How To Seduce A Straight Guy In 10 Days.

Arthur is a law-abiding straight male. Eames is a flirty gay Brit. Eames' best friend, Cobb sends out a challenge: a dare for him to make out with Arthur within a period of ten days. Eames never, ever turns down a good challenge. Will Eames get Arthur in his bed?

Or will he fall head over heels for him instead?

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Day 1

Eames noticed him first. The nice, handsome man who worked at the local bookstore. He was average, but stunning at the same time. Someone who could, should they choose, be beautiful in every possible way, but instead chose to live life normally. He was so engrossed in this man that he didn't notice someone trying to get his attention until he felt the spine of a book hit him square in the back of the head.

"Are you going to stand there all day or ask him out?" Dom Cobb, Eames best friend, asked, opening the book, "Because we do have a schedule to keep."

"Can't ask him out," Eames said, rationally, "I can tell, he won't be into me."

"Eames, you could make a mannequin into you," Cobb said, "You just have that charming personality. Now stop moping and at least try."

"No," Eames said, "Besides, I thought we were on a tight schedule?"

"This is an exception."

"Oh, and going to a bar isn't?"

"Eames, you're my best, but I am not going to a gay bar with you no matter how much you beg."

"You have no sense of adventure."

"This is an adventure!"

"Yeah, one that I'm going on."

"Can you two keep it down?"

Eames and Cobb turned to see a petite woman standing by, books stacked in her arms.

"You're getting loud, it's disturbing the others."

"I'm sorry Miss...?" Eames instantly turned on his charm.

"Ariadne," she said, "Just Ariadne."

"Well, Miss Ariadne, allow me to help you with those books," Eames smiled, taking a few books off her hands.

"Oh, no, I couldn't," Ariadne started pulling away.

"It's no problem," Eames said, "I could use some help anyway."

Ariadne nodded and allowed Eames to help. Cobb laughed to himself and followed them.

"All I need is some information on that man over there," Eames pointed to the man he had been ogling all day.

"Oh, you mean Arthur?" Ariadne brightened, "Sure, what do you want to know?"

"What would it take for him and Eames here to make out?" Cobb butt in, "See, I bet that Eames can do it in ten days but he wanted some inside information before taking it on."

Eames sent him a glare that would wither daisies over Ariadne's head.

"Oh best of luck to you," Ariadne laughed, placing a hand on Eames's forearm, "Arthur's as straight as can be. He's really kind, but kind of OCD and is really perfectionistic. That's why it's nice to have him around here, he keeps things running smoothly."

"What about his hobbies?" Eames pressed, suddenly interested, "Talents?"

"He reads," Ariadne said, "Other than that, I'm not sure. He doesn't get out much."

She sighed, leaning lightly against a bookshelf.

"Eames, if you lose your bet, you should still be friends with him," Ariadne said, "It'll be good for him to have someone like you around."

"Very well, bring on the bet Cobb."

"Ariadne as our witness that today, on the 15th of April-"

"Don't make it sound like a wedding ceremony."

"I'll save that for Arthur," Cobb smirked at Eames's face, "As I was saying, today, the 15th of April I, Dom Cobb, and Mr. Eames are in a bet that Eames can suck face with Arthur in... ten days, and if he hasn't completed his task on April the 25th he will owe me fifty bucks."

"And let it be known that if Mr. Eames wins the bet then Cobb has to come to a gay bar," Ariadne supplied.

The men stared at her and she shifted under their gaze, "What, you two were being loud."

"And now our bet begins," Cobb grinned.

"Yeah, yeah," Eames waved his hand, "Why do we always start them that way?"

"Make it professional."

"You don't trust me?"

"Not as far as I can throw you."

Arthur loved working in the bookstore. It was always quiet, nothing but the soft rustling of pages, not to mention he had the opportunity to find good books for eight hours every day. Then there were his coworkers. Yusuf worked at the checkout, his warm personality excellent for helping out customers. Ariadne was petite and sweet as she worked around putting books back where they belonged and helping children read. Nash mostly kept to himself since he worked in the back, but all in all, Arthur felt he worked with some amazing people.

Until this flirty Brit showed up. Where were his coworkers while he was being harassed? Standing behind bookshelves laughing. Alright, maybe harassed was too strong a word, but it seemed to fit best.

"Hello there," the man had said, "My name is Eames and I was wondering if you could help me out?"

"You are asking the wrong person Mr. Eames," Arthur said, "That is Yusuf or Ariadne."

"Ah, yes, but you see, I asked Ariadne and she said to ask you." On the word you Eames gently tapped Arthur's chest.

"Very well, Mr. Eames, how can I be of service?"

"You could start by giving me your phone number," Eames grinned, "Or is that too much to ask, Arthur?"

Arthur shuddered. Sure, he'd been hit on by people, men and women alike, but most of the time they let it go when Arthur showed he wasn't interested. But this Eames wasn't having any of it.

"Too much to ask," Arthur answered, "Now if you have any real questions, I'm sure Yusuf can help you."

And he turned and walked away, trying hard not to think that Eames was no doubt staring at his ass. Eames was, in fact, not staring at Arthur's. He was admiring it, because an ass like that deserved admiration.

"Still set on the bet?" Cobb came up next to Eames.

"It's only been a day," Eames said, "I will have our dear Arthur begging for me soon enough."

"Well you're going to have to be more subtle than that," Ariadne said, "He's used to people hitting on him all the time."

"Subtlety isn't exactly Eames's strong point," Cobb said.

"I've just never had a reason to use it," Eames said defensively, "But if subtlety is the way to get you to a gay bar with me then I will use it."

"And Arthur?"

"Ah, yes, well, getting him would be an added bonus, now wouldn't it?" Eames walked back, probably to harass Arthur some more, and Ariadne turned to face Cobb.

"You really don't think he's going to get Arthur, do you?" she asked.

"Oh I think he could," Cobb replied, "I just think it's about time Eames had a challenge."

"So he's used to getting what he wants?"

"No," Cobb said, "He's just never had to work for anything."

"Everyone has to work for Arthur," Ariadne laughed, "Took me two weeks before he would even smile at me."

"Well Eames is persistent, I'll give him that," Cobb said, "Anyway, we've got more stuff to do, but I think I'll be seeing you around."

"Take care Cobb," Ariadne said, "Let me know how the bet goes, yeah?"

"Sure thing."