Boom! Crash! The thunder roared in the night, as a swift figure made its way into a home in Death City. All was still as the tall looking silhouette rushed into a room, broke down the door, and without warning began firing.

The dark figure grinned a demonic grin, before leaving the three to suffer.

Very good. The voice in his head cooed. You were very good tonight.

"Shut up." he whispered, placing his hands to his temples, as if to block out the noise. Just remember, you can't get rid of me.

Then, as if nothing happened, the dark figure snuck away into the night.

I glance into the mirror one last time, before picking up my backpack and opening the door, ready for the long exciting day ahead. It was Monday, my favorite day of the week, and unlike most people, I was wide awake and moving out the door by six- thirty.

I arrive at the bus stop, glancing occasionally for the bus as I fumble with my cell phone. Technology these days, I thought, you can't live with them, but you can't live without them, or that's what most people think anyway. About ten minutes later, I hear the screeching tires of the bus, and hop on without any hesitation.

"Good morning," I say as I pass the driver's seat and onto the third row of the bus. Mr. Minasaki gives me a nod of the head indicating that he heard, and smiles, I smile back as I sit in the seat, moving all the way by the window just in case someone who got on next would have a place to sit. I was heading to the Death City Prison. During summer I applied for a job to search through criminal records, and hand them to the chief of the prison, and since then I've been taking part time jobs every Monday thru Wednesday, two hours before school starts.

I soon arrive at the Prison, carefully stepping over rocks, and dirt to not get my neat plaid skirt dirty. I walk into the tall prison and check in at the desk.

"Hey Rayne," I wave at her. She is the Prison's head chief. She's so beautiful! I smile at her, and she smiles back, and waves me to the back of the room, where all the criminal records are kept, indicating that there is a new record she wants me to fetch. I quickly nod and brush past her desk, as I make my way to the back. I file through the records and pull out the most recent one titled, Soul Eater Evans. I quickly closed the file cabinet, and walk over to Rayne's desk, as I see her beautiful blue eyes gaze up from her paper and waves a hand toward her, telling me to hand it to her. I did exactly as I was told, as I sat in the comfy red velvety chair, as I waited for her to finish her call.

"Okay thank you for your information," she hung up the phone and looked through the file. I wait patiently wondering what she was going to say next, her brown hair ever so occasionally getting into her face, as she pushed it back behind her ear. "Okay, Maka-Chan I need another favor." she looks up from the paper and looks at me. I'm about to stand, when I hear a loud burst through the door, and that's when I saw him struggling with the police. The most handsomest man I had ever seen.