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Robin could think of so many other things that he would rather be doing (many of which involved bodily pain) rather than his current mission.

Gouging out his eyes, for example.

That sounded fun.

Or perhaps fighting the Joker without his utility belt.


The list could go on. As it was, he stopped walking down the hallway to knock on the door he was looking for. Why did Megan have to suggest this? He didn't want to and he was beginning to feel just a bit queasy. He wanted to die.

Wally was looking forward to this. It was the perfect idea and he was more than willing to play. M'gann could be so naïve sometimes. But hey, you didn't see him complaining.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door, small and quiet, almost like the person knocking hoped he wouldn't hear. Wally was over there in a flash and had the door open before Robin was even done knocking.

The younger boy had his face set in a grim line of determination. He opened his mouth to speak, closed it. Opened it again.

Wally stopped him. "Rob, what's up? You look like you're gonna, I dunno, punch me or something."

He paused and Robin looked dismayed.

"Come on in," Wally said and moved out of the doorway.

Robin slouched into the room, made his way over to Wally's messy bed, and face planted into the sheets. From right behind him Wally again asked what was wrong. Robin answered with something that sounded like "Uff neghr sftd nghner."

"What? Sorry, couldn't hear you with all that sheet in your mouth." Wally laughed at his own joke.

Robin sat up, his face dead serious and not a trace of a smile visible. His eyes, invisible behind his mask, bored into Wally's.

"Hey, Rob, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything, I just—"

"No," Robin barked. "No," softer this time. "It's not that it's just…" He pulled his body up to sit cross-legged facing Wally.

Wally never realized how small Robin was until this moment. He looked even younger than he actually was. And scared. And that scared Wally. Robin was never scared.

"Hey Rob, what's wrong? You're scaring me." Wally placed a hand on Robin's shoulder and he could feel the other boy shaking slightly.

Robin sighed deeply, his muscled shoulders rising and falling slowly. Without looking at Wally, Robin muttered "I've never kissed anyone before."

Wally was stunned. Not because he was surprised (Robin was still young, after all) but because, well, why tell him now? Wait…M'gann's idea. Oh. OH. Wally realized that he hadn't said anything and was just staring at Robin, who had finally turned to look at him.

"Robin, it's ok! It's not a-"

"Don't you dare say it's not a big deal!" Robin spit out. "It's a big deal to me," he said more quietly. "I'm not opposed to playing spin the bottle but…I don't want my first kiss to be during a game. I don't want it to be worthless, wasted on something with no emotion." That last part was whispered so low Wally wouldn't have been able to hear it if he wasn't already leaning forward towards Robin to hug him. In all the years they had known each other, Wally hadn't known Robin to be sentimental or emotional like this.

Wally hugged Robin, hugged him hard. He hated to see his friend like this, so dramatically changed from his confident, alert, normal self. Robin hugged Wally back fiercly.

After a moment, Wally pulled back and looked at Robin. Robin, his best friend, his teammate, his confidant. And Wally's heart broke seeing him like this, so in despair that something so obviously important to him would turn out to be "meaningless."

Faster than his own speed, Wally made a decision.

"Rob. Robin. Look at me!" Wally said, shaking Robin when he tried to look away. The younger boy turned towards Wally and opened his mouth.


Wally stopped him, covered his lips with his own, drowned out whatever he had been about to say, and just kissed him.

At first Robin tensed and Wally thought he was going to get his ass kicked. But then Robin surprised him be relaxing and tentatively kissing him back.

Wally normally liked to go fastfastfast, but this was Robin's first time and he wanted him to enjoy it, not get friction burns. So he concentrated on going slow, exploring Robin's lip with his own, his face with his hand, and his shoulders with the other hand. And it felt so good, better than he'd been expecting. Wally started breathing harder because damn it all if Robin wasn't kissing him back. Kissing him back with a fierce vengeance.

Lips moved over each other, tongues battled for a taste, and hands grasped hair, clothes, muscle, anything, just something to keep their bodies pressed together.

Wally felt himself losing his control because kissing Robin felt so right, so perfect, and damn it why couldn't he just go faster?

But when Robin moaned into his mouth, Wally suddenly remembered himself and pulled away. He felt empty without the other boy in his arms. His breath came in great gasps. Robin's face was tilted back, mouth open, his lips shining with what could only be Wally's saliva. He looked so good that Wally just wanted to jump back on him and never let go. But-

"Mmm…Wally, I—" Robin started, his voice deliciously husky and deeper than normal. "I—I—thank you W-Wally. That w-was—"

"I know. You're…welcome I—I guess," Wally half laughed, half panted. "Now," he took a breath, "you've ki-kissed someone." Wally realized that his voice was just as husky and broken as Robin's.

Robin looked at Wally, his gaze heated even through that damn mask. Wally had to physically restrain himself from jumping onto Robin and mauling his lips again.

When did his best friend become so damn attractive?

"What are friends for?" Wally had said after Robin had thanked him again and walked out the door. Outside in the hallway, on his way back to his room, Robin touched his lips again.

If he concentrated he could stil fel the pressure of Wally's lips against him. And when he ran his tongue along his lips he could taste him. Wally…mmm.

Robin knew a lot about a lot of things, but kissing wasn't one of them. Even still, Robin knew that wasn't a kiss someone gave to their friend. That was the kind of kiss people had in movies before the screen faded to black and then faded back in with the main characters wrapped up in sheets.

Robin was by no means sheltered. What his school's sex-ed class hadn't taught him Batman had. Not like that, just in the general sense of "Here's how things so" kinda thing. Batman just wanted him to be well educated. It's just that Robin had never thought of Wally as anything other than a friend; a best friend, granted, but nothing more.

And now suddenly Robin didn't think that was enough.

He wanted Wally, wanted, needed, HAD TO HAVE him or he just might…he didn't even know. But he wanted Wally and his warm mouth, his searching hands, his short breath, his probing tongue-ughhhh.

Robin leaned against the wall for support before his legs gave out.

At first Wally had thought that Megan's Idea to play a game of Spin the Bottle was excellent. She saw it in a movie and thought that it was an excellent idea. (She didn't realize the sexual nature of the game; Wally did.) He figured it was a perfect excuse to get some "alone time" with Artemis and/or M'gann. But now, all Wally could think about was Robin.

Robin and his warm tongue, his slim shoulders, his glorious moan-hngggg.

Wally collapsed on the bed and he could feel himself twitching.

Never before had one kiss - one simple kiss! - ever had the power to make him this turned on, this out of control, this hard.

Wally lay perfectly still (a feat for him) and tried to think of Robin in any other way. Maybe it was like people said when you got nervous: think of the other person in their underwear.

NO! NOT GOOD. NOT. GOOD! The image of Robin shirtless in boxers, lying in bed, waiting for him was the last thing that was going to cool him off right now. It just made the twitching worse.

And suddenly, even though Wally hadn't touched anything, hadn't even moved, he was farther gone than ever before.