The Kunoichi

Okay I am typing this story till I get some more inspiration for my Young story which is a PeinXNaruto story. Now this story is going to be a long journey a work in progress. here is a forwarning do not give me any story ideas this is an idea that has no thinking to it no ideas but an idea circled around forbidden love LOL xD. I hope that makes sense. Also this DOES NOT follow the manga what so ever all I know is its sometime in Shippuden. So dont say ohhhh this isnt in shippuden, it will annoy me if someone does. This idea was based off of the number 3 trailer not movie but trailer of The Duchess.

Chapter One: The Return of The Dark Prince

I stood at the main gate of Konoha talking with Izumo and Kotetsu hugging a few files to my chest making my break outside of the hospital last. Lately I have been visiting with them since Naruto, Kakashi and Jiraiya have left the village to go after Sasuke again. I have completed most of my training with Tsunadae in surpassing her as a medic and kunoichi both, though... there is one thing I will never be able to surpass her in... The ability to hide my emotions in battle. Yes she shows her emotions to but, not as much as I. The night Sasuke left us rang through my mind day in and day out plaguing my senses and turning it into an obsession once again.

"You know Sakura-Chan, Tsunadae-Sama is going to be furious if you delay returning even longer." Izumo teased me finishing up with signing some papers for me.

"It shouldn't be a problem she's taking a drunken nap at the moment my dear sir." I answered taking the papers from him as he handed them to me.

"And this is why you wander why you don't get any missions anymore child." Kotetsu laughed and I felt my smile turn to a sneer.

"I'm hardly a child anymore Kotetsu-San. I don't go on missions cause I choose not to!" I snapped at him rolling my eyes.

"See Kotetsu you always go off and make her angry with us!" Izumo whined punching Kotetsu playfully in the arm. I smiled to myself nodding my head.

"You guys are so funny." I laughed as I began to make my leave when a sudden burst of familiar chakra caught my senses. I slowly turned my head and looked back at the entrance of Konoha; even Izumo and Kotetsu had fallen into silence from shock. Naruto stood there balancing on one foot with his hands behind his head with that silly grin of his. Behind him Jiraiya and Kakashi stood with equal proud faces, but the person next to Naruto is who caught me off guard, Uchiha Sasuke. He wasn't wearing his outfit from when he was with Orochimaru but just a pair of black pants and a black tank top. No Hitae adorned his forhead but just a white bandage. His sword was still slung on his back, but his eyes finally met his smile so I knew, Uchiha Itachi was finally dead. Or so I hoped. Even though in the back of my mind I was so overjoyed that he was back, but my legs still turned and ran from them. I used a small teleportation jutsu to send all the files to Tsunadae's office and I ran until I was back in my apartment and I locked myself away inside hiding in a corner of my living room. So many thoughts ran through my mind and it scared me. Yes I was overjoyed with him being back, but then again I wasn't happy either for I have come to hate the Uchiha. I jumped at the sound of heavy knocks at my door and I sat there quietly.

"Sakura-Chan its me Kakashi, let me in no else is with me. I just want to talk okay?" He said behind the other side of the door. I sat there in my world thinking over the pros and cons about answering the door. After deciding to just answer it, knowing he could always poof inside, I opened the door to see him standing there with a concered look. He watched me carefully and I could tell he was calculating inside his head on what was the correct thing to ask me.

"I'm fine if that's what you're wandering. He...His return just took me off guard." I began to explain to him looking to me feet.

"Sakura it's okay." He reassurred me.

"I know it is but, it's been almost 5 years since he's left and not even a year and a half ago did he try to kill Naruto and I. I know he was following orders but still! We are his friends." I said feeling myself slowly fall into a breakdown. Before I could ramble on I was pulled into Kakashi's embrace and he held me close.

"I know what you're feeling Sakura but you have to be strong. He came back for you nothing more and nothing less. He gave up his ambition to kill Itachi for you. Follow what your heart tells you to do. Follow it or you'll end up making the biggest mistake of your life." Kakashi explained his embrace tightening.

"I know sensei...I know. Let's go to Tsunadae's office now, I probably gave her a real scare." Sakura said stepping away from him. Nodding his approval I followed him to Tsunadae's office jumping roof tops. Within the office though I found myself avoiding from looking at Sasuke and Naruto both at the moment.

"Sakura is everything alright?" Tsunadae asked me as I stepped forward taking my place in between my two teammates.

"Yes, everything is fine. I was just taken off guard is all. Nothing to worry about." I reassured her locking my hands behind my back.

"Are you sure Sakura-Chan?" Naruto's voice sounded so worried and as always, I put on my mask and smiled up at him.

"I'm dead serious Naruto, stop your worrying or you'll grow gray hair!" I teased him then went back to starring at Tsunadae.

"Alright then, well until I can get approval from the elders that he can regain his ninja status here in Konoha... Sakura as your first mission you are...Babysitting the Uchiha." Tsunadae ordered and I felt my jaw hung open.

"Naruto will be helping you watch him when outside of your home. So don't worry." Tsunadae explained then waved her hand for us to go. Naruto grabbed my arm and led me out since I had fallen into shock again. I snapped out of it though when we were all in the hallway.

"Are you sure you're alright Sakura? You're acting quite strange. Come on it's a mission at least, you haven't had one in over a year now!" Naruto complained to me putting his hand to my forehead.

"I know, I know stop your worrying its just... No offense Sasuke all of this is just happening so fast. I can't keep up." I explained looking to the floor after giving the Uchiha an apologetic look.

"Sakura, you don't have to apologize. No one would judge you if you hated me or even denied this mission." Sasuke said to me setting his hand onto the top of my head.

"Sasuke, I do not hate you. But merely confused. I need time and I ask you all to give me that in return. I will take this mission because I am a true Kunoichi but please do not force me into anything of any sort. I will expect you dropped off at my apartment at nightfall by Naruto. I have some cleaning up to do." I said strictly and walked away from the two as I turned the corner down the hall I felt my hands clench up into a fist. I felt so humiliated with what he said to me. No one would judge me if I hated him and denied him housing...Everyone would judge me and he knew it! Again he was teasing me, putting me down. I didn't need to clean up anything, I just need to go somewhere to cool down and I knew Naruto knew that.

"Sakura!" I stopped where I was and let Tsunadae catch up to me, I felt myself beginning to calm down as my fists unclenched.

"Why are you taking this mission Sakura?" She asked me walking with me now.

"Because I won't turn down a mission if it means getting me back into the circle of being a proud Kunoichi." I explained then sighed.

"You didn't want him to come back?" Tsunadae asked, I could tell she was watching me carefully.

"Correct, I've finally moved on and now he returns. It makes me believe he only returned to revive his clan, I think he knows I might fall for someone else. He's not back because he loves me." I explained to her.

"No matter what the reason is Sakura, even I can not stand against whatever the Elders decide. Whether its for the good of the people or not." Tsunadae explained carefully. The rest of our walk to the exit of the tower was in silence.

"Whatever they decide Tsunadae I will make sure I am the perfect Kunoichi in the end." The last thing I told her before jumping to the roof tops and headed back to my apartment. Though there wasn't much cleaning to do I still needed to empty out the guest room and go buy more groceries. I was surprised to see Ino standing by my door when I arrived home she to had a look of worry upon her face also mixed with anger in her eyes. So I came to the conclusion; she was worried about Sasuke being here in my home and furious with me for some reason.

"Don't tell me everyone is now worrying over me!" I snapped walking into my home, Ino followed right behind me.

"You ran away from Sasuke and now you're doing everything in your power to avoid him! Why? Don't you love him?" Ino snapped back at me grabbing my elbow and spun me around to face her. Her eyes were filled with anger. So I was correct about her aligations.

"No I don't Ino! So go and have your chance with him, I'm not stopping you thats for sure! The only way I will EVER be with him is if the Elders force me to! And even then I will NEVER love him again!" I hissed at her and tore my arm from her grip.

"Why? WHY do you hate him so much Sakura?" She shouted following cloesly behind me as I made my way towards the guest bedroom.

"I have my reasons Ino." I hissed at her halfway to the guest room by now.

"Do you know how fucking selfish you are acting right now with putting up this damn pitiful act of yours!" She kept shouting I spun around and glarred at her.

"BECAUSE HE TRIED TO KILL ME!" I screamed my hands clenched into fists again watching her face harden in hate at me.

"Fine if thats how its gonna be...then so be it. We can no longer be friends." She sneered at me and stalked off. I stood there tensed up in anger listening as my apartment door slammed closed. Letting out a slow heavy sigh I leaned against the wall and slid down it fighting back tears which tried to force themselves out.

"It's not fair...its not fair with how you ruin my life Uchiha!" I cried as I hugged my knees to myself letting the tears finally fall down my cheeks. I don't know how long I really sat there but when I noticed the sun was beginning to set I hurriedly cleaned out the guest room and left the house with my wallet. I had left a note on my door letting Naruto know that him and Sasuke could let themselves in and I'd return shortly. I ignored the glares that villagers gave me as I made my way into the market place. It wasn't suprising that Ino spread the news of my hate for Sasuke around the village already, even some of our old friends sneered at me and walked away quickly muttering rumors probably. I was choosing some varieties of fruits when Sai came up and stood beside me that fake smile of his gone.

"Ug...Sakura?" He asked me carefully, I noticed how he stopped himself from calling me his favorite nickname.

"I want everyone to stop wandering if I'm alright. I'm just going to tell you all the same thing I told Tsunadae and everyone else who has asked me thus far. And if Ino has sent you to change my mind from hating Sasuke well you can tell her to go to hell!" I said my voice strained from trying to keep my anger in check and also to keep the sobs in.

"I'm not here for any of that, I'm here to be a friend because I know you need it right now. Tsunadae isn't worried about your mental state, but because the Elders have already started their meeting about Sasuke." Sai explained to me taking some of my bags.

"Whats that got to do with me?" I asked paying the vendor lady before taking my bag of fruit and began to walk away again.

"Your name was mentioned as they walked into the meeting room." His statement caused me to stop walking and drop all the bags I held. I felt my world spinning around me as my breath caught into my throat.

"Sakura-Chan?" Sai shouted , I knew what was being discussed. There was only one way for Sasuke to regain is Ninja Status if I was being mentioned and that was to be arranged into a forced marriage of their choosing. And I was a prime candidate probably.

"This can't be happening now! Why do they want to ruin my life." I panicked feeling my fingers dig into my hair.

"Sakura we have to go now!" Sai urged me picking up the rest of the bags with one hand and tried to push me forward.

"Go away I need to be alone!" I cried pulling away from him to walk away.

"NO! You need to come with me everyone in Konoha is beginning to talk!" Sai yelled appearing in front of me.

"OH LET THEM TALK! What do they know about the happiness of others?" I yelled, Sai dropped the bags and grabbed my shoulders tightly and shook me.

"That doesn't matter right now! From what Ino has been saying in the past 2 hours has endangered your life! We need to get you home!" He yelled seeing some of the male villagers beginning to eye them. I helped him pick up the bags before letting him escort me home with one arm around my shoulders. Sai helped me carry the bags into the apartment and into the kitchen where I dropped them and collapsed into tears I heard Naruto run into the room.

"What happened now?" Naruto yelled at Sai after hugging onto me.

"Ino has caused trouble again and now almost everyone in the village is after Sakura's life. All because she has an opinion!" Sai explained, I heard a third person enter the room and I knew Sasuke was here now, my mirror of protection shattered and I pushed Naruto away before running to my room.

"SAKURA!" I heard Naruto yell after me but I had already locked myself away sobbing into my hands as I fell to my knees in sorrow. I still could hear them talking right outside my door.

"Why does everyone want her dead?" I heard Sasuke ask finally.

"Because..." Sai said cutting off I could tell in his voice he didn't want to say anything.

"Because why?" Naruto snapped.

"Because of her hate for Sasuke." I heard Sai finish and I didn't realize that I was screaming in anguish until someone had appeared next to me and hugged me. Their voice let me know who they were.

"Its okay Sakura...It's okay to hate me. I don't blame you. I will never hate you for it!" Sasuke said to me. Everything was spiraling out of my control and I feared that soon my insanity will to be out of my control as well. My only chance to survive this was to get away but even then, that wouldn't be happening until the Elders decide and that decission was what scared me the most.

Okay there you have it the first chapter and yes this IS a HidanXSakura story I'm just trying to keep it from going to fast so Hidan is not coming in yet!