Summary: It is said that the Irish are lucky, so why couldn't Seamus catch a break?

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Luck of the Irish

Chapter the First

All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through that bad luck –who keeps right on going- is the man who is there when the good luck comes and is ready to receive it.

~Robert Collier

A defeated sigh escaped his lips as his umbrella was flipped inside out once more by the strong winds wreaking havoc on the British capital. He attempted to wrestle the umbrella back to its proper position, but before he was able to, it ripped down its seam and became utterly useless. The young man scanned the area and, assuring himself that he was alone, performed a shrinking charm before shoving the useless implement into a pocket of his coat.

Popping the collar of his muggle rain jacket and hunching his shoulders, the sandy-haired twenty-something trudged on through the gale that had engulfed the entire British Isles. Much as he would have loved to turn back towards home where it was warm and dry, he had promised his best friend that he'd meet him for lunch. No matter how miserable he was at the moment, his friendships were more important to him. Plus, the restaurant they were meeting at sold the most amazing sandwiches in Muggle London. So he persevered through the inclement weather and just hoped that the sandwiches were better than ever and that whatever topic the two would be discussing would be worth the hassle of getting there.

When he was only a few steps from the door of the restaurant the young man quickened his pace, imaging the delicious sandwiches and hot tea awaiting him. He had his hand on the door and was just about to open it when he was plunged straight into what could only be described as an ice bath.

At that very moment, a car had driven by on the road behind him, speeding through a puddle and sent the frigid waters within all over him. Wrenching the door open in frustration, he wondered what he had done to deserve this streak of bad luck.

For months, he had been plagued with, what most would consider, small annoyances, but when added up, they caused him a lot of pain and frustration. The tip of his quill would break when he didn't have a replacement, or he'd knock over his ink well onto a paper he'd been working on for the past few hours. He'd loose his wand, or the left shoe of his favourite pair. He'd sleep through his alarm and was late for work, or he'd have a hole in his pocket and loose his money that had been for his lunch. All in all, they were not terrible, life-altering events, but when the same thing went wrong for months and months, those small provocations would start to drive even the sanest man batty.

No matter what he tried, be it buying rabbits' feet or looking for lucky four-leaf clovers in the field behind hid parents' house, he couldn't change his luck. Instead, he chose to persist through the storm of bad luck and hope that, unlike the storm currently overhead, it would end soon.

"Seamus! You made it!" a voice called, breaking him from his thoughts, "Why are you soaking?" Dean Thomas' face was contorted into a look of concern for his friend's wellbeing.

"Forgot my umbrella," he stated with a wave of his hand, trying to minimize his situation. He really didn't want to get into the trouble he'd experienced in the past few months, so he chose not to bother Dean with it.

"I'm going to go dry off. I'll meet you at the table," Seamus told Dean, heading towards the back where the washrooms were. As he walked, he peeled off his sopping rain jacket, trying not to drip on the floor. He was pretty sure that even if this wasn't a five star restaurant they wouldn't appreciate someone dripping all over their table settings.

Upon reaching the bathroom, he pushed on the door and found it locked. Checking to make sure it wasn't a single stall type room, he exhaled a frustrated breath and turned to find someone who could help him. It took him much longer than he would have liked and, when he finally got it opened, he found the entire room trashed and the paper all used up. The woman who had helped him open the door said she'd find the janitor to come clean it up, then disappeared behind the closed door. Not wanting to wait any longer to get dry, Seamus pulled out his wand and performed a quick drying spell.

He then left the bathroom and began scanning the busy restaurant for his friend. He located Dean sitting at a table near the front window and quickly saw that Dean was not alone. However, the second person was facing away from him, so he couldn't see exactly who it was. the figure was definitely female, but other than that, Seamus had no idea.

He approached the table with the caution he had developed as a result of his current misfortune. Something, and he wasn't sure what, was telling him that approaching the table was a bad idea. He continued on though, assuring himself that nothing bad could come of having lunch with his friend. He had known Dean for more than ten years; surely whoever Dean chose to associate with couldn't be all that bad.

Seamus was stopped in his tracks when he came close enough to see the other occupant of the table set for three. He couldn't believe his eyes. This couldn't be happening! His luck couldn't be this bad! He was debating turning around and quickly leaving the restaurant, explaining later to Dean what had happened, when she looked up and caught his gaze.

"Seamie! Dean told me you'd be joining us!"

"No! No! No! No! No! No!"

To be continued

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