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It was the day of their wedding. If Rapunzel was anymore excited she might have burst. She had woken up with a start. Her maids prepared a warm bath for her. She had soaked until the water was cold and her fingers were pruned. The maids helped her out and allowed her to dry herself off. She slipped on her sheath and the women began to put on her large wedding gown.

The gown sat on her shoulders the sleeves poofed out and then slowly became skin tight on her arms again. The sleeves had stripes reminiscent of her favorite purple dress. The stripes were cream and baby pink. The bodice was the same cream color. The skirt of the gown flared out and touched the ground with a delicate touch of lace.

Her hair had just begun to dry when there was a light knock on the door. She hurried to it. When she opened it her mother stood looking so proud.

"My dear," she smiled, "You look beautiful."

"Thank you, Mother," Rapunzel smiled giving her mother a big hug. The Queen quietly dismissed the chamber maids. They left giving silent nods and congratulations to their loving princess.

"Would you mind if I did your hair?" the Queen asked looking happily at her daughter.

"I would be honored," Rapunzel replied, slowly moving and sitting in front of her vanity. The queen grabbed a brush and slowly dragged the bristles through Rapunzel's short brown tresses. She carefully twisted the sides of the young girl's hair and brought them back pinning them carefully down and placing some little white flowers in each delicate twist. The Queen then silently placed the princess's crown atop of her head.

"Perfect," her mother whispered choking back tears. Rapunzel got up and hugged her mother with so much love that it almost hurt. "I have something for you." The Queen reached behind her neck and unlatched the pink diamond and pearl necklace around her neck.

Rapunzel's eyes widened. "Mother!" The Queen put her hand up gently silencing her daughter.

"This necklace has been in our family since before this castle was even built. My mother was given this from her mother and so on and so forth. And my mother gave it to me when I married your father. And now it's time that you are given the family heirloom."

"Oh mama!" Rapunzel gasped hugging her mother even tighter than before. She was a part of a family. A real family.

They pulled away and the queen put the necklace on Rapunzel. As soon as it hit Rapunzel's skin she stood taller and more confident. Soon a young maid came in with Pascal. He, too, donned an adorable bow tie.

"It's time your highnesses," she smiled handing Pascal to Rapunzel. The Queen and the young bride shared a loving smile as the Queen placed Rapunzel's veil over her head.


Eugene had never been this excited. Not this excited when he left the orphanage; not this excited when he was about to steal the princess's crown; not even this excited when he and Rapunzel shared their first kiss.

But today he was excited because he was taking the next step with his only love. They were getting married. Today they would be bound together by vows and tonight they would be bound together by love. He was her first and ironically, based off of his past alias, she would be his first too.

The maids had woke him up early to bathe him and get his dressed. He thought it would be pure torture, but surprisingly enough, he found it very fun. Maybe it was just the day.

His outfit consisted of a cream colored button up shirt. A vest covered this in the same color with fine detailed pleats. A sash was slung over his shoulder held in place with a beautiful sun emblem. His slacks matched the consistent cream color covered by long brown boots that just reached a little below his knees.

He felt very good and he looked amazing too. No doubt Rapunzel looked just as nice; if not even more amazing!

Eugene noticed that he had been given a spot on his belt to hold a sword. He sighed. He was amazing with swordsmanship, but the swords were never his personally. Even he was little he always wanted a sword of his own. That might have been because of his idol Flynnegan Rider. Lately the only weapon he donned was a frying pan. This thought made him giggle. Who knew that a slap on the back of the head with a frying pan would become a sign of endearment? He was now pacing his room waiting for a maid or someone to fetch him and tell him it was time.

There was a heavy knock on the door. Thinking it was his caller he gladly opened the door with a huge smile on his face. That smile faded when he realized the King was standing outside his door.

"Your majesty," Eugene said bowing low to the man in front of him.

"Oh for God's sake, Fitzherbert, my name is William. I'm going to be your father-in-law call me by my real name," The King laughed walking into Eugene's room without being invited. Not that Eugene cared; he was the King after all.

"Yes your mag- William," Eugene quickly corrected.

"So today is the day," William smile.

"Yes, sir," Eugene smiled, "And I can't wait to wed your daughter."

"Ah, young love. Young love that never fades," the King smiled, "I should know." Eugene could tell William had been referring to his obviously successful marriage with the Queen.

"I want you to know that I, in no way, intend to hurt your daughter," Eugene confirmed.

"I know my dear boy. I see it when you look at her," the King nodded, "And that would be why I am here. You may or may not know this, but I am not of royal blood." That statement peaked Eugene's interest. He had never known this fact. "Amelie" –the Queen- "met me one day while I was working out at the palace stables. The first time we laid eyes on each other, me and Amelie, princess at the time, fell in love. Surprisingly enough, her parents approved and we were married within the year. Now I am king. And eventually you will be too. That is part of the reason I came here. I want you to know that one; I give you and Rapunzel my greatest blessing. Two, I know that when that fateful day comes when I must step down as King; I will trust you to take my spot. You have much to learn, but you are already an amazing young man, Eugene."

The King stopped and looked up at Eugene. The young man was frozen. Never had anyone complimented him before; never had he ever thought that anybody would ever compliment him. Especially not the King, and not about that.

"Th-thank you," Eugene stammered.

"I also have one last thing," William walked back to a long box by the door that Eugene had just noticed. "When I was married to my beloved wife, her father passed down a family heirloom to me."

"Yes… and?" Eugene asked.

"I plan to give that heirloom to you." The King motioned for Eugene to come next to him. William slowly unlatched the box as the young lad came forward. "Eugene Fitzherbert," The Kings voice boomed, "I hereby bestow upon you this heirloom from one love struck commoner to another. Of course I wasn't a thief," the king added jokingly. Eugene slightly ducked his head slightly ashamed of his past.

William pulled out a long shiny sword. Eugene's eyes became wide. The King handed the sacred object over to his successor. Eugene noted the pure gold handle, encrusted with bright blood red rubies; the symbol of symbol of Corona gracing the handle just before a slim slice of silver jutted out. Sharp, light, the best sword anybody could ever ask for. No wonder it was a sacred heirloom.

"Thank you, sir!" Eugene almost jumped up and hugged the King. He quickly stopped that feeling. He bowed to William and happily slid his sword into his bolster.

There was a quiet knock on the door. A maid slowly walked in, "It's time."