Hiya! So this is a new fic that Cami (Darkness-Chill) and I RP'd. Um. It's AU, and I think it pretty much speaks for itself. Slightly insane, but what else would you expect from something from the two of us? :D

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Roxas slammed the oven door shut angrily and huffed out a breath, turning back to the counter. Grumbling under his breath about stupid history professors, he started to place the next batch of raw cookie dough onto the baking sheets.

Yawning, his older brother walked into the room, grabbing one of the raw cookies and popping it into his mouth, chewing, "Thanks, Rox." he muttered with his mouth full, plopping down into one of the chairs at the dining room table.

"SORA!" Roxas shrieked, following Sora into the dining room while shaking a spatula at him. "Now I won't have a perfect two dozen!"

Sora raised an eyebrow, "What teacher?"

Roxas sighed, plopping down next to his brother. "History," He grumbled, staring at the table.

"With Dr. Even? Yeah, don't blame you." Sora said, shaking some of the sleep out of his head as he leaned back, "Well, he's been accused of child molestation before, so if he doesn't pass you, just tell the Dean you saw him touching kids or something." Sora grinned.

Roxas looking up, grinning. "Thanks, Sora! But how'd ya know that?"

Sora just winked and got up to change, "If you're baking those cookies, hurry up. I'll drive you to the school, but I'm leaving in a half hour."

"My cookies!" Roxas yelled, running back into the kitchen. He quickly yanked open the oven door. Whew, still have a little time. Smiling, in an infinitely better mood, he returned to his cookie dough and baking sheets, humming softly.

A half hour later, Sora came back downstairs, grabbing his keys off the hooks their mother insisted on using. Half the time he'd forget to put them there and his mother would have to hunt through his room to try and find them. Hunting through Sora's room was almost never worth it. "Ready?"

"Yup!" Roxas said, waving a small baggie filled with cookies. "Let's go!"

Sora chuckled, "C'mon, then." He headed out the kitchen door, not waiting to see if his little brother was following, and unlocked his old rustbucket from the path as he walked towards it.

Roxas ran after him, jumping quickly into the passenger seat, somehow managing to not smush his cookies. He quickly buckled up and before Sora could, reached for the radio and turned on death jam.

Sora climbed in after his brother, starting the car up as he pulled his own seatbelt on, "Someone's in a much better mood," he muttered as he backed out of the driveway.

Roxas just stuck his tongue out at him, head banging along with the slightly-staticy but still pounding music.

Sora just rolled his eyes and continued to drive, stopping in front of a house down the street. A pair of girls that were exactly the same height walked over from where they'd previously been sitting on the steps in front of their house, sliding into the backseat.

"Hi guys. Thanks for the ride!" The blonde beamed, nudging her sister to say the same.

Her sister wasn't quite as eloquent, "Holy shit, Sora. Turn the music down."

"No!" Roxas yelled, covering the knob with one hand and turning to glare at the redhead in the backseat. "This is my favorite station!"

"Well, your 'favorite station' is giving me a migraine." she glared, "Soooooraaaaa!"

"Just let 'im listen, Kai." Sora rolled his eyes, pulling away from the twins' house. "He had a bad morning."

Kairi huffed, "No excuse."

"C'mon, Kairi, it's not that bad." Naminé murmured, hiding her wince at the piercing wail pretending to be music that was filling the car.

"Thanks, Naminé! I always liked you better!" Roxas grinned at the blonde.

"...No problem, Roxas." Naminé said, not having the heart to make Sora's little brother feel even worse.

Kairi muttered something about loud music and jerks but stayed relatively silent as they pulled up to the college.

"Well, thanks for the ride! I'm gonna go find Hayner and Olette and Pence. Text me when you're leaving, 'kay?" Roxas said, jumping out the car clutching his cookies and running away without waiting for a reply.

Namine stared after him a moment before turning to stare at Sora.

Kairi leaned forward the minute the car door closed, turning the music off, "Oh, thank god." she muttered.

"Sorry about Roxas. He gets in these... moods, I guess, where the only things that cheer him up are cooking and really loud music. It's best to just let him listen, or he'll just give you a hard time." Sora told the two girls, "Do you guys need a ride back later? I'll be around."

"Thanks, but I'm not sure..." Naminé said, turning to send a questioning look at her sister. "I know I'll be done pretty soon, but..."

"Well, let me know." Sora said, "You too, Kai."

"Yeah, yeah." Kairi said, "I always do."

"Yeah, but usually about ten seconds after I leave, and I have to turn around."

Kairi just grinned at him, "At least it's only ten seconds! Could be worse!"

Naminé rolled her eyes. "I'll make sure you get more notice this time. Thanks again!" She got out of the car and headed off to the Psych wing. She had to talk to her professor about that B+...

Kairi leaned forward, "So, what class do you have today?"

Sora glanced back at her, "A couple of HR classes. You?"

Kairi made a face, "Chem lab," she groaned, glancing at the clock on the dashboard, "Which starts in ten minutes and is halfway across campus."

Sora rolled his eyes, turning his car back on.

"I love you too." Kairi grinned at him, leaning back to put her seatbelt back on.


Roxas ran to the usual spot (the benches behind the science building) to meet up with Hayner, Pence, and Olette.

Hayner saw him sprinting his way and waved his arm, "Hey, Roxas!"

Roxas grinned and plopped on the bench next to him. "Anybody want some cookies?"

"Mmm, I do." Olette grinned, snatching one out of the bag, "No offense, but I love it when you're depressed. Your cooking is awesome."

Roxas blushed, "Gee, thanks."

Pence dug his hand in and took out five.

Olette rolled her eyes.

Hayner grinned, "Anyway, what's everyone up to today?"

"Class until four," Pence muttered around a giant mouthful of cookie.

"Same." Roxas grimaced.

Olette made a face, "Eww." It was unclear whether she was talking about Pence's eating habits or them having class until four. "I'm done at noon today, but my class starts in... about nine minutes." she glanced at the science building as if she wished it would spontaneously combust so her class would be cancelled.

"Sucks to be you. I'm done, but I have soccer practice until six." Hayner grimaced, "What's everyone-" he cut off and glanced to the right, "Oh shit."

"What?" Olette looked past her brother.

"That dude! He's everywhere!" Hayner groaned.

Roxas rolled his eyes and smacked Hayner's arm, "You're so paranoid."

"It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you!" Hayner hotly replied.

"Oh, yeah, Hayner." Olette grinned, "He's definitely following you around."

"See? I'm not going crazy!" He exclaimed.

Pence rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say, buddy."

Hayner glared, "Don't talk to me all condescending. Oh, shit shit shit." He quickly stared at his feet.

Roxas rolled his eyes as the blonde guy walked past.

"You know what we should do?" Olette grinned, an idea forming in her head, "We should stalk him back. I mean, do you even know his name? Probably not. If you're gonna have a stalker, you should at least know your stalker's name."

Roxas rolled his eyes, this time directed at Olette, "Do not encourage him."

Hayner wasn't even paying attention, staring after the guy.

Olette grinned, obviously pleased by this turn of events. Glancing at her watch, she stood up, "Well, I'm about three minutes late now, so I'm gonna get going. See you guys later and we can figure some more stuff out about Hayner's mysterious stalker."


Sora walked out of his class, yawning and not feeling much more awake than when he'd walked in. Actually, he was pretty convinced he was more exhausted now than when he'd walked in, but seeing as the class had absolutely nothing to do with anything he was interested in, it made some sense.

"Hey, Sora." Riku said, slapping him on the back and joining him on his journey to his car, "How was class?"

Sora barely reacted as Riku came out of nowhere, quite used to it, and just turned to glare at him, "How do you think class was? It's class. What are you doing here, anyway?" he yawned again, pulling his phone out to send a 'last chance' text to Kairi because he didn't have Namine's number.

Just as Riku was about to reply, his phone went off in his pocket. He pulled it out and grinned at the message. "Well, it looks like Naminé needs a ride home. Do you want me to tell her to grab Kairi too, or do you just want to call her?" Riku asked, cleverly avoiding the 'why are you here' question.

"Well, I just texted Kairi, but she's probably not gonna answer until I'm halfway home, so just tell Naminé to grab her." Sora shrugged, pulling his keys out, "You've got your car, right?"

"No, I have Reno's car. Mine needs to go into the Rusty Wrench for repairs again." Riku said, texting Naminé and getting a quick reply, "They're gonna meet us in the parking lot."

"Dude, my car's managed to last this long without repairs and it's like ten years older than yours. How does yours keep breaking?" Sora rolled his eyes.

Riku shrugged, unconcerned, "Don't know, don't care. I've got Reno's, so it's all good."

"Doesn't Reno need his car?" Sora asked, dropping the subject of Riku's.

Riku shrugged again, "Probably, but I got to it first. Oh, hey, there's the girls."

"SORA. UNLOCK YOUR CAR DOORS, I'M FREEZING MY ASS OFF." Kairi snapped at him from across the parking lot, dancing in place. If he wasn't so tired, Sora would have taunted her about her short shorts and tank top in forty degree weather, but he wasn't feeling up to it and just hit the unlock button.

Riku laughed and shook his head, walking over to his car and opening the door for Naminé, who was waiting patiently. As he walked around to the driver's side, he glanced across the lot at Sora and grinned, "What do you say we make this interesting? Race you home?"

Sora just grinned, "In that thing?" he gestured at his car, "Sure, why not? Loser has to buy lunch. Whose house?"

"Depends. Is Roxas home to cook?"

"Nope. He's at Hayner's soccer practice. Something about stalking and blonde guys. It's Roxas, so I'm not too worried." Sora shrugged.

"Alright then. To Naminé's house. Ready, set go!" he jumped in his car and gunned his engine, Naminé cheering him on.

Sora just rolled his eyes and climbed in his own car at a pace not much faster than his previous one.

"What the hell?" Kairi stared after Riku's car, "He's not that bad a driver."

"He thinks we're racing. Where do you wanna get lunch? It's on me, apparently." Sora chuckled, pulling out of the parking lot.


After lunch and after dropping the girls off at their house, Sora parked his car in his driveway (they'd left Reno's at Kairi's, mostly just to taunt Reno. Sora was more awake and feeling up to Riku's half-brother-abuse.).

Riku made a beeline for the living room, plopping onto a chair and picking up the remote, immediately starting to flip through the channels.

Sora didn't even react, just shouting up the stairs, "HEY, ROXAS, YOU HOME?" When he got no answer, he shrugged and headed into the living room, sitting down in the chair opposite Riku.

Ten minutes later, Roxas walked in the door. "Oh. Hey Riku. Weren't you supposed to work today?"

Riku rolled his eyes, "Eh. Work."

Roxas blinked, "Okay, then. Whatcha watching?" he asked, sitting down on the couch.

Sora, from the other armchair, glanced over, "Some weird cop show with unicorns and dragons."

Roxas squinted at the screen and tilted his head, "Lemme guess, Riku picked?"

Riku smacked him in the head with the remote, "Shut up."

"Oww," Roxas whined, rubbing his head and muttering darkly about weird silver-haired people.

Sora chuckled, "Stop abusing my brother, Riku." he said with no heart behind his words.

Riku sighed and rolled his eyes, "I'm sorry, Roxas." he mumbled.

Roxas snorted, "Yeah right." He got up and walked towards the kitchen, "I'm getting a drink, anybody want anything?"

Riku grinned, "Now that you mention it, I could use a drink."

"Grab me a soda?" Sora asked.

"Sure, sure." Roxas grumbled, disappearing into the kitchen.

There was a loud, pounding knock on the door that seemed to get louder as it continued and continued and continued.

"What the heck?" Sora muttered, forcing himself out of his chair and walking over, swinging the door open.

The red-haired man standing there almost fell forward, having been so intent on knocking that he hadn't noticed the door opening and had continued. "Oh. Hey."

"Who the hell is it?" Riku shouted from the couch.

Sora glanced at the red-haired man, then turned in the general direction of the living room, "Uh, I think it's your boss!"

"Shit." Riku mumbled, quickly getting up and walking to the entryway. He coughed, making his voice a little scratchy, "Uh, hey Axel. What are you doing here?"

"Xemnas told me to fire you." Axel said, looking slightly uncomfortable for a moment, "But when Reno said you weren't home and he had no idea where you are but you had his car, I had to-" he cut off mid sentence as Roxas walked into the room.

"What the hell's going... oh. I didn't know someone else was here. Hi. Who's this, Sora?" Roxas said, with a tray of drinks in his hands.

"Uh, Roxas, this is Axel. Axel, this is my brother, Roxas. Roxas, we should probably leave Riku and his boss who is in the middle of firing him alone." Sora said.

"What? No. No you shouldn't." Axel said, the idea of firing Riku apparently not in his brain anymore, "I'm Axel. Wait, Sora already said that. Hi."

Roxas tilted his head and studied the strange redhead, "Hiiii..."

Riku attempted to cough up a lung, "What was that, Axel? I'm congested, so I didn't come into work today. What did you want?"

"Huh?" Axel glanced at Riku, "What are you still doing here? Go home and get some rest, didn't you say you had the flu?"

Riku blinked, then grinned at Sora, "Yeah. Right. Great idea, Axel. I'll see you tomorrow!" he bolted out the door.

Roxas shoved past Axel and screamed after the retreating silverette, "Wait, Riku! How are you getting home?"

Sora grumbled to himself, "I'll be back when I drop off Sicky McLiarpants." he mumbled, grabbing his keys from his pocket (and not his mother's hooks) and leaving the room, shutting the door behind him and leaving Axel with Roxas.

"Right, so... Axel, was it? Do you wanna come watch TV or something?" Roxas asked.

"Sure! Definitely!" Axel coughed, "I mean, sure." he smiled.

"Riiiight." Roxas said, "Follow me." he said, turning and leading the way into the living room, plopping onto the couch, "Soda?"

Axel seemed a little bit more calm now, and nodded, "Sure, thanks."

"So, how exactly do you know Riku?" The blonde asked.

"Oh, I work at the Box Depot with him." Axel said, "Well, when he shows up, anyway."

Roxas chuckled, "Right. Well, I was planning on going to cook dinner, but..." Roxas said, glancing at Axel.

"But what?" Axel grinned, a small smirk evident, "Don't let my presence stop you."

Roxas gave him a funny look. "You seriously want to watch me cook dinner?"

"Why not? If Riku can get away with never coming to work, I can get away with leaving and not going back once." Axel grinned.

Roxas chuckled, "Okay, then," getting up from the couch and leading the way into the kitchen, "Just don't get in my way."

"Wouldn't dream of it, sweetheart." Axel smiled.

Roxas just shook his head and opened the fridge, pulling out ingredients to make lasagna. "So, do you cook at all?"

"Eh, not really." Axel said, "None of my roommates can cook, so unless we're making something easy, like sandwiches or cereal or something, we tend to use Zexion's bank account to order out."

Roxas just shook his head, amused, "Think you can handle chopping up some peppers?" he asked.

"I'm up for the challenge!" Axel said, grabbing a knife and waving it around in a slightly alarming manner.

Roxas's eyes widened and he carefully gripped Axel's wrist in one hand and pried the knife out with the other. "Maybe you should just wash the peppers for now."

Axel made a pouty face, "Fiiiine."

Roxas rolled his eyes, "So, Axel, how about in exchange for helping me cook, you stay for dinner?"

Axel's mood immediately perked up, "Okay! That sounds great!" he grinned, turning to wash the peppers with a new vigor.


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