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Kirk feels safe. He hasn't felt this safe since he was five years old and his mother camped out in his bedroom with a phaser because he was sure there was a Romulan hiding in his closet.

His mind felt as if it was surrounded by the warmest, cosiest blanket in existence. Feelings of love, acceptance and adoration were softly pulsing through his very soul.

He wasn't alone any more.

'You will never be alone again, Thy'la.'

There was that word again. Kirk knows it is special but the full meaning still alludes him. He is about to ask the comforting presence in his head what it means, but then he feels himself waking up and the thought is gone.

Kirk's eyes flutter open.

'Oh Sickbay. We must stop meeting like this. No, seriously. I. Hate. You!'

He goes to wipe the sleep from his eyes, but his left hand won't budge. He looks down and notices an olive toned hand entwined with his and holding it firmly. The hand is attached to a sleeping Vulcan, who happens to be his First Officer.

"He's been here for two days. Won't leave your side for nothing. Stubborn damn hobgoblin! Scotty's in command."

Kirk is startled out of his observations by his best friend who is standing on the right side of the bed.

"So what was the damage Bones?"

Kirk's throat is dry but he chooses to ignore it in favour of getting his answers.

"Ruptured organs, severe internal bleeding and nearly all your ribs were broken. Spock kept you stable with his Vulcan mind voodoo, while I repaired the worst of damage."

McCoy sighs and lowers his voice further so as to not wake the sleeping XO.

"If it wasn't for him, you would have been dead before I even got there. He was a mess Jim. He only kept it together because you would have died if he didn't."

Kirk quickly glances over at Spock but his gaze doesn't linger. He looks back at his CMO.

"Is he okay?"

McCoy lays his hand on his best friends shoulder and squeezes lightly.

"He's fine... physically anyway. Something went on when he melded with you. He won't tell me what. He says he needs to talk to you first."

Kirk is about to ask more questions but McCoy halts him by squeezing his shoulder again.

"Look I gotta go. You weren't the only crew member hurt by the blast. Any problems, just buzz me."

Before Kirk can respond, the doctor has left the room.

Kirk begins to feel sleepy and just as he is about to drift off, he feels something familiar brush against his mind like a caress.

He looks over to where Spock is to find a pair of chocolate coloured eyes watching him with open adoration.

"You're still in my head."

Spock's lips tilt in the equivalent of a smile at Kirk's calm statement.

"Indeed. During our meld you accidentally bonded us. You were not to know. Do not blame yourself."

Kirk eyes widen in surprise at that piece of information.

"Bonded... as in married?"

Spock massages his hand and Kirk can feel affection pass into his mind. It is successful in getting Kirk to relax.

"Do not worry Jim. We can dissolve the bond once we get to..."

Suddenly, Spock is flooded with feelings of panic. He sees that Kirk is practically shaking with it.

"You don't want it? You don't want to be bonded to me? I thought that we had something! I can't lose..."

Spock places a finger on Kirk's lips and rests his forehead against the other man's.

"Be calm, Thy'la . I was only thinking of what you might want, but if you desire to stay bonded with me then I am... pleased."

Kirk's whole body relaxes as he feels a powerful wave of happiness saturate his whole body. He moves his head slightly forward so that he can close the gap between their lips. The kiss is feather light.

Spock pulls away first.

"There is something you must know about being bonded to me."

Kirk sits there waiting patiently for Spock to continue.

"I will know any thought that passes through your head and if you decide to endanger yourself to protect me then I will stop you. I am not a delicate flower and you will cease treating me as such."

Kirk opens his mouth to comment but closes it again when he sees the look on Spock's face. He needs to be a good boy now and listen.

"You also need to know that as your bond mate I will feel any pain that you might experience. Do you wish to be the source of my agony, Jim?"

The Vulcan gives Kirk the most angelic expression his species could possibly be capable of.

'Sneaky Vulcan!'

Spock's eyes are shining.

'I will do what I must to keep you safe. You are half of me.'

To Kirk's credit, he shows no sign of shock when faced with the mental conversation that just took place. Just a little bit of amusement.

"I can't promise that I wont get hurt protecting you, but I promise to try."

Spock leans in and kisses Kirk on the forehead.

"Of all the times you have pushed me out of the way of danger and put yourself in front of it, have you ever thought that simply warning me of approaching danger, so that I may move, might be a more logical course of action?"

Kirk blushes beet red.

"It actually never occurred to me."

Kirk swears he can hear Spock whisper 'silly human' into his mind and he laughs.

'My mother always said that I was slow on the uptake, but that I do eventually get there.'

Spock chuckles deeply in his mind and pulls Kirk into a tight embrace.


Kirk snuggles closer to Spock and is nearly asleep when he remember something.

"So what does 'Tahaylar' mean anyway."

This time Spock laughs out load because no one has ever butchered the Vulcan language in such an adorable way before.

"When you can pronounce it, I will tell you the meaning."

Kirk hums in agreement.



AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is seriously the end. I won't be writing a sequel. I will however start writing a new story. I am thinking an Academy fic. Probably will start posting it mid week.