Introduction/Important Information:

Why, hello there!

Guess what? So, this fanfiction isn't a stand-alone story, it's actually a sequel. If you want to fully understand this story... listen carefully, now... you must read the ENTIRE FIRST STORY. You might be able to eventually get it if you don't, but it is always better to read the first fanfic in this series first. You can go to it by clicking on the following link:

Luka and Gakupo: A Story of Tuna and Eggplants

I then, after finishing that one, made a mini-sequel. The minisequel is not NECESSARY, like the first book, but recommended!

You can go to the mini-sequel by clicking on the follwing link:

Haku's Troubled Dreams

Okay, that is all! I hope you enjoy my humble story, and... happy reading!