Wherever You Will Go

Summery: River's last minutes as she handcuffs the Doctor before wiring herself into CAL's main frame.

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all characters belong to the BBC and those associated with the network. No copyright infringement is intended with this piece. The title comes from the Calling's song 'Wherever You Will Go' and belongs to their record company. Again no copyright infringement is intended.

Suggestion: Have this playing in the background as you read http:/ www. youtube. com /watch?v =WYtfRvkfdMQ (take out the unnecessary spaces of course). That person's video had me close to tears as I was writing this.

She clasped the cuff to his left wrist and took a look at his face. So young, much younger than her's had been the last time she had seen him. She thinks back to when she last saw her Doctor and the haunted look she had caught in his eyes as tear drops slowly crawled down his cheeks.

She always knew that she would never get to live out the rest of his life with him and that look in his eyes right before he said goodbye scared her. She remembered what he had told her about how he had been after losing Rose and Donna. She had lived through two instances of the Time Lord Victorious and feared for what would happen to her Doctor in her time.

Would there be someone there to comfort him as he cried? Someone to attempt to understand the pain he felt at losing his wife, words that meant more in Gallyfrian than English. Or would he try to make it on his own, again?

Or would, eventually, he find someone else to take her place, to give his name? She knew it was wrong to wish he wouldn't, but he couldn't go on forever without someone there for him.

They had been through so much together over the years, she had gone every where with him. From the beginning of the universe to the end, she had been by his side.

She ran a hand down the younger Doctor's cheek. She wished she could be there with her Doctor to help him get through the pain.

She placed a hand over his left heart and then his right. She would be there with him, in his hearts that he had willingly given away, in his brilliant mind that she had had the wonder of seeing inside more than once. Hopefully the memories would be enough for him to carry on.

A tear slipped down her cheek and landed on his. She kissed his forehead softly. "You knew, all this time." she sniffed. "I'm sorry, my love, for what you will go through when this happens for you. It's going to hurt, so much. Remember the times we had though, don't shut yourself down please. Pick up someone new or one of your old companions. Amy and Rory would help you if you go to them and explain. They know how much what we had means to you. Any thing as long as you stay my Doctor. I love you." she whispered softly as she placed a final kiss on his lips before leaving his side for the last time.

There wasn't much time left.