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"What is it, Olivia?" Ivy asked in concern. Her eyebrows pushed together, and she bolted to her feet. Ivy grabbed Olivia's hand.

"Um, promise you won't freak?" Olivia said, gripping Ivy's hand.

"Promise. What is it?" Olivia sat down on the bed, and tugged Ivy down with her.

"Well, here's the thing. The reason why Brendan broke up with you was because of me." Ivy stopped breathing, and she became paler then possible.

"He, well, kind of, um, well, fell in love with me? And I did the same. So, he started the break, and well, he had kissed me. On our birthday, I kind of, slept with him and now…" Olivia handed Ivy the tiny box. Ivy glanced at it, and became paler. If it was possible.

"You're pregnant? With Brendan's baby?" Ivy whispered, eyes widening.

"Yes. . ." Olivia waited for an outburst. But she got nothing.

Ivy's eyes were cloaked, and narrowed. "You, are no longer my sister. You're just a filthy slut. Go to hell, whore." Ivy stood up, her black skirt swirling at her feet. She flipped Olivia off, and stormed out of the house. Olivia heard the door slam, and she snapped.

She sobbed into the sheets. Why was life so cruel? Minutes, hours, days, months, years, all gone in a matter of seconds. It just shattered. Like it never meant anything to the two sisters.

Olivia had never felt so horrid in her entire life. First, she finds out she's pregnant, and now? Her sister hates her guts. Perfect. Wonderful. Just the way it should be.

Maybe Ivy was right. Maybe I am a whore. Olivia's head processed the information, as she bawled her heart out.

At about three, Olivia's mom returned home, and ran upstairs.

"Olivia! Sweetheart! Where are you?" Mrs. Abbott cried, throwing open the door to Olivia's bedroom.

"Honey, what happened?" Mrs. Abbott questioned, sitting down on the edge of her bed, and ran her fingers through Olivia's hair.

"M—mom, I can't. I can't tell you yet." Hurt flashed across Mrs. Abbott's face, but she continued to stroke Olivia's hair.

"Why? You can tell me everything."

"Not this. Let's wait for dad." Olivia's voice was still shaking. She looked at her mother with tear filled sapphire eyes. Her face was flushed, and her hair was a mess.

Mrs. Abbott's eyes softened, "Alright." She kissed Olivia's forehead, and left her alone.

Olivia sobbed some more, wallowing in self pity. Olivia had never felt so alone before in her entire life. Is this what growing up does to a person? What happened to the days when Ivy and I switched? Thoughts swirled around in her head. Oh, yeah, I slept with her boy friend. . . Right.

At dinner time, Olivia summoned all her courage, and went downstairs. F.Y.I- her courage was dwindling with every step.

She stepped into the kitchen, and sat down at the table. Her dad was cutting his food, her mom was picking at the salad. Olivia loaded her plate with salad.

"So, Olivia, you're mom says you have something you'd like to tell us." Mr. Abbott said bluntly, knife scraping the plate as he cut.

Olivia winced, "Yes, that. Well, um. . ." She finished her food. "I'm pregnant! See ya! Bye!" Olivia bolted upstairs, and slammed her door shut. She locked it, in time before her father started pounding on the door, screaming with outrage. Olivia figured they needed time to chill, so she collect some clothes and threw them in a bag. Olivia slung the bag over her shoulder, and opened the window sill. Good thing there was a tree there. Olivia expertly scaled the tree, and landed lightly on her feet.

Where would she go? Olivia checked the time on her phone. 8:30 p.m. Great. Olivia decided to just aimlessly wonder about the streets.

It was dark, cold, and kind of creepy. Olivia hugged herself, and let her feet carry her around the town.

Suddenly, a shadow from her left moved. Olivia let out a shriek, and ran. She sprinted till she felt like her legs would collapse. Yet, the shadow was still pursuing her.

Then she heard it speak, "Olivia! What are you doing?"

Oh. Shit. It was Brendan. Olivia stopped and faced him.

"I was having problems at home. So I left."

Brendan narrowed his eyes at her, "Yeah, right. Come on, let's go to the crypt."

He grabbed her hand, and Olivia felt grateful for the warm hand, anchoring her to her sanity.

The two walked in silence. "I told Ivy."

Brendan sighed, "Tell me what happened."

So Olivia repeated the story, leaving out the pregnancy thing.

Brendan nodded, "It's okay. I'm here for you." The two walked into the crypt, and Olivia sat down on the bed, were they had made love.

"Brendan, I have to tell you something. It's important." Brendan had been puttering around, fixing the furniture. He paused, and eyed her. Olivia looked serious. Dead serious.

So he walked over to her, and took her hand. "What is it?"

"I—I. . ." Olivia didn't know if she could finish.

"You can tell me anything. I love you." He kissed her nose.

"I'm pregnant. With your baby." Olivia held her breath.

Brendan stopped breathing.

His eyes widened.

He opened his mouth.

And nothing came out.

Oh shit.

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