young & stupid
by crystallicrain

notes: They kissed! I'm not really sure what this is. Didn't know how to end it, so I hope you enjoy it anyway.

At this point, Kurt is ready to settle—not give up, but settle. Because honestly, being friends with the boy really isn't so bad. He is so used to the idea that Blaine only sees him as a friend, as a mentoree, and except for a few crushing, confusing moments, their time spent as just friends really hasn't been that bad—in fact, it's been great.

And honestly, just because he's mad about Blaine doesn't mean that it has to be him. There's a cute boy in his precalculus who is always giving him crooked smiles and making witty remarks during class, and he's pretty sure his French partner has been studying to try to impress him when they work together. He could ask one of them to Breadstix for dinner or the Lima Bean for coffee. If he wanted to.

But when Blaine suggests they sing the duet at Regionals, Kurt decides to question it because, as thrilled as he is to finally have his chance to sing for the Warblers, he has a sinking feeling that, yet again, Blaine's ideas of 'friends' and 'more than' are blending together.

Except when Blaine is covering Kurt's hand with his own, and then closing all the space between them for a kiss—a real kiss, a kiss with a boy, a kiss that he wants—he realises that settling is probably the stupidest idea to have ever crossed his mind.

(Close behind is that it didn't have to be Blaine because, dear, sweet Cheesus, it had—has—to be Blaine.)

Because this, this is what his first kiss should have been like, so sweet yet passionate, a little bit awkward and clumsy, but that just makes it even more perfect. And vaguely, somewhere in the back of his mind (which is reeling once he manages to utter words he can't even remember, but it's making Blaine kiss him again so he doesn't care) Kurt registers that Blaine doesn't taste like dip and burgers at all, but like cherry licorice and minty lip balm and it's way better than anyone could have told him.

The moment Kurt pulls away (which he only does because he's pretty sure he's forgotten how to breathe), Blaine murmurs Kurt's name, and the younger boy's heart flutters a little more because, oh Gaga, he's saying Kurt's name. Kurt didn't even know his name could sound like that. His lips chase back after Blaine's because, well, he's waited too long for this that he can't not be kissing him right now.

For a moment, as Blaine's mouth moves to Kurt's jaw, he wonders if it's too much too fast. But as he tries to reason with himself and rationalize what is happening, Blaine is nipping at his neck and a gasp escapes Kurt's lips, and he's back to thinking nothing but oh dear Gaga yes. He can't even bring himself to care that he'll probably be left with a mark because he can pull his collar a little higher or wear one of his fabulous scarves because this is Blaine doing this to him right now, and he's sure as hell not going to stop him any time soon.

Because, well, that would be up there with his stupidest ideas.