This isn't a new chapter just a really long author's note about why I haven't been posting since I keep getting new followers and reviews asking me to update, and I've started to feel bad.

Basically, I will never be finishing this story so at the end of this note I'll give you a quick summary of what would have happened had I continued for closure for anyone who is interested.

* Damon refuses to allow Elena to confront Stefan because he is worried about her safety. Elena and Caroline team up to poison Damon with vervain because they are both desperate to protect the town and Caroline doesn't care much about Damon's personal safety.

* Elena meets Stefan and tells him about Damon. They have an argument. Stefan punches a wall. Dramatic talking ensues. Stefan leaves on an ambiguous note where you don't know if he is going to side with Katherine or not.

* Damon and Elena have a huge fight about the vervain. Damon says he's leaving town.

* Katherine kidnaps Caroline. They have a scene alone together. Katherine tells Caroline she should be grateful that she turned her because it has made her a better person. Caroline spits on her and tells her that she was always awesome and owes her nothing.

* Elena shows up to save Caroline. Stefan arrives and Katherine plays on his bloodlust to get him to kill Elena. At the last moment, Stefan turns on her and they start to fight. Elena releases Caroline. Damon arrives and jumps into the fray. Elena is super relieved to see him until she realizes that Katherine is winning and Damon's life is in danger.

* Bonnie appears and uses magic to incapacitate Katherine. Damon and Stefan walk away now that she is down to figure out what to do with her since neither is entirely comfortable with killing her. Elena grabs a stake and drives it through Katherine's heart while they maintain eye contact (Note: I love Katherine but I love the doppelganger mythology and the idea of one consuming the other because the existence of one threatens the very personhood of the other)

* Elena, Damon, and Stefan exchange a bunch of horrified and meaningful glances with one another.

* Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline go to Elena's house because Jenna is on a date with Ric. Bonnie steals some of Jeremy's pot and they all get high. Caroline is adorable because she gets super charged on it and talks a lot and sometimes cries over silly things but never stops smiling. Bonnie gets really touchy-feely and keeps stroking her friends faces. Elena is beyond chill and able to just enjoy the moment. All the girls are happy because for the first time they feel completely safe and like everything is over. They don't talk about the boys at all (except to celebrate Matt and to hint that maybe Caroline and Tyler might be a thing now though Caroline says it's too soon) but instead really reaffirm their friendship and focus on each other in a way they haven't been able to do since before vampires came to Mystic Falls.

* The next day Elena meets Stefan and they talk about their relationship and their lives. Elena admits that she doesn't think they can ever work out even though she will always love him because a part of her will always blame him for everything that happened. Stefan understands and decides he's going to do some traveling and try to find a place for himself in the world. Elena wishes him good luck as tears fall from her eyes and kisses him on the cheek. This is the last time they'll see each other for a long time.

* Elena goes to the boarding house where Damon is asleep and crawls in bed with him.

* Damon wakes up to find Elena and is surprised because he thought they would be over now that Stefan was back. Elena tells Damon that he can't make decisions for her because that's not how

relationships work and that he can't just threaten to run away when things get tough. Damon agrees but also says that Elena can't turn to others to take him down, especially physically. They both come to terms with the fact that they're still working on their relationship but still love each other.

* Smut scene. Use your imaginations.

* Happily ever after.

It's been a slow progression, but I no longer ship Delena, which is why I can't actually write out this story for everyone. Essentially, I am an Elena stan first and foremost, and I can't ignore how abusive their relationship is in canon anymore. It was always somewhat abusive but I thought they were going to grow out of that, but if anything, I personally feel it has gotten worse. Also, looking back, I did a pretty terrible job of writing Elena's perspective and missed a lot of how she thinks and that kind of bothers me. And I made Caroline and Damon friends. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking with that.

You guys don't want me to write another chapter because if I did, it would probably be Elena tying Damon down so Bonnie and Caroline could kill him before Elena sets Stefan on fire. And no one wants to read that.

Still, sorry for everyone that has been waiting for an update. Thank you for all the feedback, and I hope you enjoyed the parts of the story I did write.