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My feet slowly gliding across the grass field my winds slows pushing against gravity letting me just skim the long grass with the bottom of my feet. I let out a deep sigh looking out towards the sky one name bouncing in my mind, Fang.

I still didn't understand at what time did we retreat to our old bickering self's. I still had times where I forgot, about all that has happened. Fang had left me replaced me with…Maya. I still didn't understand what he saw in her.

But then again had I moved on as well, the few kisses with Dylan would make this fact seem true. But what did I feel for him?

As if on cue I heard a soft thud as I looked behind me to see his toothy grin and light blonde hair now falling at the bridge at his eyes.

It wasn't that he was bad looking quite the opposite. He could make super models cry when he walked by. No, looks were not the problem. It was that he was apparently programmed to be with me. I mean any teenager wouldn't like the idea of someone being forced on you when you still loved someone else, who at the time you were convinced was the only one for you.

"Hey" he said a large goofy smile still plastered on his face

"Hi" I rolled my eyes, finally landing down on the ground with a soft crush of the grass.

"What's wrong?" he stared to walk towards me then, and before long I felt him standing only a few inches away from me.

How did he know when something was wrong? Only one other could do that… I grimaced my heart tacking another stab.

"Nothing" I lied.

"Oh, there is something" he said placing his hand on my shoulder, I mentally kicked myself as my heart began to race beating so loud that I was sure Dylan could hear it. "I'm sorry he left" I frowned before turning around looking up into his turquoise eyes.

"It's not your fault, it was me" I said looking down at my feet

"Is that what you think?" he whispered placing a finger under my chin making me look up. I looked deep into his eyes for a few moments trying to find some answer in them.

"Yes" I answered simply. He shook his head closing his eyes.

"It wasn't your fault Max, Fang left twice, and there was nothing you could do about it. Even when you came back together with the gang and flock it didn't last." He paused pursing his lips "it was no ones fault. it's how life worked out." I grimaced letting out a large lung of air.

I pulled away from his grasp walking away towards the large full moon.

"I love the moon" he whispered catching up to me. I let my eyes look at him as he stared as if in a daze towards its light. My eyes trailed the length of him before I looked back up to see him starring down at me with a cocky grin.

"Like what you see?"

"Don't be an idiot" I huffed adverting my eyes but my cheeks soon became burning hot.

"You're blushing" he grinned

"No I'm not!" I yelled hiding my face away from him. He ran around me in circles as I kept avoiding his gaze, and before long I found my self laughing as finally caught me holding my arms to my sides. He quietly chuckled, before his eyes turned soft, his eyes darted to my lips before he slowly leaned into them.

I could have pulled away easy, spinning around and round housing him in the head, but something made me close my eyes as I prepared for his lips. When they finally came in contact, it was as if my whole body soon came to life.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me closer with his arms wrapped around my waist. The kiss could have only lasted only a few seconds or for hours I wasn't sure but what I was sure is that I couldn't get enough. It wasn't like when with Fang, this was different, but a good different.

Before long though, he pulled away though still touching his forehead with my mine slowly swaying back and fourth. I could hardly contain myself as my inner part of me screamed to retreat. But another much louder voice beckoned me to stay.

"Max" he muttered, before returning his lips back to me. This one was different more urgent as I twisted my fingers through his straight blonde hair.

It was not until much more time before we finally gasped for air. He finally pulled all the way back but still his arms intertwined my body keeping my body pressed to his. His eyes starred down in complete bliss, I wasn't sure what my eyes looked back at him with, but I was sure it was quite close to his.

That was when a switch clicked, like an on and off control, clicking on Dylan. The night was quiet, with only the insect and their predators to accompany them.

I finally pulled away grinning before looking away, shifting my weight.

"What are you thinking of?" Dylan asked his voice as translucent as the wind.

"Everything, nothing, I'm just so…confused." I confessed truthfully. He grimaced looking down at me

"I can't even understand what you must be feeling right now, I'm so sorry to have put you through this."

"Don't be" I whispered, before looking up at him, I slowly touched the side of his face, which led him to widen his eyes in shock but slowly relax.

"Dylan, I wont lie the first time I saw you, I thought that you were like every other mutant freak, and just a pain in the ass" I said as he chuckled "But the past couple of weeks have been something I never expected. And you are something that was at the top of my list of surprises. When I am around you I am angry at myself for feeling the way I do, I shouldn't but I do." He looked down at me with a confused but calculating glance

"You don't have to tell me all this Max" he whispered

"Yes I do" I said, he grinned

"Thank you" he paused wrapping his arm around me "for being so honest"

It was then that I knew a whole new chapter was beginning to open, a whole new experience beginning to unfold. A new set of footsteps and rules to abide to, but for some reason it didn't scare me it almost excited me.

He smiled down at me once more before leaning down for one last lingering kiss.

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