Summery: What if the Gaang had another companion on their journey? Princess Kaiko was the second child of Lady Ursa and Fire Lord Ozai. Younger sister of Prince Zuko and older sister of Princess Azula. When Zuko is banished, Kaiko wishes to go with him and her Uncle Iroh since she no longer has happiness with her father and Azula. When the Avatar returns, she wants to go with him on his journey because she wants to help him. When she joins, what if a certain water tribe teenage boy falls for her?

Chapter One: The Avatar Returns

Kaiko's P.O.V

I wrapped my arms around myself tighter, rubbing my arms to give me some heat. Even being a fire bender and wearing my warm kimono, I was still freezing the death. The cold sucks...

Suddenly, as I sat cross legged next to Uncle while he played his card game, a bright beam of light shot through the sky in the distance. My eyes widened at the sight.

My brother, Prince Zuko, stared at the light in shock. "Finally.." He said to himself then turned to me and Uncle. "Uncle, Kaiko, do you realize what this means?" He asked us, gesturing to the beam of light.

"I won't get to finish my game?" Uncle asked teasingly, yet annoyed. I giggled softly and shook my head while staring down at the metal floor of the ship.

Zuko turned back to the light, ignoring Uncle's comment. "It means my search, is about to come to an end." He stated, determination in his voice. Both me and Uncle sighed sadly. I never understood why Zuko wanted to go back to our kingdom where there was our sister who hated us both and a father who burned him. But, I couldn't stop him from searching for the Avatar. Trust me, I have been trying for 3 years.

"The light came from an incredibly powerful source, it has to be him!"

I rolled my eyes. "Or it could be the seasteral lights, we've been down this road before, Zuko. I don't want you to get to exited over nothing." I reminded him in a monotone voice.

Uncle nodded and spoke, "Princess Kaiko is right, please sit. Why don't you enjoy a calming cup of jasmine tea?" He offered smiling as he continued to play his game.

"I don't need any calming tea, I need to capture the Avatar!" He yelled. "Helmsmen, head a coarse for the light!" He ordered, pointing to the light once again.

I frowned and got up from the ground, putting my hands into the sleeves of my kimono. I walked over to my brother and stared out to the sea like he was doing. "Zuko... even if the Avatar is alive. Why would you want to destroy the worlds last chance of hope?"

His head shot in my direction and and his glare send shivers down my spine. "I could care less about the world, Kaiko. All I care about is finding the Avatar and capturing him so father will take me back. I want-"

"Yeah I get it, you want your honor back." I cut him off angrily. "But guess what, Zuko? What you are doing is anything but honorable." With that said, I swiftly turned around and stalked inside the boat, ignoring Zuko's cry of fury.


The next day, Uncle was training Zuko on the ship as I watched from the farthest side of the boat, not wanting to get in the way. Uncle offered a while ago if I wanted to be trained too, but I said no. I hated my element. All it was was destruction and death for this world. So, I only knew the basics that I did allow Uncle to teach me, but I refused to learn any more right now.

Uncle sat while Zuko and two other soldiers were positioned in a triangle shape in front of him. "Again." Uncle instructed.

Zuko shot a blast of fire from each hand as the soldiers blocked and went to attack, but Zuko jumped in the air to block the blasts they shot at him. I shook my head and looked away, knowing he did it wrong.

Uncle sighed heavily and stood up. "No. Power in fire bending comes from the breath. Not the muscles. The breath becomes energy in the body. The energy extends past your limbs and becomes fire!" He shouted the last word as he shot fire out of his fist before putting his hands back down. "Get it right this time."

"Enough." Zuko said angrily as he walked towards Uncle. "I've been doing this sequence all day. Teach me the next set, I'm more then ready."

"No you are impatient. You have yet to master your basics. Drill it again!"

Zuko growled in anger, turned around and kicked a fire blast at one of the soldiers. The soldier fell backgrounds onto the ground with a grunt. I frowned and ran over to him, helping him up. He bowed to me and walked up to the other soldier again. I looked over at Zuko as he bent down in front of Uncle. "The sages tell us that the Avatar is the last air bender. He must be over 100 years old by now. He's had a century to master the four elements. I'll need more then basic fire bending to defeat him. You will teach me the advanced set!" He yelled, making me ball my hands into fists at the way he treats Uncle.

Uncle glared at him then looked down. "Very well." His glare tuned into a smile. "But first, I want to finish my roast duck." He told him happily as he grabbed a bowl from the side and started eating it.

I laughed out loud at my Uncle's actions, receiving weird looks from the soldiers and a glare from Zuko. Wow.. he does that a lot...


Zuko woke me the next day, telling me he had found the avatar and we are headed to his "hiding place." My emotions were going insane, I didn't know to be happy or sad that he had found him. Happy, because the Avatar is actually alive and sad because I didn't want Zuko to hurt him or the people in the small water tribe village he was at. But, I wasn't the captain, Zuko was.

So, here I was, standing behind Zuko and six other soldiers as the ship crashed into the water tribe village. (I knew this because of the sound). I cringed when I heard the screams and gasps of children and woman when the gigantic door landed onto the snow, making a clear path for us to walk down. Zuko was first, dressed in armor that covered his whole body except for his face and hands. I had to admit that he look really scary. The six soldiers were behind him, they had armor on like Zuko but their faces were covered with a mask, so they all looked the same. Finally, I followed behind them, dressed in a shirt that had only one sleeve that was long. The shirt ended a little bit above my belly button, showing my stomach. It was all red with a gold fire nation symbol on the chest and the top of the shirt was lined with gold. Then I wore all red pants that went down to my ankles and had the gold lining at the bottom too. My hair was let lose and it ended at my shoulders, the brunette curls framing me face. My feet were covered with flats.

As we started walking, a teenage boy ran at Zuko with a war cry and went to hit him with a water tribe machete. But, Zuko just grabbed the weapon and threw it to one side and kicked the boy to the other. He landed in the snow headfirst, his feet moving around in the air. I wanted to go help him, but Zuko would of killed me.

The soldiers and I stopped walking as we got a few feet back from the group of woman and children, Zuko went forward, looking around and in the group of woman and children that stood there. Their terrified faces broke my heart. My eyes landed on a beautiful girl that was holding what looked like her grandmother by the arm. For some reason she stood out to me.. "Where are you hiding him?" Zuko demanded from the people, still looking around.

Suddenly, Zuko grabbed the old lady's hood and pulled her out in front of him, showing her to the crowd. "He'd be about this age, master of all elements."

My teeth ground together and I stomped over to him, grabbing the hand that was holding the old lady's hood and ripped her out of his grip gently, making sure It didn't hurt the lady. "Zuko.." I said in a warning tone. "This isn't the way to find him."

"Stay out of this, Kaiko!" He shouted in my face, pushing me backwards forcefully yet not hard enough to hurt me. I huffed and crossed my arms, looking back at the crowd with a frown on my face. The girl that I was looking at early was now looking at me curiously. I gave her a small smile. But, she just turned her gaze back to Zuko and glared.

After a moment of silence, Zuko shot a blast of fire above the people's heads, making all of them scream with fright. "I know your hiding him!" He accused with one of his fists out in front of him. I was about to do something until I heard the same war scream from earlier and I looked behind me to see the same boy running up behind Zuko. I quickly moved out of the way so I didn't get hit. He boy jumped up to hit my brother over the head but Zuko ducked swiftly, making the boy fall in front of him on his butt. The boy screamed and rolled out of the way as Zuko punched fire at him. He landed and quickly threw a boomerang at Zuko, which almost hit him in the face, but he dodged it of coarse.

The boomerang flew out into the sky. Aren't boomerangs supposed to come back?

"Show no fear!" A little boy yelled to the teenager as he threw him a spear. I couldn't help but smile at the little boys bravery.

The teenager got up from the ground with the spear and ran towards Zuko once again, the spear out in front of him. Once he got close enough, Zuko chopped off the blade with his armored arms and grabbed the spear from the teenager. When he went to fight back, Zuko hit him in the head a couple times with the end of the now broken weapon, making him fall to the ground. The teenager rubbed his head where he got hit as Zuko broke his weapon in half and threw it to the side.

I turned around to see the boomerang coming back and I grinned as I stepped out of the way so it would hit Zuko in the back of the head. Which it did to my happiness. Zuko growled as he made sure his helmet stayed on. The teenage boy saw my act and I swear I saw him smile at me.

Zuko glared furiously at the villagers and two things of fire appeared in his hands that were shaped like knifes. Suddenly, a boy with air bender cloths on and an arrow on his head came riding on a penguin towards us. He rammed into Zuko's legs which made Zuko fly backgrounds and land face first into the snow with his butt in the air, which his helmet landed on. I covered my mouth to muffle my laugh. The boy stopped the penguin as he got in front of the villagers. I smiled when the penguin got up and walked away, making the boy land on the ground. "Hey Katara, hey Sokka." The boy said cheerfully to the teenage boy and the girl I was looking at earlier. I was pretty happy to know their names now.

Katara and the other people looked joyful as Sokka just stayed sitting on the ground, frowning. "Hi, Aang. Thanks for coming.." He said dully, probably embarrassed that he got defeated still. Aang... weird name.

Aang got up from the ground just as Zuko did. They both got into a fighting stance as the soldiers surrounded them, coming after Aang. I just backed up a few steps so I was out of the fighting area. Aang swung his air bending staff onto the ground as he blew air out of it, making the soldiers and Zuko get covered in snow and almost fall backwards from the air impact. He held his staff out in front of him, looking confident. "Looking for me?" He asked as he stared at my brother.

"Your the air bender? Your the Avatar?" Zuko asked in shock. My eyes widened as the villagers did too. How could that be? He was missing for a hundred years and he looked only around 12 or 13..

Aang and Zuko started to circle each other in the fighting stances. "I've spent years preparing for this encounter. Training, meditating. Your just a child!" Zuko yelled.

Aang stood up right with an innocent look on his face. "Well your just teenager." He defended, cocking his head to the side. Zuko ignored his comment as he made a ring of fire and shot it in his direction. Aang gasped as he spun his staff around, blocking the fire from hitting him. They kept on repeating the same act until Aang was in front of the villagers and as he blocked the fire, it went out the sides, making the children scream and cover their faces as it almost hit them. Aang looked behind him at them and suddenly stopped blocking, standing his staff up on the ground as he held it. "If I go with you, will you promise to leave everyone alone?" My jar dropped at what he said. Oh no..

Zuko got out of his fighting stance and nodded. Two soldiers went over to Aang and put their hands behind his back to make him walk, one of them grabbing his staff.

As Zuko and the soldiers walked back towards the ship, Katara ran out of the group, sadness in her eyes. "No, Aang don't do this!" She cried.

He looked over his shoulder at her and smiled softly. "Don't worry Katara, it will be okay." He grunted as the soldiers pushed him harder so he'd keep walking. "Take care of Appa for me until I get back!" He yelled to her before he looked forward.

"Head a coarse to the fire nation! I'm going home." Zuko ordered as the soldiers and him stepped into the boat with Aang.

Making sure no one was looking, I quietly ran away from the ship and the village. I hid behind what was left of the wall that surrounded the village as I watched the ship ride away into the distance.

A sly grin formed on my face. Yes! Zuko didn't notice! I stood up from the ground as I ran full speed away from the village, skipping on pieces of ice to get through the water.

I have a plan...


"Stay here, Appa. I'll be right back." I said to the flying bison as he roared in response, laying down on the ground. A giggle came from my mouth as I shushed him. I started walking towards the voices of Katara and Sokka, needing to talk them.

"There's no way we're going to catch a war ship with a canoe." I heard Katara say.

"I could help you with that." I told them as I walked towards them, smiling. Sokka, Katara and they're grandmother, I assumed, turned to me with wide eyes. Sokka's eyes narrowed and stood in front of Katara and the old lady protectively. "Not a step closer." He warned, glaring at me.

I stopped in my tracks, a few steps away from them. I sighed heavily as I began to reason with him. "Look, I know my brother just invaded your village and took the Avatar. But, I'm not like him. I want to help you." I told them with a shy smile on my face.

Sokka didn't move from his stance but Katara relaxed as she looked at me confused. "Why do you want to help us? You're fire nation."

"I know." I frowned, looking down. "And I hate it. I never believed in my people's ways. So, I wanted to help you get Aang back."

Sokka finally got out of his stance, but still had a suspicious look in his eyes. "Why should we trust you?" He asked me.

I crossed my arms and shrugged. "Oh, I don't know." I said sarcastically, smiling slyly. "Maybe because I have something a lot better to travel in then a canoe." I turned around and cupped my hands around me mouth. "Appa!" I called out to him.

Appa came walking out, roaring as he stood on top of a small hill. I turned back to the three water tribe villagers, grinning proudly.

Katara gasped, smiling. "Appa!" She cheered happily. She looked over at Sokka. "Oh, c'mon, Sokka! Appa trusts her. So that means we should trust her too! And we need to get to Aang!" Thank spirits Katara was there.

Their grandmother put a hand on his shoulder, looking up at him. "Katara is right, Sokka."

Sokka looked from his grandmother, to me, to Katara. He sighed heavily and nodded as he looked away. "Okay."

Both me and Katara grinned and she ran towards Appa happily while I stayed behind, smiling at Sokka. "Thank you." I said to him as he walked past me.

"Whatever." He mumbled, not looking at me and kept on walking. I bit my lip as I ignored the sadness run through me when I realized he still didn't trust me.


Sokka and I were sitting on Appa's saddle as Katara was controlling the reins. Appa wouldn't fly, just like he wouldn't when I was taking him to Katara and Sokka. I groaned as I rested my head on my hand.

"Go, fly, soar." Sokka said, his voice bored. You could tell he didn't believe Appa could fly.

Katara started speaking to Appa, "Please Appa, we need your help. Aang needs your help."

Sokka continued, "Up, ascend, elevate." He rested his head in hands like I was.

Katara looked away from Sokka and back to Appa. "Sokka doesn't believe you can fly, but I do Appa. Come on, don't you want to save Aang?" Appa roared sadly as Katara pet him for comfort. He really sounded like he was trying, but couldn't.

"What was it that kid said? Yee-hah, hup-hup, wa-hooh. Uh, yip yip?" Sokka guessed. As soon as he said yip yip, Appa started to move and suddenly, he soared up into the sky. I grinned happily. "Yes! Good job, Sokka!" I cheered as Katara did the same.

Sokka stood on his knees as he looked around the sky excitedly. "He's flying, he's flying! Guys, look he's.." He stopped talking as he looked over at us and we were both smiling slyly at him. He made his expression calm. "I mean, big deal he's flying." He said, smiling back down at the water again.

I laughed as I leaned against the saddle, my arms crossed over my chest. Sokka sat back down where he was and gazed over at me. "Hey, um, you never told us your name.." Sokka said as I looked over at him. My eyes met his beautiful, blue ones as he gazed into mine. I blushed softly and looked away smiling.



"There it is!" Katara yelled to us, pointing down at my brother's ship. Me and Sokka both climbed over to the edge of the saddle and looked down to see Aang fighting Zuko. Appa roared, which got Zuko and Aang's attention. Aang looked up at us and said something I couldn't hear, smiling. Him and Zuko continued to fight. Zuko kept on sending fire at him until Aang fell off the boat and into the water. "Aang no!" I cried as Katara started to scream, "Aang! Aang! AANG!"

Suddenly a tornado of water came shooting up from the water with Aang at the top of it, his tattoos and eyes glowing. He landed on the ship and bended the tornado into a ring and pushed it out to the soldiers and Zuko, making Zuko fall of the ship. I took in a sharp breath as he fell but let it out as I saw he grabbed a hold to something hanging off the ship. "Did you see what he just did?" Katara asked in shock.

"Now that, was some water bending." I stated, in just as much of shock.

We flew down as Aang fell to the ground, his tattoos and eyes going back to normal. Once we landed, Katara and Sokka jumped down and ran over to him. "Aang! Are you okay?" Katara called to him as she held his head in her lap.

"Hey Katara. Hey Sokka. Thanks for coming." he said to them weakly.

Sokka grinned. "Well I couldn't let you have all the glory."

He looked up to me on Appa and suddenly got a confused look on his face. "Why's she..?"

"We'll explain later."

"I dropped my staff."

"I got it!" Sokka told him as he ran over to get it. Once he picked it up, Zuko grabbed a hold of it. Sokka gasped and hit him in the head with it like Zuko had to him back at the village, making Zuko drop it and grab a chain instead. "Ha! Thats from the water tribe!" he cheered.

Katara helped Aang onto Appa as the Soldiers started to rise from the ground and walk up to her. I jumped down and shot two blasts of fire at them from my fists, making them fly backgrounds onto the ground. Sokka, Katara and I quickly climbed onto Appa as Aang yelled yip yip, which made Appa push off the ship and fly into the sky.

I looked down to see Uncle walk out of the door of the ship and look up at us, his eyes widening when seeing me. "Keiko!" He yelled, his voice cracking in sadness as he watched me go.

"I'm sorry, Uncle!" I called to him, tears starting to stream down my cheeks as we got farther away from the ship.

"Shoot them down!" I heard Zuko order as Uncle helped him up. My eyes widened at this. Zuko really didn't care about me..

Anger and sorrow filled me as Zuko and a Soldier shot a huge blast of fire up at us, knowing Uncle wouldn't do it. I stood up quickly, pushing my hands forward at the fire and making hit the snow wall next to the us. The snow crumbled down and landed on the front of the boat, completely covering it. Aang, Sokka and Katara cheered as I just fell to my knees, wrapping my arms around myself as tears stung in my eyes. I felt hands on my back as I looked behind me to see my new friends smiling sadly at me, their hands giving me comfort. I smiled back, turning to be enveloped into a group hug.


Aang sat perched on top of the beginning of Appa's saddle while the rest of were sitting on the saddle. I sat cross legged, looking down at my hands.

Katara started to speak, "How did you do that? With the water! It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!" She said to him, complete curiosity in her voice.

I looked away from my hands to Aang, curious also. "I don't know. I just kinda.. did it." He answered, staring over at her.

"Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?" She questioned, staring at him.

Aang sighed, "Because.." He looked away sadly. "I never wanted to be." I frowned, feeling guilty for the poor boy.

"But Aang, the world has been waiting for the Avatar to return and finally put an end to this war." She said, still sounding confused.

"And how I'm going to do that?"

"According to legend, you need to first master water, then earth, then fire, right?"

He glanced back over to her. "That's what the monks told me."

"Well, if we go to the north pole, you can master water bending!" She smiled.

Aang looked over at her and grinned. "We can learn it together!"

They looked over at Sokka as Katara spoke again, "And Sokka, I'm sure you'll get to knock some fire bender head's on the way."

Sokka smiled like they were. "I'd like that, I'd really like that." He said happily.

Suddenly, everyone looked over at me. "Kiako..?" Aang said my name, starring at me.

My eyes widened slightly. " guys want me to come with you?" I asked them softly, a small smile forming on my face.

"Of coarse! You helped us save Aang and left your brother and Uncle just to do it. Why would we not?" Katara told me, smiling kindly.

My smile grew bigger. "Okay. But, I need to tell you guys something." I said, frowning in nervousness.

Sokka raised an eyebrow. "What is it?" He asked me and I swear I thought I heard a hint of concern in his voice.

I bit my lip and looked away as I spoke, "Well.. I'm Princess of the fire nation.. Fire Lord Ozai's first daughter. And that guy who captured you, was Zuko. Prince of the fire nation." I told them hesitantly, scared of their reactions. As I looked back at them, all of their eyes were bigger then dinner plates.

"Wh..what?" Aang asked in disbelief. "Why are you trying to help us then? Shouldn't you be evil like the rest of your family?"

I chuckled. "My whole family isn't evil. Only my sister and father. And kinda my brother.." I told them. "Anyway, when my brother got banished and sent to find you"-I gestured to Aang- "I wanted to to come with him because my Uncle and him were the only people who I cared about. For three years we have been searching. When I found out you were alive, I knew I wanted to help you. So, I did. And here we are." I smirked, looking at them.

They were all looking at me in shock. It was completely quiet until Aang spoke. "What about your mother?"

Pain shot through my heart at the mention of her and my eyes watered a little. "She disappeared a couple days before Zuko's banishment."

Sadness covered Sokka and Katara's eyes. "Me and Sokka lost our mother too when we were younger." Katara said softly, frowning.

"I'm sorry."

She smiled at me, "It's okay. Anyway, we would love for you to be with us on our journey."

A grin formed on my face again. "Great, and in the mean time." I looked over to Aang. "I know some fire bending basics, I could teach you them." I offered.

Aang flew up off the top of the saddle and sat in front of us. "Alright! But, before we so any of that, we have some serious business to attend to." He pulled out a map of the world and laid it down. He pointed to specific spots. "Here, here and here."

"What's there?" I asked.

"Here, we'll ride the hoping llamas. Then way over here, we'll surf on the backs of giant coi-fish. The back over here, we'll ride the hog monkeys. They don't like it when you ride on them. But that's what makes it fun!" We all laughed at Aang's excitement.

I leaned back on the saddle and closed my eyes as Katara and Aang kept on talking about their journey. A small breeze blew suddenly and I shivered, hugging my body for warmth. I felt something warm drape around my shoulders and I looked over to see Sokka sitting next to me. And the warm thing was his arm! My eyes bored into his as he grinned at me. "Better?" He asked in his deep, slightly husky voice. Spirits, he was hot! I nodded shakily and smiled shyly. "Uh.. yeah.. much b-better." I stuttered nervously. He chuckled softly and looked to the side, watching the clouds role by.

I sighed happily to myself as I leaned my head on his shoulder. Soon, I slowly drifted to sleep, dreaming about a certain water tribe boy..