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"He's not dead is he?"

Silence filled the air. I could hear Soul breathing heavily. Calvin was sprawled out on the ground, one arm twisted behind him, the other laying flat at his side. His head was turned to the left, and both of his legs were spread out a little.

"S-Soul, are you okay?" I managed to speak quietly, breaking the chilling silence. I slowly got up, and started walking over to Soul who was still breathing heavily. I could hear the trees rustling as a gust of wind blew our way. I slightly touched his arm, and he turned around. I suddenly gasped at what I saw. His eyes were really small, and his teeth looked ten times sharper than when I first saw them. He was growling really low, like some kind of rabid dog, who was about to attack something.

He looked like some kind of demon. Is this what he was talking about, when people said he was a big scary monster?

He started laughing.

Why was he laughing? This wasn't a joking matter.

His laughter grew and grew, until he sounded like a psychotic serial killer. I could see his lips form into a sick smile. I knew this wasn't the same Soul I had met earlier, no, this was a demon.

Before I could do anything, I felt myself being picked up off the ground by my neck. I gasped for air, lifting both by hands, trying to pry his hands off of my neck. It was no use, he was too strong.

"S-Soul, w-what are you doing?" I gasped, as his grip tightened. "It's me Maka, you know, the g-girl you just met?" My words weren't getting through to him. I closed my eyes due to the pain. Everything around me was going dark, and everything became muffled, as I fell into a deep sleep.

"Maka? Maka honey, are you alright? Please be alright!" I could hear my Mama's cries, as I slowly opened my eyes.

What was going on?

"Oh, thank God! I thought you were a goner!" she cried, hugging me tightly, tears staining her eyes.

"Mama," I whispered, embracing her hug, while crying into her chest. "Mama, don't cry, I'm alright." I looked up to see her wipe her eyes with her hand.

I looked around, noticing several police cars. I saw an elder lady talking to a cop. Apparently she had seen what happened between Soul and I.

"Soul?" I whispered, noticing he was nowhere to be found. "Honey, did you say something?" My mother said sniffing. I quickly scrambled to my feet. "Honey, what's wrong?" My mother questioned as she saw me looking around frantically.

"Soul!" I yelled. "Soul, where are you?" My mother put her hand on my shoulder.

"Honey, who is this Soul?" I ignored her question and began running around searching every corner for Soul.

"Maka, sweetie, get back here!" I heard my mother yell. I saw as she was desperately trying to catch up with me.

"Soul!" I yelled.

"Soul, where are you? Please stop hiding, it's not funny!"

It was no use. He was nowhere to be found.

"Ma'am we're going to have to ask your daughter some questions." I turned around, seeing the policeman walk up to my mother.

"Maka honey, this kind policeman wants to speak with you." she yelled to me. She motioned me to come over, and I knew I couldn't disobey.

"So that's what happened?" Officer Green replied, after I finished telling my story. I nodded my head, playing with the hems of my dress. My mother's eyes were wide, and I could tell she was depressed.

"It's not Soul's fault though," I told them. "Even though he did that to me, it's not his fault." I stopped playing with the hems of my skirt, and looked up. "So, please don't blame him, he was only trying to protect me."

"Maka dear, someone doesn't protect you, and then tries to kill you! He obviously wanted to hurt you!" My mother rose her voice in concern. "I forbid you to ever see this boy again! Actually I'm going to go see his parents right now!" she was just about to get up, and ask the policeman for help, when I stopped her with my words.

"Mama, he doesn't have parents, they're both dead." she turned around wide eyed. I hung my head low trying not to cry. "He lives by himself?" my mother questioned.

"I think so." I replied, wiping my tears before they could fall. "When I met him at first, he thought I would think of him as a monster due to his looks. He was happy that I didn't run off like every other girl did, and he even said I was cool. Please don't add anymore troubles to his life Mama. He is my first friend here, and I forgive him for what he did, so please don't add anymore troubles to his life. Please?" I could see my mother debating whether or not she would let me still hang out with him or not. She sighed heavily before coming up with her answer.

"Okay fine, but if he so much as tries to hurt you again, he'll be wishing he never knew you or me." I hugged her really tight before saying; "Thank you mama!" I said before I began looking for Soul again. "Soul, where are you?" I called out once more.


"Shit!" I whispered, hitting my fist against a brick wall.

"I did it again." I slid to the ground, putting my head in my hands. "I went berserk again. She probably hates me now." I sat there, remember that just a few hours ago we had met for the first time. I remembered playing in the sand with her, walking with her to her house, and confronting Calvin with her.

'Calvin.' I thought. 'It's all Calvin's fault.' I replayed the scenes in my head of Calvin and his idiot followers. I couldn't help but laugh when Maka called him an idiot.

"Oh, Soul, you bad boy." The voice in my head cooed. "You nearly killed a sweet little girl who was only standing up for you. You must really be a looser." The voice continued to coo. I tried hard to ignore it, but it wouldn't go away.

"Shut up." I whispered. "Please just stay out of my head." I put my hands up to my ears trying to block out the noise.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. I will always be here, no matter where you go, no matter what you do. I'll always be here."

"Soul, where are you?" I heard my name being called. I recognized the voice, it was Maka's,

She was looking for me?

Why was she looking for me? After all I had done to her, she was looking for me. I began to stand up, when the voice cooed in my head once more.

"It's a trap Soul. She's trying to get you to confess that you were the one who almost killed her. You'll only get yourself in more trouble Soul. She hates you now remember? Why would you trust her words?" I stood there frozen not wanting to believe anything the voice in my head was saying.

"You're wrong." I told it. "There's no way Maka would do that, right?"

"Am I? Am I really wrong? Have I ever been wrong Soul?" I didn't know what to believe. My head was spinning. The voice in my head had never been wrong, and I don't think it would start lying now.

"Damn it." I cursed again.

The voice in my head laughed. "You should really watch your language. You shouldn't be saying those words at your age."

"Shut up." I replied once again. "I'll say whatever I want to say, you're not my mother." I began walking the opposite way of Maka's callings.

"That's right Soul. I'm not your mother, she's dead remember?" I ignored the comment and continued walking. "She would still tell you the same thing though."

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Soul: Dude, I said I was sorry, get over it.

*Maka MAKA-CHOPS Spirit*

Maka: Why am I always dealing with idiots?

Me: *Shrugs* Maybe you're idiot prone?