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Chapter Thirteen

Gakupo paced nervously outside the huge hospital building, his purple ponytail whipping around every time he turned to walk in a different direction.

Miku stared at him, bored. "You really shouldn't work yourself up about this, Gakupo-"

"Work myself up?" said Gakupo nervously, screeching to a halt. "I'm not working myself up! Ha! I'm just pacing. There's nothing wrong with pacing. Pacing is good. So I'm not working myself up. I think I'd notice if I was because when someone works themselves up they typically-"

Miku grabbed him by the shoulders.

"Calm. Down." she said. She let go. "It's annoying when you're all frantic like that!"

"Well..." said Gakupo. "I... I haven't seen Luka in three weeks, and... I'm just a little...!"

"Driving yourself insane?" said Miku.

"No!" said Gakupo.

Miku raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, yes." said Gakupo, slumping. "How will she react?"

"Guess you'll find out soon enough!" said Miku. Her cellphone buzzed and she flipped it open. Her eyes scanned the text.

"She's as anxious to see you as you are to see her, you know." said Miku, snapping it shut.

Gakupo resumed his pacing. "But... what will she think about... about...!"

"Say what you need to say, Gakupo." said Miku, smiling. "Say what you need to say."

Flashback to the night of Boque's defeat.

"Quickly! They both need medical attention, NOW!" said Miku. Everyone had powered down.

Akita ran around the cavern, dialing frantically. "I know, I'm just trying to get a signal...!"

Suddenly, her phone beeped. "Yes!" she said. She held it up to her ear.

About 15 minutes later, an ambulance pulled up, lights flashing. All the Vocaloids stood and watched, the flashing red lights on the ambulance's roof illuminating them, as Luka and Gakupo were loaded onto stretchers.

"Are... are they going to be okay?" whispered Ann, gazing at Luka's pale face.

Lily squeezed her hand. "Of course they will be, Ann." she said. She looked after the ambulance as drove away, siren howling. "Of that, I'm sure."

Gumi pulled up in a bus a few minutes later. "All aboard!" she called from the window.

The Vocaloids went straight to the hospital, following the ambulance. They picked Hiro along the way and filled him in on everything as he listened, amazed.

When they had finished, Hiro leaned back. "Incredible." he said. "Oh, and by the way..."

What Hiro told them is that he had started a campaign revealing all the secret details that the government had been hiding, and it had made headlines.

"You're going to speak about your experiences with Cryptin, to show that the government isn't paying enough attention to what companies do. What if something like this happened again?"

And so, the Vocaloids spoke to an audience the very next day. They sat, completely stunned, as the Vocaloids told their story. Sometimes, gasps were heard.

Soon after, there were protests, and a new law was passed so that nothing like what had happened to the Vocaloids would ever happen again.

Ocidem was sent to a mental hospital and the Vocaloids never saw him again.

Detectives had swarmed Cryptin's headquarters, looking for answers and the research that Cryptin was doing.

One thing, however, would never be solved. Why didn't Luka die when Ocidem pressed the button on the dashboard?

One theory was, Gakupo's knife had redirected some of the signals. Another theory was, the machinery in the room that kept the Vocaloids powerless somehow made the virus controller to go haywire.

Gakupo was released from the hospital soon after, with the only major injury being the gash that the scalpel had made.

But Luka had more extensive injuries, and had to go to a special intensive care building... girls only. So Gakupo could only wait and hear about Luka from the other girls. They told him about Luka's condition.

Luka had broken a few ribs, one leg, one arm, and punctured her stomach. She had infections, difficulty breathing, and irritation of the skin from all the tentacles. Having tentacles forced down your throat, after all, isn't the healthiest thing.

Three weeks later, Luka was finally ready to be released from the hospital...

And Gakupo was waiting.

Gakupo was still pacing when Miku's phone buzzed again. She set down her book, flipped the cellphone it open, and held it up to her ear. Gakupo stopped pacing and stared at the phone anxiously.

"What, what is it?" said Miku, irritated. Her eyes widened slightly. "Oh!" she said, twirling a blue strand of hair around her fingers. "Well, that's good." The voice on the other side talked a little, and Miku jumped down from the short wall on which she had been sitting before. "Okay. Well, we're ready. Bye!"

The minute Miku closed her phone, Gakupo bombarded her with questions.

"So?" he said, bouncing nervously. "What is it? When's she coming?"

"Soon, very soon now!" said Miku. "Sheesh, Gakupo, cool it! What are you even doing?"

"Bouncing. What does it look like?" said Gakupo.

Miku smacked her palm on her face. "Just. Calm. Down. You're going to give me a nervous headache!"

"Gah... how can I?" said Gakupo. "I'm about to...!"

"Don't think about it, Gakupo." said Miku, looking him in the eye. "Just do it. It'll come naturally."

The door of the hospital opened, and Rin jumped down the steps.

"They're coming, they're coming!" she squealed.

Gakupo made a nervous squeaky noise, like a rubber duck being squeezed, and paced faster.

"Is Gakupo-chan nervous?" said Rin.

"Understatement of the year." muttered Miku, spitting a piece of gum into the trash can and immediately sliding out another packet.

"Gum?" she offered Gakupo. Gakupo made a noise and shook his head wildly. His long, purple ponytail whapped Rin in the face.

"Well, more for us, then!" said Miku, and tossed Rin a piece. Rin caught it, peeled the paper off, and popped it into her mouth.

And suddenly, the doors of the hospital swung open. Gakupo whirled.

Gumi emerged. And then, led by Lily, following her was...


She squinted in the bright light of the afternoon, and then her eyes focused. Gakupo gasped.

Luka's pink hair fluttered and glittered behind her, in waves of cherry-blossom strands. She was... beautiful.

Luka suddenly stopped and scanned all the people before her.

Gakupo stepped forward.

And then Luka's eyes landed on Gakupo, and her mouth exploded into a wide smile. She giggled and ran forward.

"Gakupo!" she shouted with tears of joy dropping from her eyes. She ran right into Gakupo's outstretched arms, and Gakupo stumbled back. They both laughed.

Gakupo squeezed Luka tight, and Luka closed her eyes and snuggled into his cozy, familiar chest, feeling his familiar heartbeat and smelling the sweet scent of eggplants that rose from his clothes.

Gakupo laid his head on hers. They stood there for a while, just hugging.

Miku smiled and beckoned to the others.

"We'll leave you two alone for a while." said Miku, walking away.

"Yeah, and say what you need to say, Gakupo!" called Lily.

"Say what you need to say!" hollered Rin, and then they were gone.

A faint breeze swept across them, blowing Gakupo's hair into Luka's, the colors mixing. Luka opened her eyes slightly, lazily, and the two gently pulled away from each other.

Luka looked up, into Gakupo's eyes. Luka's blue eyes reflected the light of the sun and the clear sky. Gakupo looked down into those glistening eyes and decided that he couldn't have wished for a more beautiful reunion.

Luka looked up at Gakupo's grinning face. The familiar outline of his face... the slight curved edges of his mouth... she took it all in.

"Gakupo...!" she whispered adoringly, tracing a finger down his face. Gakupo reached up and held her hand.

"Luka...," he said. "You have no idea how much I've missed you... I even tried making pancakes while you were gone."

"And how did that go?" said Luka.

"We had to use the fire extinguisher." said Gakupo, guiltily. He blushed.

Luka shook her head. "Well, it's official. You will never, ever be able to best my cooking.

Gakupo chuckled. "You're right. I give up."

The two stood for a little, next to each other. Some leaves from a tree swirled past.

"I... I've missed you a lot too." admitted Luka. "I thought about you... all the time. I still can't believe that all the battles weren't just a dream...!"

"Well, now they could all be and it wouldn't matter." said Gakupo, proudly.. "Nothing like that will ever happen again. We made sure of that!"

Luka gave a slight nod. "Yeah, I heard from the girls."

Gakupo met her eyes, and then blushed and looked away.

"What?" said Luka. "What is it?"

Gakupo caressed her cheek. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you." he said. He was definitely turning pink now, color slowly rising in his cheeks like a thermometer.

"Is that what Rin and Lily were saying? About saying what you need to say?" said Luka suspiciously. Her heart beat just a little faster.

"Yeah." said Gakupo softly.

Uh-oh. thought Luka. What if this is... bad news?

Gakupo breathed in and out slowly, and began talking.

"Well... okay. Lets face it. Both of us are studying medicine already. We're not in high school anymore. In short, both of us are in our early twenties, and we're not getting any younger." said Gakupo.

Luka nodded, still not understanding where Gakupo's little speech was going. "Yeah." she said.

Gakupo shifted, and went one. "At first, I didn't really know you. You were just another person that I shared Vocaloid Mansion with. But I just hadn't really met you yet, and when I finally did... well, it was perfect. Bliss."

As Luka watched, his eyes darkened. "And then, Ata Udne stepped in, with the whole incident at the Sutin Building. We... we were separated."

He looked up and his ponytail shimmered in the sunlight.

"But... you came for me and saved me. And then, just as we finally saw each other again... I almost died. We were almost separated- forever."

Luka looked down. That memory had never quite dimmed in her mind.

"Yeah, I remember." she said.

Gakupo nodded. "But, finally, we were together again. And after that, we spent a few years being happy together. But then, we were pulled apart by Cryptin. And we were separated. Again."

"We were lucky that night." said Gakupo. "We kept on... almost losing each other..." he gulped, remembering the horrible time he had spent believing that Luka was dead. "And... and I really thought that... that y-you w-were..."

"It's okay." said Luka. "I'm here now. Go ON already, get to the point!" she said anxiously.

Gakupo nodded, smiling. "Of course." he said.

And then Gakupo stepped back and looked at her. As the wind whistled past them once more, Gakupo's hair streamed out behind him. His cheeks were red now, and a shy smile lit up his face.

Luka looked at him, her eyes shining.

Gakupo cleared his throat.

"Luka." he said.

It felt right. He went on.

"Luka Megurine." he said on a loving voice. "There is one thing that I know, that has made itself quite clear in my mind."

A cloud that had been blocking the sun moved, and the sunlight streamed down. The sudden burst of light lit up the ground and the two people standing on it.

"What I know is this." he said. "I never want to be apart from you again, never want to miss a single day of your delicious cooking. I never want to have lived a day without seeing your face, and hearing your sweet laugh ringing in my ears. I want you by my side."

Luka's eyes widened. Her hands trembled as Gakupo knelt on the ground before her.

"Luka. Luka Megurine." he said, pulling a small, white box from his pocket and flipping it open.

"Will you marry me?"


People waited in their seats, muttering to each other. Outside the synagogue, a small drizzle moistened the ground.

A chupah, a Jewish wedding canopy, stood in the front of the room, waiting.

Behind the curtain in the back of the room, Len groaned.

"Ugh!" he said. "I look ridiculous!"

"Come one, Len!" said Rin, giggling and twirling. Her white dress spun around her. "This'll be fun!"

"Speak for yourself!" grumbled Len.

"Oh, stop being such a whiner!" teased Len, and pulled him towards the carpet that led to the chupah.

"Wh-wh-whoa!" said Len as they burst through the curtains. All the Vocaloids that were seated turned.

Len immediately stood up straight and rolled his shoulders back. He was wearing a white tuxedo. Both Rin and Len had baskets with flower petals dangling off their arms.

Rin happily flung handfuls into the air, and a few people cheered. Len reached into his basket, drew out a single petal, and dropped it on the floor beside him.

"You're no fun!" whispered Rin angrily.

Since Hiro actually came from a Jewish family that moved to Japan, he had raised all the Vocaloids with Jewish beliefs, at least the ones that he got as babies. The newer Vocaloids usually followed in his footsteps eventually, too.

The Rabbi waited next to the Chupah, stroking his long beard and holding a siddur, a Jewish prayer book. Due to Lily's reckless driving, they had been late. Lily had been extra excited about the special day.

And then, all the Vocaloids hushed as Gakupo suddenly emerged from the curtains. They slowly drifted back into place behind him.

Since Gakupo had no parents, Kaito and Al stepped forward. They hooked their arms around his and walked him to the Chupah.

Soon after, Luka came out from the curtains, her face veiled. No one could read her expression... because no one could see her face, of course.

Lily and Miku stepped up and hooked their arms around hers. Miku winked at her and whispered, "good luck!" as they walked up the carpet.

Gakupo looked at Luka as she approached, a smile on his face.

Luka gazed at Gakupo through her veil. He was dressed in a tuxedo.

How very un-Gakupo like! she thought.

Luka herself was dressed in a long wedding dress that trailed behind her and rustled with every step. She went and joined Gakupo under the Chupah.

Luka walked around Gakupo a few times, then stopped. The Rabbi and the rest of the congregation said a few blessings, and then the rabbi held out a delicate glass of sparkling wine. Luka and Gakupo both drank from it.

Then, Rin and Len walked up with the wedding band. Gakupo took it and gently slid it onto Luka's delicate right index finger.

The rabbi reciting a few more blessings, Gakupo holding a glass of wine.

And then, it was time.

The Rabbi wrapped a glass in a napkin and set it on the ground in front of Gakupo. The Vocaloids waited with bated breath.

Gakupo brought his foot down and they heard the glass break under his shoe.

"MAZEL TOV!" shouted everyone, and they all cheered and jumped up and down.

"It's s-s-so beautiful...!" sobbed Miku.

Meiko rolled her eyes. "C'mon, Miku, stop it!"

Miku suddenly flopped onto Meiko's shoulder and sobbed with joy. Meiko sighed and patted her head.

And then Gakupo removed the veil, uncovering Luka's shining face. Tears slowly leaked from her eyes.

"Gakupo...!" she said.

"Luka." said Gakupo, and then he pulled her into an embrace and they kissed and kissed and kissed under the Chupah.

Everyone clapped and cheered loudly as Luka and Gakupo finished their kiss.

"Gakupo..." said Luka, weeping with joy. "Promise me that we'll be together from now on. Promise!"

"I promise!" said Gakupo, his voice trembling with the tears that gathered in his eyes, and then they kissed again, their lips locking in love and devotion as their hearts beat faster and their love swirled around them, rising up above them and into the starry night sky.

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