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Flynn X Rita, Yuri X Estelle, Raven X Judith, Karol X Nan

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It all started when my friend came over to play Vesperia. The Xbox was on, the TV was all set up and ready, yet the black 360 remotes were nowhere to be found.

"Hey, is this it?" My friend asked, holding up a light blue controller.

"No, but it's just as good,f" I answered, reaching out to grab it. The second my hand came into contact with the controller, it vibrated, not my hand, the controller. Blue light came from the remote, my friend and I only had a split second to look at each other, confused, before the blue light swallowed up our senses.

Yes, I had read stories where people had entered a fictional land, yet the possibility never actually crossed my mind that it could actually happen. Though the first thing I thought, as I felt the wind whip straight up at me, was 'What the…?'

When my sight cleared, I saw below me a clearing with a giant dog creature and three smaller versions of the same thing. Off to my right, another person was falling with me, probably my friend, though I couldn't make out the details. I was falling straight towards the back of the giant dog. For a few seconds I noticed that it looked familiar somehow.

With a "thump" I landed on the dog-monster between its shoulders and head. The force of the impact sent it to its side for a second, just enough time for me to leap off and out of the way. Reaching back towards my shoulder on instinct, I felt the familiar taut string and weight resting on it. Without taking time to figure out what was going on, I took the bow off of my shoulder and grabbed an arrow from the bunch strung to my back.

Off to my right was Tsubasa-chan, looking almost the exact opposite than she usually did, with a strange hair color and… I shook my head, telling myself 'no time for that, focus.' Then, to my left there were four people and a strange looking blue dog. My brain automatically placed them as Yuri Lowell, Rita Mordio, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Karol Capel, and Repede. That was the part that confused me, which was not such a good idea when I had an angry monster after me.

Within 20 seconds, Gattuso had me flying through the air straight towards the Vesperia party. Luckily, my landing was again softened, by Repede.

"Heh, sorry about that Re-," I said, cutting myself off. "I'm not used to actually fighting."

"Let me heal you," the pink-haired princess said, holding out her left hand. Warm cream colored light engulfed me, making the pain seem to dissolve.

"Thanks," I said, standing back up. While Estelle had been healing me, Yuri and Rita had worked together (reluctantly) to use the native plants to knock Gattuso to the ground. "I would leave this up to them, but I won't leave Tsubasa-chan all alone over there."

With a small movement, I brushed my hair over my shoulder, noticing the different color and length of it. Then, I moved toward the side, toward my friend and away from Gattuso and two of the pups.

Off to my side, I heard the battle calls of the party, Rita casting Fireball, Estelle chanting the incantation for Sharpen, and Yuri hitting a monster multiple times with his fist. Sounds of fighting ahead of me caught my attention and I noticed the third pup fighting with a short amber-eyed girl with close-cropped black hair and two small braids on either side of her head. She was holding a long black sword with a red eye symbol near the hilt. It was Mikoto from Mai-Hime.

With one swift swing, Mikoto sliced the monster perfectly in half. With the monster out of the way, I maneuvered around and headed towards Tsubasa-chan. Halfway there, Mikoto suddenly glomped me, cuddling against my chest.

"Uh, how about you glomp me after we beat the monster, Mikoto." I laughed, attempting to push the small cat-like girl away. She looked up at me and nodded, taking up her blade again. Finally free, I moved until I was next to Tsubasa and notched an arrow.

"Care to explain what Mikoto is doing here?" The question came out before I could think and I quickly added, "Though it would be better if you wait until later for the explaining."

"I just didn't want to fight them…" She explained with a nod of acknowledgement.

"Good enough." I replied, grinning. Letting the bowstring slid from my fingers, I released the arrow towards Gattuso, though it hardly damaged him at all.

"Let's try this then…" Focusing on what I wanted to come and my blastia necklace, I started casting. A red circle appeared below my feet and became a sphere around me as I chanted the spell.

"Oh, countless particles that wander the heavens rain down and glorify the land, Meteor Storm!" A surge of energy left my body as the spell was completed and I sank to my knees. Large, blazing stones rained down from the sky, pummeling Gattuso.

Exhaustion. Utter exhaustion. It suddenly felt like my eyelids were made of lead. They seemed to be glued together, refusing most of my efforts to open them. Finally, a sliver of silver-dotted sky made its way into my light-starved eyes. Even that little bit of light seemed almost blinding.

Slowly, I opened my eyes wider, letting in more and more of the starry sky. Strange shapes rimmed my sight and a cold, damp nose pressed lightly against my cheek before moving away. I forced myself to sit up and look around.

"Oh, you're awake!" On my left a pink-haired girl sat, holding her left arm forward. Just like before, a warm light surrounded my and the pain melted away along with the exhaustion.

I nodded, relishing the warm feeling before my mind snapped into place. On my right was a girl about my age with short blue hair and pink highlights. A pink orb decorated the circlet on her head. On her shoulders rested a shawl that covered her upper body perfectly. Peeking out from under her shawl was a blue shirt cut off to reveal her midriff. A frilly skirt, pale leggings, boots, and two jade bracelets completed the outfit. It all seemed like something I would have come up with and drawn. Taking in the sight, I turned back to Estelle.

"You shouldn't do that too much," the words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. The pink-haired healer seemed to flinch away, obviously surprised. Quickly I added the first thing that came to my mind "Uh… we kind of know the future… Though it is probably unavoidable…"

Estelle blinked a few times as her brain processed the idea. "Oh, that's so cool!" She exclaimed, smiling. A dark gaze from Yuri told me that he didn't believe me.

"Oh, well," I said, getting to my feet and grabbing the side of my head as it started to throb. "Ow, that hurts…"

"You okay?" The blue haired girl asked, standing up as well.

"Yeah, just a little headache," I reassured her with a smile.

"So, who are you two anyways?" Rita asked, glaring at us.

"Right, right." I looked myself over quickly, the long black hair, the feathery outfit. "I'm Kazane."

On my right, the blue-haired girl looked at me before blinking in understanding. "I'm Tsubasa," she said.

"Anywho, shouldn't you guys get going to Nor Harbor?" I asked.

"We should- Hey, how do you know that?" Karol asked.

"Easy, you are going through Ehmead Hill, and the only place it goes to is Capua Nor." I explained.

"Makes enough sense," Yuri said as everyone moved to get going. I grabbed my bow and arrows, slinging them over my shoulder again and walked alongside Tsubasa as we headed towards the overhang.

The starlight reflected off of the body of water that stretched past the horizon. A silent sheet of moving black and silver light. A full moon lit up the sky, casting its bright shadow upon the dark ocean.

"It's... beautiful," Estelle gasped. The rest of the parted filed out behind her and Rita paused slightly before continuing. While Yuri and Estelle talked about the view, Tsubasa and I emerged and took the stunning sight in.

"Sparkly!" Tsubasa exclaimed, running forward to get a better view. With a happy sigh I followed, speechless yet smiling. "Hey, Be- Uh... Kazane! Look, that star!" Right were she was pointing was the brightest star in the night sky; Brave Vesperia.

Tsubasa POV

(A.N. This section was written by Tsubasa-chan herself so... Be ready for random craziness)

I stared at the glimmering star then turned my head to change my gaze. Yuri stood staring at Estelle like usual.

"Ah so cute..." I murmured loudly enough for them to hear me. They both turned their heads and Yuri glared at me like I was insane. I smiled warmly at him and waved. Kazane and Yuri both rolled their eyes. I noticed Kazane's eyes were now turquoise.

"Random time!" I screamed, running up and glomping Yuri for no apparent reason. I hugged him smiling.

"What the heck?" Who the hell are you?" Yuri asked.

"Didn't we already tell you?" Kazane asked back sarcastically.

"We're mages from the future. Coming to tell you about Yuri and Estelle's huge wedding!" I called, leaving Yuri's waist and moving along to hug Estelle in congratulations. Estelle turned scarlet.

"Mine and Yuri's..." she apparently couldn't finish the sentence.

"How you you know Estelle and me?" Yuri asked, his eyes in slits.

"Simple, Lady Estellise is a famous noble, and Yuri has a warrant out for him." Kazane answered, covering up my purposeful slip.

"Is she insane?" Yuri asked, glaring at me.

"Yes!" I answered giddily.

"Is she taking medications?" Yuri asked, still glaring.

"No..." Kazane began, then glared at me to see me muttering incantations to myself.

"Estelle X Yuri, Rita X Flynn, Karol X Nan, I guess... Raven X Judith, Jade X Legretta... Stay away Dist... Raven, Zagi, Raven, Zagi." And so I continued as Yuri, Rita, and Kazane shared a secret glance about my insanity. Rita looked like she was going to try something... Meaning me. I approached Rita who looked very angry.

"Let's be friends," I said simply.

"You are crazy." Rita turned away from me and, taking the opportunity, I hugged Rita from behind, giggled, and ran off.

"Hey, you didn't hug me. Why?" Karol asked.

"Because I don't want to." I answered honestly, making him frown.

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