Ratchet POV

My back was pressed to the slippery surface of the outside of my black and blue sleeping bag. My eyes wide open not feeling a bit of sleep creeping on me. I couldn't stop thinking of it. I made no move that I heard Dylan's and Max's conversion but I had, and of course I had.

My supper hearing and sight were a burden and a gift, some conversions you don't want to hear, especially ones that are about you and your feelings. It also didn't help having super hearing as I could hear what every couple was up to. With that thought I slowly turned up the music on my Mp3 player.

I didn't have any feelings for Star anyone with eyes would see the only emotion that was irritation at best. Sure we had a few similar things in common but what was that compared to the list of things we didn't?

I let out an irritated groan as I turned to my side. Me even thinking of her before I fell asleep was ridiculous. I should be thinking of Kate, now she was hot and not nearly as complicated.

I mean even if I had feelings for Star she would never return them, and I didn't have feelings. Everything about her annoyed me, her stupid anger issues, the line that appeared between her brows every time she tried to focuses on something, her annoyingly soft blonde hair… Stop it! Why did this always happen, every time I tried to think of all the things that annoyed me it always come back to the hair. That get on your nerves, drive you mad, blonde hair.

I let another deep moan before finally getting up and unzipping the tent, I just needed some fresh air. When I stepped out I found that Nudge and Holden just returning, both hair soaking wet, how weird. I knew that Nudge felt a deep attraction to Holden and also Holden feeling deeply for her. But seeing them together hands embraced put a new truth to it.

When they finally spotted me they halted, Holden looking down nervously. I had to give the boy credit he had grown some balls after the war and now some what resembled his age.

After a few seconds though they grinned and continued on their walk back their tents. I walked by towards the shore of the lake, knowing that no one would be there.

The lake had less of a current now, slowly washing over the edge of the bank. There was nothing between me and-

"Ratchet!" a surprised too familiar voice called from behind me. I jumped high in the air yelping and spinning around. No one had ever snuck up on me! unfortunately my fears were confirmed there stood in the moon light, Star.

Her hair was practically silver in the moonlight. She wore simply jacket with light shorts that outlined her long…gross…legs.

"Star, how did you?" I stuttered my eyes wide "when did you!" my mouth hung open as I tried to control my now out of control beating heart. Star let out a small chuckle.

"I snuck up on you?" she asked with a large dazzling smile.

"NO!" I said a little too loud, what the hell? I was always crystal cool in situations like this!

"Alright," she laughed walking towards my side.

"Why are you out so late?" I asked, smoothing some of my nerves down.

"Couldn't sleep," she said, "you?"


The warmth that came off Star's side should be illegal, goose bumps traced the length of my side, and she hadn't even laid a finger on me. I opened my mouth working my nerve up,


"Ratchet," we both spoke at the same time, this made me let out a nervous laugh

"You go," I concluded. She was silent for a second before continuing

"Uh, I was just going to say…It's really nice out right now." She said with a nervous under tone.

"Oh… yeah it is,"

"What were you going to say?"

"Me?" I chocked

"Yes, you." She said turning her body so that she could face me, her eyes distracting me once more.

"I was going to tell you…I saw Nudge and Holden together guess they finally hit it off" I said in a rush, maybe too fast.

I couldn't understand why I was now flustered to make sentences sound easy, or how I had to physically stop myself from looking anywhere but here eyes. These things only happened in those mushy crappy romantic movies that Kate, Star, and Nudge like to watch.

"Oh…"she said, he voice sounding a bit disappointed "that crazy." She sighed looking back at the lake.

"Max and Dylan are such jerks" I blurted, if I could have slapped myself I would have.

"What, why do you say that?"

"I heard them saying that, they t-t-thought we had feelings for each other!" I said and let out a loud nervous chuckle. Star let out a shaky laugh as well though her eyes now looked to the ground

"That's crazy," she said " I couldn't have feelings for a guy like you."

A pain stabbed my chest, but I quickly brushed it away for the hot dogs I had ate early, heart burn that's all it was.

"I couldn't have feelings for a label crazed girl" I said breathlessly

"Well, I couldn't have feeling for someone who flirts with every girl he sees," her eyes slowly returned to mine, but with a new edge.

"I couldn't have feelings for a girl that punches me on regular bases" my breath was shallow as I tried to regain control. Star rolled her eyes

"You deserve it,"

"No I don't" I said quickly. "I deserve a kiss" I felt my whole body react to my sentence, my nerves screaming to dig a hole and hide for weeks, or maybe go drown myself.

"I hate you" she muttered,

"I hate you too"

"I hate how I can't see your eyes!" she shouted this time

"I hate that I can see yours all the time,"

"I hate the ridicules grin you wear," she said softer this time.

"I hate that you do wear enough," my eyes looked toward her lips before returning.

"I hate that you flirt with Kate,"

"I hate that I can't flirt with you," I blurted now to the surprise of Star. Her eyes winded and she in took a large gulp of air.

"I hate that I can't stop thinking of you," she muttered

"I hate that my heart beats faster when you're near," I whispered. I moved forward until I stood close to her my mouth only inches from hers. I could feel the warmth of her breath, as it sent chills down my spin.

"I hate you" she said again breathlessly,

"I know," I mumbled placing my hand on the back of her neck. I quickly pushed forward on my toes until our lips met.

It was probably one of the more explosive moments of my life. As our lips met something finally clicked. Every fight every disagreement or punch was a distraction. A distraction form on obvious truth, and the truth was that neither one of use was brave enough to admit our true deep feelings for one another.

I had lied to myself, I didn't hate her at all, I didn't hate the way she called my name I didn't hate the way she constantly licked her lips, or even how we argued. I loved her.

When finally I pulled away, and looked upon her face, I felt my heart slowly melt. Her eyes were still closed a small crease in between her brows. He lips were parted and her hair was pushed up in a frizz.

"Star" I muttered, this opened her eyes as she realized what had happened. I placed my hand onto her cheek rubbing my thumb along the lower part of her lip.

"Yes?" she barely chocked. I looked down upon her eyes, wanting to blurt out what I felt for her, what I had always wanted to say but too cowardly to even think of it.

Instead of admitting me true feeling, which I was sure would make spin on her heels and run as fast as she could in the opposite direction (which was extremely fast). I lent forward placing my lips on hers again. This kiss was slow and burnt at the touch. Her soft lips kissed me back to my ultimate joy, with as much passion and hunger as my lips kissed hers.

I never wanted to stop kissing her, kissing her was like kissing something that was absolutely perfect to me. Something I was too selfish to give up.

Unfortunately she pulled away finally, her eyes now shinning upon mine with utter amazement.

"Ratchet, you have no idea..." she began, whispering. My eyes ran over her soft features, wondering how I ever thought this face to be ugly or an unkind one.

"I think I do," I replied. Her eyes looked into mine, a new softness forming within them.

"I never hated you" she said before once more returning to my lips, letting me fall into a silent oblivion of bliss.

Max's POV

I pulled away the curtain of tent to revel the dazzling sun light. Once my eyes adjusted the lights my other sense soon were triggered. The soft cooling breeze that whipped across my bar arms leaving small goose bumps in its trace. And the smell of a burnt fire now beginning to come back to life, as Fang and Iggy poked at the new fire, and the laughter of the near people.

I turned around to find Ratchet a distance away his sunglasses were pulled of, seeing his eyes was a very seldom thing, and because of this I found my self starring. Star had shuffled over sitting beside him on the log. His gaze followed the whole way, new type of softness and vulnerability in them.

Her hand reached out grabbing his sunglasses from his grasp and placing them behind her. She looked back, the gaze so intense I had to quickly look away at the fear of intruding on something very private.

Maya walked behind Fang wrapping her arms around his waist, I felt a pit of anger but quickly shook it. I sometimes felt anger towards them. He had after all replaced me quite literally. Though after what we had been threw there was no room for anger in my body.

I walked forward to find Holden in a trance watching Nudge cooking her eggs. I grimaced, I would have to give her a talk that my mother had given me, the memory still stung in my mind.

"Morning Max," Kate said behind Nudge.

"Good morning"

I felt a body pass behind me, and smelled the familiar husky sent of Dylan.

"How was your sleep?" he whispered into my ear. This triggering the line of nerves along my spine to start a spasm of a shiver.

"Good," I mutter biting my lower lip

"Only good?" he mumbled his lips barely brushing my ear lob

"Better then good, amazing."

I could feel the grin against my ear,

"Yours?" I asked

"meh, okay." He replied sarcastic. I turned around quickly slapping his arm roughly. "Only joking, you know I have never had a better night!"

"That's more like it, " I smiled. He grinned back before returning to the fire to cook his breakfast.

And so the day wore on, everyone returning to their light hearted person, letting everyone relax and go back to being themselves. Becoming a person without worry someone who didn't have to worry about taking watches or mapping out another plan. We were normal now, normal in the sense that we got to live our lives how we wanted (the wings and powers were defiantly not normal.) And as I watched the sun slowly die down I knew we were where we were suppose to be finally, together.

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