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Olivia shivered at the cool gel that was being rubbed around on her stomach. Ivy hung near the back of the room, staring at her feet, and Brendan was standing next to Olivia. Despite being broken up, Olivia still invited Brendan to see his baby.

"Well, you'll be happy to know it's a girl." The doctor said happily and Olivia smiled thinly.

"That's great." Brendan managed to say, a small smile on his face. He was happy, but he looked uncomfortable in the situation.

Olivia nodded as the nurse wiped the gel away, chatting about the next appointment and that the baby was healthy. Olivia took in the information and shoved it in a drawer in the back of her mind. She hopped off the table, walking over to Ivy, gesturing for Brendan to follow.

Ivy spoke, "What are you going to name her?"

"Susannah." Olivia responded quickly, chewing on her lip. Although she hadn't discussed it with Brendan, Olivia knew that was the only thing she wanted to name her daughter.

Ivy nodded thoughtfully, "Susannah sounds nice." Neither of them elaborated on the situation and Olivia was just grateful for the fact Ivy wasn't trying to kill Brendan… yet.

"Is it Daniels or Abbott?" Brendan asked quietly, eyes flashing between the sister's faces.

Olivia didn't know the answer to that. "Daniels…?" She offered finally, wondering if Ivy would be fine with it or if Brendan really cared what last name she gave the baby.

Brendan nodded and silence overlapped them.


Things at school had gotten a little better, as people stopped whispering whore wherever Olivia went and Brendan had returned. Sophia still had no need to speak with her, but was respectful, although Olivia knew it was influence from Ivy. Camilla was still around and Ivy had reserved conversations with her.

Olivia sat in class, her eyes entirely focused on the chalk board as the teacher talked, ignoring all the pointed stares sent in her direction.

As much as it pained her to admit it, Olivia didn't want to have this baby if she could never have a better relationship with her sister. Still, Susannah is her child, and she wouldn't ever do anything to hurt her.

"I still can't believe Olivia of all people did that to Ivy." Charlotte whispered, loud enough for Olivia to hear, but quiet enough the teacher didn't catch it.

Olivia swallowed, and tightened her grip on the pencil. It followed her everywhere, the words, the stares, the lies that people concocted now.

She retreated to the sanctity of the girl's bathroom after school, finding herself a spot on the floor in the corner.

"Why do I keep finding you in this place?" Ivy asked, annoyed from the door way of the bathroom.

"It's the only place I feel safe from the prying eyes of everyone else." Olivia confessed, "I hate it, the feeling of people watching me."

"I thought that's what you wanted." Ivy said softly, leaning against the wall.

Olivia smiled bitterly, "It was, until I realized how much rumours suck. I wanted the positive reviews on life, like on my acting and not this."

Ivy shook her head a little, "Olivia, not all of the rumours are rumours and if you didn't want this, why did you sleep with him?"

"I don't know!" Olivia cried, burying her face against her hands, "I don't know anything anymore!"

"I hope your daughter never hears you say that." Ivy snapped, walking out of the bathroom, pausing at the door, "Once you get over your pity party, come find me."


Olivia screamed the pain she was feeling was almost unbearable. Her water had broken and she was in the hospital, giving birth to her daughter.

"Push, Olivia, push harder!" The doctor yelled over her screams, and Olivia's fingers tightened around Ivy and Brendan's hands. Her parents and Charles hung back, her mother smiling encouragingly, but looked paler than a vampire.

Finally, after what seemed like eternity, Olivia gave one last push and that was it. A piercing cry rippled through the room, and the doctor quickly brought her baby away, wrapping her up in a pink blanket.

"It's a girl!" The doctor exclaimed, like Olivia didn't already know. Olivia licked her dry lips, waiting to be given her baby.

"C—Can I hold her?" the doctor returned and handed Olivia Susannah. The girl had her fists curled, her pink face contorted in upset. Olivia cradled her to her bosom, gently touching her cheek.

"Hush, Susannah, I have you. You're safe." Olivia whispered to the babe and her cries ceased. The child opened her eyes, and a set of crystalline blue eyes met with Olivia's. Susannah was human.

Olivia fell in love with her daughter in that moment, kissing her forehead, "I love you, Susannah."


Years Later…

Her arms wrapped around her mother's waist, "Mommy, is daddy coming to pick me up today?"

Olivia ran her hand over Susannah's black locks of hair, "Yes, Susannah, daddy will be here soon."

The door to the kitchen and Olivia's husband's head popped into the room, "There are my two special girls. What are you doing in here?"

"We're making lunch." Olivia grinned, returning the kiss her husband gave her.

The bell rang and Susannah ran to get it, "Mommy, daddy's here!" Olivia touched her husband's cheek, walking out into the main room. Brendan stood in the doorway, a lax smile on his face, his arms wrapped around his wife's waist.

"Bring her back tomorrow okay?" Olivia waited for conformation before she hugged Susannah again. "See you tomorrow." The girl nodded before she waltzed out of the house.

"Nice to see you, Olivia." Brendan nodded, and she smiled.

"Same goes to you, Brendan." Olivia leaned against her husband when he slung his arm over her shoulder, waving to the couple that was just leaving, shutting the door behind themselves.



If you're wondering, things smoothed over with Ivy after many years, the two of the girls becoming close again. Although Ivy still has yet to let go of the small amount of resentment she still holds towards Olivia.

Why didn't things work out with Brendan and Olivia? Well, let's just say not all romances are meant to be. Theirs was fleeting from the moment it happened. And it shouldn't have because it destroyed bonds that were never supposed to break. However, just because they both have moved on doesn't mean they don't love each other. How could you ever forget the one you shared your most precious gift with? Don't take love for granted, or don't do something you'll end up regretting. Because in the end you'll just get…

The Betrayal of Ivy Vega.

So, this story is officially done. I have no idea who they're married too but most of you will assume Olivia is with Jackson. Far be it for me to decide. Hell, you can choose who she married for yourself. As for Brendan, that's a mystery. If any of you were wondering, yes, I did want the story to go in this direction from the very beginning. Also, sorry if you thought it was rushed, but I wrote this at like, two in the freaking morning and have nothing left to say. So to all of you, who read this story, regardless of if you hated it or loved it, thanks again from the bottom of my heart. And yes, I know I copped out on emotions, but what can I say? Review, flame, or leave a constructive comment, whatever. I may see you all again if I ever decide to explore this fandom again. Ciao.