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"Kazane! Kazane! Where are you?" I asked yelling at the top of my lungs, looking throughout the rainy town for my friend. Nobody had known where Kazane had gone. Estelle had offered to help for a little while, but with Ioder turning up out of nowhere she had a lot on her plate.

I hadn't stopped the search for Kazane. I could tell in my heart that her emo needed some random to lighten up the mood.

But why did she leave the main party? Didn't she want to be near her darling Flynn so she could go OTP crazy?

Apparently not. Apparently being an emo loner was more important to her.

"KAZANE YOU DUMMY!" I yelled, all cutely and anime like. I was proud at my anime imitation. All I needed was a giant hammer to complete the look.

"How's the search going for your friend and all?" Yuri asked, passing me and deciding to make idle chit-chat. While I was searching he had done far less important things like save a family from taxes by giving them a golden horn. They were now in the process of talking about a corrupt magistrate. Far less important things then I was doing.

"Good." I answered.

"Are you searching for your friend under a rock?" Yuri asked. I was silent as I picked up the tiny rock.

"No...Why would you think that..?" I lied. I put the rock down slowly. Nobody must know of our secret love affair, Mr. Rock.

"I would suggest looking somewhere more sensible. Like houses. Have you tried houses?" Yuri asked crossing his arms. Houses! How brilliant! Who would have thought Kazane might be hiding in a house?

"I was making my way up to houses. You know, starting with rocks, moving to barrels and then going to houses. Then the sky. She might be hiding in a cloud after all." I answered him.

"Sometimes I wonder if you're even trying to look for your friend." Yuri shrugged. "This isn't some big game, you know that right? This is the real world. Being a playful kid won't keep you surviving here." He told me.

That dummy, this wasn't the real world it was a video game, which you play with. The exact opposite of what he thought.

"You're wrong. I'm in a video game." I told him. Now that Kazane was gone, there was nothing to preserve the fourth wall from these animated heroes.

"What?" Yuri gave me a confused glare. He shrugged dismissing me as the normal crazy lady.

"Anyway, me, Rita, Karol and the princess are going to go try to save a little kid that has been kidnapped for his family not paying taxes. I wouldn't ask you to come, but Estelle said it would be more fun with a larger group. You look like you'd be fine for breaking rules, so you in?" He asked.

I bit my lip. Going with him would mean seeing Raven, which I really wanted to do, but I had to continue searching for Kazane.

"N-no thank you." I shook my head. Yuri sighed.

"All right. I'll have to tell Estelle. Make sure not to tell Flynn where we are. He's inside the inn talking with Ioder about his apparent kidnapping. Apparently the dragon rider saved him." Yuri shrugged and left.

Ioder? He wasn't supposed to be safe yet...Someone was messing up plot related things! That had to be someone from the outside world, and that someone had to be Kazane!

I smiled. I had my lead to Kazane!

Only a hop, skip, and a air swim later, I had arrived at the inn. Ioder and Flynn seemed to be in one of the inn room's. I opened the door with my foot, just for fun.

"I'm sorry, but we can't have anyone interrupting this important meeting!" Flynn jumped up as I arrived in the room. I karate chopped him in the head. It didn't do any good and it was about as weak as a mosquito's sneeze, but I still did it anyway. "What was that for? If you attend to use violence against the imperial knights and His highness Ioder I will be forced to arrest you!" He told me.

"I have to speak to Ioder, his majesty!" I told Flynn.

"You'll have to wait. His highness and I are in an important meeting." He told me. I didn't listen to him as he tried to push me out of the room.

"Where's Kazane?" I yelled. Ioder looked at me strangely.

"Flynn, stop." He ordered. Apparently the name meant something to him. "Let me listen to her." Flynn stopped pushing me out of the room. I glared at him.

"Kazane. Where is she?" I asked.

"I don't know who you're talking about." He gave an obvious lie.

"I know she rescued you, please, tell me where she is. She's my best friend and she's missing." I begged. Flynn looked at Ioder confused.

"Is it true that this Kazane rescued you?" He asked. Ioder seemed to be in a tight spot.

"No!" He lied "I have no idea where she is! And she didn't rescue me!" He was obviously lying. Kazane must have told him not to tell anyone she rescued him.

"Do you know where she is?" I asked, trying to be kind and gentle. I guess the kind and gentle look didn't work with my eyes wide and my face two centimeters from his as I breathed like a bull.

"Um...Could I please have some personal space?" He asked. I backed away, hitting my chest and bellowing like Tarzan.

"May I please take her out, your highness?" Flynn asked.

"In a moment." He put his hand up to silence Flynn, "I'm sorry, Miss, I don't know where your friend is." He told me. This time, I could tell he was being honest.

"All right." I answered, "The King shall bid his farewell." I told them.

"King?" Flynn asked.

"Me." I told him.

"You're a King?" Flynn asked, "Oh, I am sorry..." He laughed nervously, I guess he was mistaken of confusing my gender. But he shouldn't be confused. Girls could be Kings too.

"Yes. I am the King of random! AWAY!" I cartwheeled out of there. I could barely hear Flynn and Ioder's last words.

"Let's never talk about this again."


I had no idea where Kazane was. My only clue didn't lead me anywhere. I considered searching again, but I doubted she was in this city. My psychic Kazane senses weren't going off, and despite Yuri's belief I was looking for her. I had summoned a character to look for her. The character had been Milla. That hadn't gotten her out of hiding so I was certain she wasn't anywhere I could find her.

"Go back to the place you came from." I unsummoned Milla. She disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

I sighed. Although the Vesperia party had been happy enough to help look for Kazane for a little while not wanting to be stuck watching over me by themselves, they had quickly moved onto doing other things that they found more important. Nobody was really helping aid me in this strange world. They became a little too sick of my random to help me find my friend.

"What I need is a vehicle for transport...Maybe Kazane's in a different city...She saved Ioder and went on that boat so maybe she's at one of the port towns!" I decided.

All I needed now was a boat. I had my current theory, I just needed to prove it true.

"How am I going to get a boat, though?" I asked myself. The answer came to me logically: Steal one.

With a jig in my step I rushed to where the boat was supposed to be at Ragou's place. No guards were guarding the area due to Rita's wonderful diversion. Lucky me.

To my astonishment the boat was not docked like I thought, but in the middle of the harbor, floating around. Probably cuz they didn't want Ioder coming back and ratting them out.

How was I supposed to get their attention though?
And then the idea hit me. Cosplay.

I left the area and went to a shop. Luckily the shopkeepers paid me to shut up and I got the materials that I was looking for.

A couple bits of cloth and a wig later and I looked like Ragou.

"Perfect." I smiled, going back to the previous area and waving my arms.

The boat seemed to notice me and drove towards me.

"Ragou, I was just looking for you. Some girl stole Ioder back." Barbos told me from the boat. I guess without one eye you really are blind. I tried to give my best Ragou voice.

"That's too bad, well, we'll have to bail out of here, before the knights find us." I told him. Geez, he was stupid. He totally believed that I, a teenage girl, was Ragou.

"So we're bailing out?" He asked, as I got in the boat.

"Yes." I answered.

"That's cowardly, men like you are pathetic." Barbos though saw the safety in this plan and ordered his men to man the boat. The boat started moving.

Was this plan really all that smart? No. Would it end in death when I was discovered? Probably. Did it even have a good chance of finding Kazane? No. Was I being an idiot for thinking this up? Yes, but I wasn't as much as an idiot as Barbos.

We left the Harbor and I watched as the real Ragou ran forward hoping for safety. The boat abandoned him leaving him to deal with the knights.

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