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Olivia walked down the halls of Franklin Grove High School. It'd had been 3 years since she had met her twin sister Ivy Vega. They were now Junior's and currently 16.

Olivia made her way to her locker through the crowds of people. Olivia's chocolate brown hair was held up in a pink pony tail. She had on white skinny jeans and a hot pink top. Jewel encrusted pink heels adorned her feet. Olivia spotted her sister chatting with Sophie, Ivy's best friend.

"Ivy!" Olivia called, speeding her pace.

Ivy turned to meet her sister. "Good morning." Ivy un-naturally pale skin gleamed brightly. Heavy black mascara caked her eyes. She was wearing black leather skinnys and combat boots. Ivy had on a black tank top with a see through black long sleeve underneath.

"Morning!" Olivia chirped happily, and spun the lock to the correct combination.

"Hi, Olivia," Sophie said, reaching her hand into her locker.

"Hi!" Olivia rummaged around her things, looking for her note book and pencils. She had English literature first.

"Hello Ivy, Sophie. Olivia." Olivia stiffened at the voice. Oh, yes, she of course knew it all too well. It was Ivy's boyfriend, Brendan. But, his voice was disgustingly seductive. His skin was the color of white marble, high cheek bones, curly shoulder length hair.

"Hey," Ivy muttered and pecked his cheek. Sophie nodded hello and continued in her locker.

"Hi," Olivia said in a small voice. She felt a cool hand on her forearm, and a jolt ran through her body. Her cheeks reddened immensely.

"Are you okay?" He asked, still lightly gripping her arm.

"Yeah," She croaked. Brendan sighed, knowing he was getting nowhere, so he released her and went back to Ivy's side.

Olivia's cheeks cooled. She retrieved her things from her locked and slammed her locker door shut, and curved around to face her friends.

"I—I ha—have to g—get to cl—class." Olivia stammered, ashamed for the small bubble of feelings she developed for Brendan. It wasn't like anything would happen between them anyways.

"What do you have?" Ivy inquired, giving her sister a strange look.

"English Literature."

"Oh, so do I, I'll walk you." Brendan offered, lips twitching into a smile.

"O—okay," Olivia agreed, nervous that she'd be walking with him.

"See you later, bunny." Sophie said, then she strolled away.

"Bye," Ivy muttered and followed Sophie. She a weird feeling leaving her sister with Brendan would be bad.

Brendan cocked his head to the side, creating an adorable expression. "Ready to go, Olivia."

"Yup." Butterflies fluttered in Olivia's stomach when Brendan said her name.

Olivia and Brendan walked in silence. Olivia cast un-noticeable glances at the side of his face. God, he was utterly gorgeous. Little did Olivia know, but Brendan seemed to have the same idea, and kept looking at her, when she wasn't looking at him.

Brendan felt something he didn't feel when he was around Ivy. Around Ivy it was adornment, but when he was with Olivia. Brendan shuddered. There was something different about her, that if his heart had a beat, it would be pounding painfully against his rib cage. He noticed the curve of her nose, and the appealing hour glass figure. Her piercingly sapphire eyes, framed with thick black lashes. Silky chocolate brown hair and olive skin. She was absolutely beautiful.

No, he mentally scowled himself; this is the sister of your girlfriend. Stop thinking about violating her! Brendan snapped out of the fantasies. He stopped moving.

Olivia paused and eyed him warily, "Are you okay?"

Brendan wanted to melt at the sound of her voice. It was like velvet, soft, but laced with a hint of seduction. "I'm fine."

Olivia's eyes softened, and a breath taking smile spread over her features like a wild fire, "Good."

Brendan's heart stopped, no pun intended. The smile. Oh God the smile was so fucking tantalizing.

Olivia's smile shifted into a frown. She reached her right hand up. Brendan stopped breathing when she brushed away a stray strand of hair. Her fingers trailed down his cheek and traced his jaw line. Brendan's eye lids fluttered. Olivia—snapping out of the trance—jerked her hand away. Olivia's face heated, blush spreading rapidly.

Brendan smiled and traced Olivia's lips with one of his elegantly long pale fingers. Olivia's knees shook violently.

"Let's get to class," Brendan suggested, still tracing Olivia's mouth. Oh, how he wanted to devour the perfect red lips.

"'Kay," She breathed. Her warm breath swept over Brendan's frozen fingers. Damn, he thought, that feels so good.

He pulled his hand away, inwardly smiling at Olivia's red face. Olivia clutched her note book to her chest, and hurried to class, Brendan beside her all the way.

They burst in the classroom. The teacher wasn't there yet, but only two seats were left. They were at the very back and right beside each other. Olivia and Brendan quickly got in their seats and waited.

A younger women swept into the room, standing in front of the class.

"Good morning," She said emotionlessly, giving the students heavy stares.

"Morning." The class replied.

"We're going to study Pride and Prejudice any problems with that?" Miss. Riley asked.

Garret, who was, in the front raised his hand. Miss. Riley, not actually expecting someone to raise their hand, called on him surprised.

"What the hell is that?" He asked. His idiot friends burst out laughing.

Miss. Riley cocked an eyebrow, "It's a book, Mr. Stphens."

"I know," He started, "But what kind of book?" His friends howled louder.

"An old one. Now stop laughing. Now." Garret gulped, but obeyed her orders.

The class continued, and Olivia found that Miss. Riley was a very good teacher, despite the emotionless tone she used earlier. She really got into character and spoke the emotions conveyed in what they were trying to say.

All class, the only thing Brendan could focus on was Olivia. The way her hand glided across the page, the loops in her cursive. The concentrated look she got when writing what the words meant. All class, his page stayed empty, and blank, except for the small bunny he doodled in the corner.

Olivia smiled to herself. She knew very well, that Brendan was watching her. Towards the end of class, Olivia had finished her notes and was drawing a bat and bunny together in the bottom right. Small hearts danced around the figures. She stole a quick glance at his page and found it empty, only a small bunny in the corner, with the words 'You Suck' written around it. Oh thank God she understood Goth terminology.

Olivia was falling.

Brendan was falling.

Who would be there to catch them? Whose hearts will be broken? And who will be ultimately, betrayed?

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