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Jurassic Park: Part 1: Dr Hammond

Any other 16 year old girl would be crazy about boys, make-up, hair and the latest trends/styles. Not me. My name is Olivia Grant and like my father before me I was addicted to dinosaurs. But I never knew that one day while digging up bones at my father's dig would change my view on dinosaurs forever.

It was late afternoon and I was brushing up sand and dirt away from dinosaur bones.

"Found anything?" I heard my father ask me. I turned and saw Dr. Alan Grant stood behind me.

"Just a few leg bones and tail bones that had been separated from the body. And also this." I replied while picking up a dark claw.

He took it from me and looked it over. "A Velociraptor claw!" He exclaimed and I could see the excitement in his eyes.

I smiled. "I figured you'd like it."

He smiled as his girlfriend Dr. Ellie Sattler came over. "Found anything interesting?"

"For dad I have. I found a Velociraptor claw."

She smiled. "Really? That's great!" I smiled with her as dad put the claw in his pocket.

"Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, we're ready to try again." Another work says as he walks towards us.

My father and I stand as he says, "I hate computers."

"The feeling's mutual." Ellie says as they put their arms around each other, dad puts his other arm around me and we walk down to where the other volunteers are underneath a tent where a computer is sat.

As we're stood waiting, a machine out of the tent suddenly bounces up sending a shock wave through the earth. We all then gather around the computer.

"How long does this usually take?" I ask.

"It should be immediate return. You shoot the radar into the ground, the bone bounces back..." A yellow image of a Velociraptor suddenly appears on the screen. "...This new program's incredible!" The volunteer working the computer says, "After a few more years of development and we wont even have to dig anymore!"

My dad looks to him with a somewhat hurt expression on his face. "Where's the fun in that?" We all chuckle.

"The image looks a little distorted but I don't think that's the computer."

Ellie shakes her head as she looks closer at it. "No, post-mortem contraction of the posterior neck ligaments...Velociraptor?" She finishes while looking at dad.

He nods as he moves closer. "Yes. Good shape too. Five maybe six feet high. I'm having a guess at nine feet long..Look at the-" He stopped talking as he touched the screen and the image on the screen changed.

"What'd he do?" The volunteer asked.

"He touched it. My dad's not machine compatible." I said with a laugh as he sighed. "They've got it in for me."

The volunteer also laughed as dad moved his hand closer to the screen, but didn't touch it. "Look at the half-moon shaped bone of the wrist. No wonder these guys learnt how to fly." The other volunteers laughed. "No seriously. Well perhaps dinosaurs have more in common with present day birds than they do with reptiles. Look at the pubic bone, its turned back just like a bird. The vertebrae, full of hollows and air sacs just like a bird. And even the word raptor means 'bird of prey'"

"That doesn't look very scary." We heard a kid say. We turned and saw a boy, looked to be about 12 or 13 stood there. "More like a, six foot turkey."

We all laughed, apart from dad who started to walk to him. "A turkey. Try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous Period."

Ellie then rolls her eyes. "Oh no. Here we go." She says under her breath as her and I stand at the front to watch how this all unfurls out.

"You'd get your first look at this six foot turkey as you move into a clearing. Moving like a bird, lightly bobbing his head. And you keep still, because you think his visual acuity might be based on movement like a T-rex, he'll lose you if you don't move, but no, not a Velociraptor. You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And then that's when the attack comes, but not from the front, no, from the side, the other two raptors...you didn't even know where there. Because Velociraptor are pack hunters, he uses co-ordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today. And then he slashes at you with this-"

Dad then takes out the claw that I gave him from his pocket and holds it in his fingers like a Velociraptor would on it's foot. I then saw the look of pure horror and fright on the kids face as he saw the claw and I knew it wasn't going to end well.

"Six inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bit at the jugular like a lion, he slashes at you here or here-" He then moved the claw across the boys chest and legs like a raptor would do. "Or maybe across the belly spilling your intestines. The point is, you're still alive, when they start to eat you. So you know, try to show a little more respect."

"Ok." The kid said, sheer fright in his voice. Dad smiled and walked off. Before I followed with Ellie, I saw the boy close to tears and I felt sorry for him.

As we were walking up the hill we came from Ellie spoke, "Hey Alan. You know if you wanted to scare the kid you could've just pulled a gun on him."

"Yeah I know...kids. You wanna have one of those?"

"I don't want that kid, but a breed of child Dr. Grant could be intriguing."

"What's so wrong with kids?" I spoke up.

"Oh Liv, They're noisy, they're messy they're expensive."

I giggled. "Cheap cheap cheap."

"They smell."

Ellie and I burst out laughing and protesting "They do not smell!"

"Some of them smell! Babies smell!"

All of a sudden, we heard a strange whirring sound. We looked up and saw a helicopter getting close to the site as it was landing. The trouble was that as the propeller was spinning, it was picking up the sand and starting to cover up the bones that we dug up. The three of us ran back down the hill telling everyone to cover up anything that was exposed.

As Ellie and I were helping to cover the bones, I saw my dad go to speak to the pilot of the chopper and then run back to the office trailer.

After a while Ellie and I went into the trailer.

"Alright who's the jerk!" Ellie exclaimed as we stormed in.

It was then I noticed who was with dad. A man in his late 40s early 50s, white beard and moustache, glasses and wearing white shirt and pants, a beige hat which covered up his white hair.

"Uh, this is our palaeobotanist, Dr Ellie..." "Sattler." "Sattler. And my daughter Olivia. Ellie, Olivia this is Mr Hammond, John Hammond."

I froze immediately as I knew this was the man that funds our digs. Mr Hammond shook Ellie's hand. "Did I say jerk?" Ellie said as she shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Dr. Sattler, I'm dreadfully sorry for the dramatic entrance, but I'm in a hurry."

He then extended his hand out to me, which I gladly shook. "Also a pleasure to meet you Miss Olivia."

"The pleasure's all mine Mr Hammond." I said nervously before he smiled and turned away.

I looked to dad as he put his hands on my shoulders. 'What's he doing here?' I mouthed to him. He just shrugged as Hammond politely asked Ellie to move away as he was washing some glasses to pour out some champagne into 3 glasses. Obviously being under-age I couldn't drink so I settled on some water.

"Now I'll get right to the point. I like ya, the three of you. I can tell instantly about people it's a gift. I own an island, on the coast of Costa-Rica. I leased it off the government and spent the last 5 years setting up a kinda biological preserve. Really spectacular, spared no expense. Made the one I've got down in Kenya look like a petting zoo. And there's no doubt, that our attractions will drive kids out of their minds."

"What are those?" Dad asked.

"Small versions of adults daddy." I replied as I sat on his knee and smiled innocently at him as he gave me a dirty look.

"And not just kids everyone. We're going to open next year, that's if the lawyers don't kill me first. I don't care for lawyers do you?"

Dad and Ellie answered at the same time, "We don't really know any."

"Well I'm afraid I do. There's a particular pebble in my shoe that represents my investors. He says they insist on outside opinions."

"What kind of opinions?" I asked.

"Well your kind, not to put a fine point on it. If I could just get you three to sign off on the park - you know, give a wee testimonial - I could get back on schedule – er schedule." He corrects his pronunciation from British to American.

"Why would they care what we think?" Ellie voiced my thoughts.

"What kind of park is this?" Dad asked.

Hammond just looked at him. "It's right up your alley." He said as he handed him a drink, to which he accepted. "Look why don't you come down, the three of you. I'd love to have the opinion of a palaeobotanist and a member of the target audience." He said as he hand Ellie a drink. "I've got a jet standing by at Choteau." He finished as he sat on the counter.

Dad gently pushed me of his knee as he stood. "No, I'm sorry, that wouldn't be possible. We've just discovered a new skeleton, and-"

"I could compensate you by fully funding your dig." Hammond began as he poured a drink out for himself.

"This would be an awfully unusual time-"

"For a further 3 years."

The three of us paused and looked at each other before dad and Ellie clinked their glasses against each other.

"Where's the plane?" Ellie asked.

Dad then clinked his glass together with Hammonds, "Yeah, ok." Ellie and him then hugged happily, then pulled me into a hug.

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