto to give up again and he refused. Naruto needed another strategy.

"Neji! I need a favor!"

Neji was happy for an excuse to be late for training with his team and stopped.

"Would you help me out?"


"Yeah. He said Kakashi makes him feel safe. I thought you could attack him and I could defend him and boom! I show that I can keep him safe!"

"I don't think that's what Sasuke meant by 'safe.'"

"Come on; you're the only one who could be a match for him." Neji was not immune to flattery. "Just attack him and let me come in and beat you off."

If it wasn't for discipline that rivaled that of the Uchiha, Neji would have been blushing like hell at the accidental innuendo. "Alright, alright. When can I find the Uchiha alone? You don't want me to do it when Kakashi's around, do you?"

"Well, they're always together now. How about before we train?"

Neji sagged. "When?"

"Tomorrow? About seven? Get there a little early and Kakashi will probably be late. Sasuke seems to still be able to tell time."


"Thanks so much! I owe you!" Naruto ran off.

Neji sighed. This was sooo stupid.


Sasuke was indeed early and Kakashi was late. Sakura wasn't present yet either. Neji could see Naruto waiting in the bushes. This is idiotic, Neji thought. But he took a deep breath, pulled the cheap mask over his face, and attacked.

Sasuke's defenses were lowered since he was in his home village just waiting for his team to arrive, but he still sensed the attack in time to dodge. Neji recovered and pressed the attack. At the moment, Sasuke was too preoccupied to care who it was as he was hard pressed to defend himself.

Naruto decided to jump in now. But just as he was jumping out of the bushes to save his friend's life, Sasuke turned the tables and put Neji on his back and put a kunai to his throat, then used the kunai to remove the mask.

"What the fuck?" He then looked up to see Naruto almost tumbling over as he stopped. Naruto started nervously rubbing the back of his head: a dead giveaway.

"You put Neji up to this?" He looked down at Neji. "And you went along with it?"

"I wanted to prove that I could keep you safe too," Naruto said.

"That's not what I meant," Sasuke argued.

"I tried to tell him that," Neji broke in.

Sasuke took the kunai away and got off of him. "That's it! No more, Naruto! I've had it with these schemes. I told you when it happened that it was not serious, that I was on the rebound. You're my best friend, but I. Do. Not. Love you." He turned to Neji. "What were you thinking going along with this? You're a fucking genius!"

Neji shrugged. "I owe Naruto a lot."

"Get out of here. Both of you!" Naruto hesitated. "Stay if you want me to kick your ass," Sasuke growled.

Naruto caught up to Neji and they walked away together.

"Sorry," Naruto said.

"He meant he felt like Kakashi would stay with him through anything as much as protect him." They walked in silence for a little. "Did you like the flowers?"

"Huh?" Naruto looked at Neji, who was blushing slightly.

"Did you like the flowers?" Neji repeated.

"You sent them?"

"Yes. I've been attracted to you ever since you came home. You changed my life, you broke me of my judgmental attitude and narrow-mindedness. Because of you I understand my father better and have made peace with my clan. I now I have a good relationship with my uncle and even Hinata-sama whom I tried to kill. I admit I didn't think you were attractive back then, but you really grew into a good looking man. Give up on Sasuke, he's happy with Kakashi. I hope you'll think about giving me a chance."

Neji didn't look at Naruto the entire time and now just nodded and went off to meet with his own team.

Naruto stopped, dumbfounded. Neji was in love with him?


That might have been the end of it, but Sasuke had to explain to Kakashi why Naruto wasn't there and why he wasn't coming.

"Naruto had Neji attack you?"

"He wanted to prove he could make me 'feel safe.' I told him to get out of here." Sasuke saw Kakashi's eye darkened. "I wasn't hurt. Neji really didn't intend me harm. Nor did Naruto. It was just a set up to make Naruto look good."

He could tell Kakashi was pissed. Kakashi had been good about Sasuke's two trysts with their teammate since they weren't really a couple at the time. But this was the safety of his lover. Kakashi's protective instinct was rearing its head.

Sasuke grabbed his arms as he turned away. "We have a mission," he insisted.

Kakashi took a breath and calmed down. Once Sakura arrived and they were underway, Sasuke had to smirk; he had two overzealous protectors.


Later that day, when Team Kakashi returned from their mission, Naruto was thinking things over in his apartment. The knock at his door scared him. He opened it and was speechless to see Sasuke there.

"Can we talk?"

Naruto let him in. "Listen, the way you feel about me, it's what I feel for Kakashi. No matter what, someone's going to be heartbroken. I'm sorry, Naruto, I've already chosen Kakashi. I've never been happier than when I'm with him. Look, I did enjoy our time together, but I'm sorry it happened because it led to this. I want things to go back to the way they were before. You are my best friend and I don't want to lose you. Okay?"

"Yeah, I guess. I'm . . . Neji confessed to me."

Sasuke's eyebrows shot up. "Neji's in love with you?"


Sasuke gave an amused huff. "Well, if you're in love with my personality, you should take well to Neji. I really do hope you give him a chance and it works out. But you remember how you wanted to kill Kakashi? He's now not too friendly toward you right now either for that little stunt this morning."


Sasuke was right; in many ways Neji was like Sasuke. But unlike Sasuke, Neji was in love with him.

"Tell me," Neji said as they had lunch at a sushi bar, "what is it about Sasuke that you love? I mean, he's a cold bastard. Yes, he's good looking, but he's cold and emotionless."

"We slept together because he was devastated by being rejected by Kakashi. He's not emotionless. He hides his emotions. I guess that's something I'm attracted to; I wish I could make him show his emotions more. But you're like that too. I never would have known you had feelings for me."

"The Uchiha and Hyuuga are similar in that regard. It's always been rumored the Uchiha were descended from the Hyuuga. It's hard to lower those barriers. It's comfortable behind that armor, safe from emotional pain. But it's isolating. I respect Sasuke for being able and brave enough to allow himself to be hurt."

"Yeah, well, they got drunk."

Unexpectedly, Neji laughed. It was so foreign and deep it was a little scary. It wasn't loud or long, but it laughter. "I'd love to see the Uchiha drunk," he said as his laugher died. "If he loses so much control as to fall in love and hop into bed with someone, I'd love to see how else he behaves. I just hope he's nothing like Lee."

That laugh surprised Naruto, but he liked it.

"You know, you make it easy," Neji said.


"Being yourself. You don't try to hide, you just enjoy being yourself. No clan to dictate your behavior, no standards to hold up. Not that I'm trivializing your past; even though I have a clan, I was estranged from it so I understand somewhat the pain of not having a family while still knowing how suffocating it can be. Your personality just coxes people out of their shells. You penetrated my barriers before by force, but now, just being around you accomplishes that."

"But I did hide. I smiled and played pranks to hide the pain I was in, how lonely I was."

Neji nodded. "But now? Do you hide or pretend now?"

"No, not really. Before Sasuke came home I would hide how much his absence hurt, but now that's he's back, I don't have anything to hide."

"Sasuke really is a fool. You're so open and honest."

Naruto blushed at the compliment.

Neji had been the one to take Naruto out, so he walked Naruto home.

"I had fun," Neji said.

"Yeah." Naruto was nervous; he'd never been on a date before—he and Sasuke had basically just hopped into bed—and didn't know how to end one. People kissed, didn't they?

"Will you go on another date with me?" Neji asked.

"Yeah. I kinda had fun. It was just dinner, but it was fun."

"That's right, you did much more with Sasuke."

Naruto blushed at the allusion to having sex with Sasuke.

"Next time, you chose what you'd like to do."

Neji also wasn't quite sure how to end a date. But he knew what he wanted to do. He move slowly to give Naruto the opportunity to stop him. Neji just hugged him, putting his head on shorter boy's shoulder. He didn't move, didn't try to molest him, just held him.

Naruto's brain was a second catching up; he put his hands on Neji's back. Neji leaned his head against Naruto's. They stayed like that for nearly a minute before Neji pulled back.


"'Bye," Naruto said.

Neji left and Naruto was slow to find his keys and open the door.


Kakashi took Sasuke out to dinner, but he couldn't wait until they got home for dessert. As they walked home, Kakashi pulled Sasuke into an alley, pulled his mask down, and started kissing him. He was gladdened that Sasuke didn't resist and just kissed back.

There were people walking past the alleyway, but that didn't put either of them off—granted they were a few yards down the alley. Kakashi pressed Sasuke against the cement wall and plundered his mouth. Sasuke raised a knee and rubbed Kakashi's hip. Kakashi undid Sasuke's pants and tugged them down. Sasuke stepped out of them and kicked them completely off one leg so they were hanging around one ankle. As he did that, Kakashi opened his own pants. Kakashi took that previously offered leg and positioned it on his hip. Sasuke put his arms around Kakashi's neck to pull himself up so Kakashi could enter him.

"You are a kinky bastard, aren't you?" Sasuke purred. "You're just asking for someone to see us."

"That danger adds to the pleasure, don't you think?"

"Anyone comes down this ally and I'll transform into Gai."

"Go ahead kill my hardon, please. And shift your hips, I can't find it."

Sasuke smirked and complied, chasing after Kakashi's cock with his ass until they were finally lined up.

Once again, Sasuke found his back and head resting against hard, uncomfortable surfaces. Yet the pleasure in his ass was enough to distract him. Until Kakashi's trusts became more violent and his head was being banged against the hard wall.

"Take it easy, will you? I just recovered from a concussion," Sasuke hissed.

"I don't mind a dazed and confused lover."

Sasuke strained his neck to keep his head from whipping back and forth. "If you want to have sex in public, can we do it on the roof?"

Kakashi paused in his thrusts. "Any passing shinobi who prefer the high road could see us," he mused. Suddenly, Sasuke found himself being pulled closer and they were airborne. They landed on the roof. The roof wasn't clean, but it was better than the filthy ground in the alley. Sasuke was still against something hard, but this was much better than a tree or a brick wall.

"Bring a pillow next time you feel like being kinky," Sasuke sighed as Kakashi resumed his assault.

"I'd be always carrying a pillow."

"Why do I love such a selfish, kinky bastard?"

"You're a masochist."

Sasuke next retort was cut off by his own groan. "Fuck, Kakashi."

"I am."

Sasuke moaned as his body was ravished, forgetting they were in public. Shinobi running along rooftops was indeed a distinct possibility.

"If you draw this out, I'll run back to Naruto just to fuck with you," Sasuke said.

"You're no fun."

"You royally fucked up; you still have to be nice to me."

"Yes, sir." Kakashi manipulated Sasuke's legs to make his thrusts more direct. Sasuke nearly cried out.

Kakashi slowed. "I hate to admit this, but someone's coming."

Sasuke took out a shuriken and threw it in the direction of the approaching shinobi. There was the sound of metal on metal. "Stay away!" he yelled.

The intruder, wisely, made a detour.

"Fucking finish it!" Sasuke demanded.

"I love you," Kakashi cooed.

"Then make me cum, bastard."

Kakashi renewed his thrusts until he cam inside the young Uchiha. He pulled away to take Sasuke's hard cock in his mouth and went to work, tightening his lips around it and sucking at the end of every end stroke. Sasuke let his arms curl up to frame his head and moaned. Kakashi focused on the head when Sasuke's breathing quickened, adding his hand to the mix. Sasuke shot several ropes of semen in Kakashi's mouth who immediately swallowed them.

Regardless, Kakashi continued to mouth the deflating organ. He was enamored with the texture of Sasuke's flesh. He moved to lick at Sasuke's scrotum.

"Kami, I love you, Sasuke." He continued to lick and gently nip at his flesh.

"Yes, I can tell. Let's go home. By then I'll be ready to go again."

"But I'm having fun right here."

"My head hurts. We're going home or you better be able to summon a pillow."

"Shiba's fluffy."

Sasuke hit Kakashi in the head with the side of his knee.


They went home.


The next night, Naruto wanted ramen—big surprise. He and Neji enjoyed each other's company and then went for a walk to continue their conversation. They ended at Naruto's apartment again. This time, Neji kissed him. Neji intended a chaste kiss, but Naruto had the experience to deepen it.

Naruto grabbed Neji's long hair, so much smoother and softer than Sasuke's. Neji pressed his body closer. The kiss died away, but they didn't pull away from each other.

"I love you, Naruto." He licked at the whisker marks on Naruto's right cheek then just nuzzled his face against Naruto's.

Even though they could both feel the bulges in each other's pants, Neji stepped back. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, okay," Naruto responded breathlessly.


Team Kakashi was still on hiatus. Before they could go out on missions again, Kakashi and Naruto needed to get along again.

Sasuke found Naruto on the training grounds by himself. He watched until Naruto finished and laid on the grass. Sasuke lay next to him.

"So, how's it going with Neji?"

"Good. We kissed. We haven't had sex yet."

"Well, I don't think it's normal to have sex so soon in a relationship. Will you make peace with Kakashi?"


Sasuke shot a fire ball into the air. "He'll be here soon. Good. We need to go on missions again. As much as . . ." Sasuke thought better of telling him how much fun he was having being fucked by Kakashi. "I'm bored and need to go on missions again."

Kakashi arrived via the trees. "Truce?"

"Truce," Naruto agreed.

"Not going to try to take Sasuke away anymore?"

"No. I was being selfish. I'm dating Neji now."

"Good." Kakashi was cheerful again. "I'll let Tsunade know we're ready to take another mission. Have fun tonight because it'll likely be a long mission. We have a few days of pay to make up."


Naruto got cleaned up and went to see Neji. They went out and ended the evening at Naruto's place again.

"You know," Naruto said, "I'm under orders from my captain to enjoy myself tonight."

Neji smirked, but it wasn't as dark as Sasuke's smirks. He followed Naruto inside.

Naruto had kept his apartment clean in case Sasuke ever came back. He was glad of it now. As soon as they were inside, Neji put his hands on the sides of Naruto's waist and pressed him forward toward the bedroom. Naruto didn't resist.

Once in the bedroom, Naruto unzipped his jacket and began to disrobe. Neji took his hands away and did the same. He then turned on the light, much to Naruto's embarrassment.

Naruto turned to see Neji's pale naked body, much like Sasuke. They were very nearly identical except Sasuke's shoulders and chest were a bit larger because of his swordsmen training, but Neji was no less sexy.

Neji took in Naruto's warmer skin tone. He'd never seen Naruto naked never having had to bathe in a river with him before on a mission or been to the baths together. He reached for him, putting his hand on Naruto's bare waist.

"You're so warm," Neji said. "Everything about you is warm. Sasuke was cold, wasn't he?"

Naruto smiled. "A bit."

Neji stepped closer and kissed him. Naruto put a hand around to Neji's back.

"What about me?" Neji asked against his lips. "Am I as cold as the Uchiha?"

"No, you're not."

"I'm glad."

Neji kissed him again and took Naruto's hard length in his hand then slid his own hardness against Naruto's, holding it between his hand and cock. Their heat throbbed into the other.

This was more than what Naruto'd done with Sasuke. With him it was pretty quick to the penetration, but Neji was taking his time, exploring Naruto's body. Kissing and prep was the only foreplay Sasuke bothered with. So this was the difference between casual sex and love.

"Um, how did he do it?" Neji asked, uncharacteristically shy about talking about this. "I mean, was he the uke or the Seme?"


"Which do you want to be?" Neji brought his hand up to stroke Naruto's cheek.

"I liked being the uke."

"I don't really know what I'm doing."

"I do. Sasuke was a good teacher."

The lotion was still on the nightstand. Naruto sat on his bed and Neji stepped closer. Naruto pumped out a good amount of lotion and let it warm in his hand then stroked Neji's cock. He kept at it, giving him a short, but very satisfying, handjob. He grabbed Neji's wrist and applied lotion to his fingers.

"He stretched me and then . . . we had sex."

It took Neji a few moments for his pleasure addled mind to catch up. Naruto laid back and Neji knelt between his spread thighs. He was nervous, but Naruto's experience and the fact he wasn't as nervous helped him move forward. Neji sought out Naruto's entrance with his slicked fingers. He pressed in the first. Naruto tightened for a moment, then loosened.

"Use two," Naruto said.

Neji obeyed and eased Naruto's body open. He became absorbed with the action.

"Do it, please," Naruto said with a small writhe.

Neji broke out of his trance and moved in closer to line up his cock with Naruto's entrance. He pressed gently against Naruto's hole.

"Press harder."

Neji did so and penetrated Naruto's body. Naruto groaned.

"You're bigger than Sasuke."

That felt good to hear.

"Push all the way in slowly," Naruto instructed.

Neji didn't have to restrain himself, Naruto was tight and he was afraid of hurting him, so he moved slowly. But the tight heat felt good. He finally filled his new lover. He moaned.

"Move," Naruto hissed.

Neji slowly pulled out—nearly all the way out—and then back in. He never felt pleasure like that before; the closest to it was the handjob Naruto gave him to lube him. He pressed in much faster this time.

Naruto moaned and his body was rocked up and down with Neji's thrusts. He sighed Neji's name.

Neji looked up from Naruto's chest to his face. He stopped, readjusted his body without removing himself from Naruto's body and kissed Naruto. His thrusts were shallower, but no less stimulating. Neji was the first to cum. He stopped the kiss as his first real orgasm shot through him.

Naruto looked up into a face of intense bliss.

Neji realized Naruto hadn't cum yet and reached down to bring Naruto off as well. Once he cam, Neji laid down beside Naruto.

"Not as good as Sasuke, I'm sure," Neji said.

"No, you were better. Sasuke cared, but he didn't love me. It feels different. And you want to be here. I felt a little . . . like Sasuke was mentally not with me, like he didn't want to be there."

Neji sought out Naruto's hand and gripped it. "I love you."

"I love you too. Stop comparing yourself to Sasuke. I still love him, but he's my best friend, but I'm fine with the way things are now. I do love you. I may need a little more time to get over him, but I feel even more comfortable here with you."

"I will try not to compare myself to Sasuke anymore or ask you about him."

"Jealousy is only flattering for a short time."



Team Kakashi were on their way back from their first mission back together. They stopped to have lunch.

"So, Sasuke's seen your face?" Sakura asked Kakashi coyly.

"Obviously," Sasuke said with a smirk.

"Isn't it fair that the rest of the team . . . you know."

"No," Kakashi said flatly.

Behind him, Sasuke silently transformed into Kakashi, but with the comically small mouth with red poufy lips, the same image Naruto had planted in his head so many years before. Naruto and Sakura laughed hysterically. Kakashi whipped around, but Sasuke was back to normal with a raised eyebrow as if he couldn't imagine what they found so funny. Kakashi turned away as their laugher stopped. Sasuke took the opportunity to transform again, this time with huge buck teeth. Their laughter reignited and Sasuke was normal again when Kakashi checked, but at that point Sasuke couldn't contain his laughter either.

"I hate children," Kakashi said.

While smiling, Sasuke mouthed while the other two's eyes were shut with laughter, 'But you're fucking one.'

Kakashi looked long suffering. But the team was back together again and happier than it had been even four years ago. And he had the most beautiful lover in Konoha. He was already planning how he was going to ravish him when they got home.