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Chapter Three:

I laid on the bed in the hotel room starring up at the ceiling listening to the night crickets outside and silent breathing of Sai on the bed next to mine. We have only been out of Konoha for a little less than a week and the two of us already had to outsmart the anbus. I guess the Elders were hell bent on me marrying Sasuke still. What they don't realize is that I don't give a flying shit; I am not marrying any one whom I don't want to marry! I let out a silent heavy breath and sat up looking over to Sai who was lying there motionless. By his breathing I could tell he was asleep and not faking it. Getting up I tip-toed to the balcony door and walked out onto it leaning against the black iron rail and starred up into the cloudy sky of Amegakure. We managed to reach this village and the first thing the both us noticed was how the Anbu's couldn't and wouldn't follow us in. This was a sanctuary for rogue ninja's who wanted to start over. Just yesterday I ran into some of the ninjas who were once with Gato. They all became civilians and opened up a bar in the village, I was lucky enough to land myself a job there; unfortunately I was part of their show girl pole dancers. Just kidding I was their new bartender slash bouncer. I wasn't really thrilled about the job but we have to make money somehow. This was the first step to becoming an Akatsuki and if Sai and I could somehow land in with them, then I could exact my revenge on Konoha…big time

"Hey Sakura, why're you up so late?" Sai yawned stepping out on the balcony as well. He looked really tired and I knew he was since it was hard finding a job when all you are is a ninja and an artist. He wasn't a good people person so I had him trying to get in contact with the Akatsuki Leader. It was a lot harder than we had anticipated, seeing that it was nearly impossible to prove yourself to them. We had run into a speed bump.

"Can't sleep, I know I should be sleeping because of work tomorrow. I don't know I just have this feeling that the elders are going to send someone from root to attack." I explained hopping on to the railing facing Sai. I had my knees and arms crossed. I was only wearing and oversized black t-shirt, I should've been embarrassed that I was practically naked in front of him, but I wasn't. Sai chuckled and walked over to me placing his hands on each side of me smirking.

"If they do decide to send someone from root, let them. I know enough to take out anyone Danzou sends. I won't allow you to be taken captive Sakura. I swore to Sasuke and Naruto when the announcment was made and you came to your decision to leave." He explained reaching up and cupping my right cheek, I felt his thumb beging to stroke it.

"Sai I..." I began but he silenced me with a kiss pushing his hand into my hair, the motion forced me to wrap my arms around his neck so I wouln't fall backwards off the railing. The kiss didn't last long we stayed like that for a while Sai resting his forehead on mine.

"What is it with you men trying so hard to be with me?" I asked cupping his cheek with me hand.

"Don't flatter yourself Sakura, I still think you're ugly..." He smirked, I felt myself twitch ready to send him flying with a single punch. "But I do know what Naruto is trying to do. You've become up tight and have locked your true self up. You've forgotten to feel. Even though I don't know much about feelings, there are still somethings I could help you with." Sai whispered leaning foreward until his lips were by my ear.

"And unlike Naruto, you have no reason to push me away from fear of our friendship changing. Trust me, this is going to change nothing." He said, I felt his hands run across my stomach until they were on my back. I was lost for words, before I could say anything to him though, his lips were upon mine once more. This time, its was more forciably. I gasped when one of his hands moved to my stomach again but this time moved up till he carressed one of my breasts. He took that moment to plunge his tongue into my mouth after my gasp. Like with Naruto I slowly lost myself and ignored my raging logical thinking by pushing it to the back of my mind. Sai lifted me into his arms, I had to wrap my legs around him. We never broke the kiss of each of us exploring the others mouth.

I soon found myself lying on my back on either his bed or my bed. It didn't matter of course whose bed it was. I ran my hands down his chest and snuck my hands under his shirt running them up his back bring the shirt with them. We only parted long enough for me to get his shirt off, and for him to get my shirt off. Sai stopped me every time with a rough kiss when I tried to say something. I didn't blame him, if I got the chance to say something, I had the chance to tell him to stop. Sai had wrapped one of his arms around my waits lifting me up until I was straddling his lap. I dug my fingers into his hair letting out a moan into the kiss when he gently began rubbing my sweet spot. He finally broke the kiss and began kiss down my jaw to my neck. I let a mix of a moan and a gasp when he bit onto my flesh his fingers slightly pinching my sweet spot. His free hand was massaging my breast and he continued to suck and bite at my neck. My breathing became heavy and I heard little mewling pants coming from my mouth.

"Sai...don't." I heard myself beginning to speak his movements began to recede and I felt a panic go through me as the aching feeling in wanting more came on. "Don't stop...please." I heard myself beg. I felt the tug of his lips form into a smirk against my skin. His head moved until his mouth was at my ear again.

"As you wish Sakura-Hime." He whispered seductively in my ear, his hands gripped onto my waist tightly and he pushed me onto my back again pinning my hands above my head with one of his own. I let out short scream when two of his fingers slipped inside of me, I felt my back arch since his other hand still had my hands pinned above my head. Sai began trailing kisses down my neck to my chest until he took one of my breat nipples into his mouth sucking and biting onto it. More moans escaped my mouth. His hand which held my hands captive finally released them and trailed down until he was caressing my other breast. My hands had landed by my side and i dug my finers into the sheets. My knees bent as much as they could and my legs spread apart as far apart as I could force them. Sai moved his two fingers in and out of me his thumb rubbing my sweet spot as they did. The preasure in my nether regions began to build and I felt the ever knowing climax coming on. The sensation of the explosion about to burst was about to release when Sai pulled his hand away bringing his smirking face to mine as I squirmed for him to continue.

"We're far from over Sakura-Hime, we can't have you climaxing just yet." He said, I felt my lips tug into a smirk. I pushed myself up until I had forced Sai onto his back crawling to ontop of him.

"Two can play at this game." I said running both my hands down his chest. I silently wandered to myself when did we remove the bottom half of our clothes, but I pushed it back before I could begin logically thinking. I ran my hand over his already hardened ereaction I ran my hand slowly back up it before taking it into a firm but gentle grip slowly beginning to pump him. I watched Sai throw his head back a moan escaping his mouth. I smirked and leaned forward taking his length into my mouth.

"Fuck..." Sai let out and I only smirked bobbing my head. I was doing that for a while and honestly I don't know for how long I sucked and licked his hard erection. I soon though found myself back pressed against the wall my legs wrapped around his waist. I let out another moan like scream when he plunged into me. Sai was biting and sucking at my neck again his hands placed behind my knees pushing my legs back. Pants and moans passed through my lips when he began moving in and out of me he released one of my legs his now free hand moving to my sweet spot again, his thumb began to rub it again. The building pressure returned again and i threw my head back.

"Fuck...harder Sai!" I moaned nearly screamed out, and he complied his every thrust returned back into me almost slamming back. Sai abandoned my neck and his lips landed on mine plunging his tongue once more into my mouth. I dug my hands into his hair. He stopped again right before the explosion of my climax came and I found him pulling out of me and pinning me face down onto the table we had in there. He plunged into me again from behind his fingers returning to my sweet spot as he thrusted in and out of me. When my climax built up again Sai didn't stop he coniued on thrusting even harder into me. I screamed out his name when my climax exploded, he rubbed faster and plunged into me faster. My climax was bursting through and saw a flash of white pass through my eyes and Sai thrusted into me one last time before pulling out.

My breathing heaved in and out and the feeling that I felt was none other like I felt before. Sai lifted me up and carried me to the other bed laying me down before lying next to me. My mind was all a haze so many thoughts ran through it. Silencing my thoughts Sai kissed me once more on the lips before pulling me close to him, my eyes slid closed and everything finally went quiet and dark. Just how I liked it. I guess I would tell the bar not to worry about giving me the job. I had decided, in the morning to go with Sai and demand the Akatsuki's to see their leader Pein. I just hope they don't try and kill us.

The next morning I found myself a little bit more bubbly and giggling at the odd face Sai gave me when I exited the bathroom after taking a nice hot shower. I guess he decided not to ask and just got up himself to shower. I was surprised to see that the room was put back together after what the two of us did. At that moment I felt my face heat up and I knew my face had turned red. Looking to the bathroom when Sai came out, his face slightly blushed and I knew then that I to was blushing.

"Uh, let's just get moving kay?!" I asked slipping on my red shirt and cream colored shorts. Clasping the boot buckles the two of us were soon dressed and jumping off the balcony to our apartment landing in the street below. No one stared at us oddly because most of everyone did it.

"So, what do we do if they don't let us speak with him?" Sai asked as the two of us ran through the streets towards the largest tower.

"We force our way in to see him at all costs." I answered holding a finger up.

"Right...I'll leave you to that part then, how about it?" He asked and I only smiled, I was iching for a fight and I guess he could tell. It didn't take the two of us long to reach the large tower. Outside Hoshigaki Kisame and Uchiha Itachi stood watch and they both went onto alert when we walked out.

"Well, well who do we have here. The blond brats two friends, odd bal artist and the tempermental pinkette." Kisame said whipping out Samehada to infront of him.

"We're not here to fight Hoshigaki-San, we wish to have a meeting with your leader Pein." Sai spoke, I'd let him try with negotiations first then I'd step in if we had to go through the forceful entry.

"For what purpose do you need to see him for?" Itachi asked stoically stepping forward.

"We wish to join Akatsuki." Sai spoke firmly, I guess Itachi was about to take us in when he turned to open the door, but Kisame stepped forward ignoring the deathly glare he received from Itachi.

"And why should any of us let the two of you join? Especially a weak kunoichi like miss pinky here?" Kisame asked smirking. I saw Itachi step away from Kisame and I felt Sai step away from me. I guess My eyes had gone dark and an evil aura emitted off of me.

"What's wrong pinky, did I hurt your feelings?" Kisame taunted once more coming closer and bending over so his face was in front of mine.

"DON'T CALL ME PINKY CHA!" I screamed snapping my fist forward with as much chakra I could infuse it with connecting with Kisame's cheek and sent him flying through the door and out the other end of the tower.

"NEVER CALL ME PINKY AGAIN FISHMAN!" I screamed shacking my fist at him. Sai and I both jumped and spun around at the sound of someone clapping. Standing there before us with dark orangish red hair and purple gray eyes with rings in them and piercings covering his entire face stood Pein, the notorious leader of Akatsuki.

"I congradulate the both of you for having the guts to come here. Now follow me so we can discuss both of your futures with Akatsuki." He said smoothly walking past us and headed into the base, Itachi nodded his head to the man. The two of us quickly ran up to catch up to the man and began heading up a flight of stairs. One the way up I found myself starring at a man with platinum silver hair and purple eyes he wore his Akatsuki cloak open revealing he wore no shirt under it. I did notice though the silver medallion he wore, an upside down triangle in a circle. As we passed the two of us both caught the others eyes and we locked in stare for just a moment until passing one another other.

'Who was that?' She wandered but refused to not look back

Hidan's POV:

"Who in the fuck is that hot slut?" Hidan muttered to himself smirking watching the two Kohona ninja's follow Pein up the stairs.

There you have it the official chapter three! Hoped you liked it! I am going to try to keep Hidan in character, but I really doubt that actually is going to happen so I apologize now if he comes off OC later on or soon!