"Everything okay?," asked Timmy as A.J. entered the room, "what did Norm want?"

"Yeah," said A.J., "everything's fine, he was just telling me that we need to be supportive of you as you lead us."

"A genie expressing concern about someone else," said Isaac very skeptically, "I find that hard to believe."

A.J. turned towards Isaac annoyed and said,

"You mean after all Norm's done to help us, you still can't let go of your petty bigotry of genies."

"You're one to talk," replied Isaac, "especially since you can't let go of your petty hatred of Jorgen Von Strangle."

"It is not petty," replied A.J., "the jerk nearly got Timmy killed."

"And Norm put Chester in danger and used him to hurt Timmy..."

"That is enough," said Timmy, firmly, but not loudly, "A.J., Isaac, we need to talk alone. Cosmo, Wanda, I wish Isaac, A.J. and me were in the Timmy Cave now."

"So," said Crocker, "who are you exactly; what is your name?"

"Do you remember what your grandmother's maiden name was?", asked Alden.

"Bitteroot," replied Crocker, "is that the side you come from."

"Yes," replied Bitteroot, "but it's a little more complicated than that."

"How do you mean?," asked Crocker.

"I guess the best way to let understand this is to ask you a simple question; How old do you think I am Denzel?"

Crocker furrowed his eyebrows and looked thoughtful for a minute or two.

"I would say around my age; middle forties," replied Denzel.

"I will turn 540 next friday," replied Bitteroot.

Jorgen, still in disguise, accompanied Winston and Remy to where their families were waiting.

"Mr. and Mrs. DeLise," said Jorgen, "if it's all right, I need to talk to Winston for a few minutes."

"Is everything okay," said Winston's father, "Winston's not hurt or in some type of trouble?"

"Oh, no," replied Jorgen, "I just need to debrief him a little more about what he'd seen to put the final touches on the paperwork."

They nodded and Remy came up to Winston.

"I'll see you around Winston," said Remy offering his hand.

Very, very reluctantly Winston took Remy's hand, but he still had a look of mistrust on his face. Remy saw this and his face tightened grimly. He then turned and walked with Jorgen into a private office. All the while, having very mixed feelings about Remy. As for Jorgen, his mind wasn't on Remy, it was on Winston and his family. He was simply amazed that it took Winston disappearing to get his dad to give the boy any attention. If Mr. DeLise had shown this much concern for his son all along, Jorgen would have never needed to have been assigned to Winston.

Cindy and Jimmy all were very, very quiety. They could scarcely believe that when Timmy talked about his fairies, he did not mean computer programs; he did not mean halllulcinations. He meant living breathing sentient magical creatures. Cindy finally asked asked the only question that she could think of.

"Are there more magical beings besides fairies that exist."

"Oh yes," said Anti-Cosmo, "my dear; you know that fellow Bitteroot who was dressed in robes and a pointed hat."

"Yes," said Jimmy whose eyes widened as he said, "are you telling me..."

"Yes, boy," said Vlad, "Alden Bitteroot is an honest to goodness wizard."

Timmy, A.J., and Isaac appeared in the Timmy Cave along with Cosmo and Wanda.

"We'll leave you three alone sport," said Wanda.

"But I wanna see the fight," said Cosmo.

Timmy gave a glare to Cosmo; a glare that was somewhat reminscient of the way Wanda would glare at him. Timmy' blue eyes revealed an iron strength of will that had always been there, but seemed much stronger.

"But," said Cosmo, "I can watch the fights on T.V.

The green haired fairy floated to one of the rooms and Wanda smiled. She couldn't help it; her godchild had really come a long way from the impulsive kid that she'd first met.

"I'll join Cosmo," said Wanda, who then floated over to the room that Cosmo was in.

Timmy then turned to Isaac and A.J.

"Timmy," said A.J. "I..."

"Wait a second A.J.," said Timmy, "let me speak. A.J., you're a terrific friend and I admire your willingness to stand up for me, and Isaac you've been a terrific godfather to Chester and you've really helped him gain a lot of self confidence."

"But...", said Isaac.

"Guys," said Timmy, "All of us need to work together. As Jorgen's mentioned there's a threat coming and if we're fighting among ourselves there is NO way we can counter the threat. What was it that Ben Franklin said; we must all hang together or we must assuredly will hang separately. I need both of you."

Timmy turned to A.J. and said,

"Buddy, I need you to keep me on track. As you've pointed out many times I can be pretty impulsive, plus I tend to think more with my heart. Sometimes that helps, but sometimes it can get me into real trouble."

"That's basically what Norm was talking about to me," said A.J.

"Well," said Timmy, "he's right and speaking of Norm and Jorgen; I know both of them have done things to hurt me. However, both of them have more than made up for it; particularly Norm. I mean he's doing everything to help all of us. And Jorgen, yes he can be a big mouthed jerk and a bully, but he's also The Toughest Fairy in the Universe. Both Norm and Jorgen are two of our most powerful magic allies. So please, I am asking you as your friend and as a leader to try and remember that and even swallow your pride and work with someone who

you may not necessarily see eye to eye with. Remember, I had to do that when the Darkness came; I had to, in fact, ask my own worst enemies for help, because everyone I loved and cared about was in danger. So please, let's try to keep focus and remembering what we're fighting for."

Both fairy and genius looked at Timmy and then looked down about. A.J. finally spoke,

"You're right Timmy; I'm sorry and I apologize to you Isaac. We need to work together."

"I accept your apology," said Isaac, "and I wish to apologize to you, A.J. as well as Timmy."

"So," said Timmy, "we're all cool."

They nodded and Timmy called to Cosmo and Wanda. When his godparents appeared, Timmy said,

"Guys we're ready, I wish we were back in A.J.'s room."

With a poof, they were back in A.J's room. Timmy then turned to Cosmo and Wanda and said,

"You know instead of wishing to be where Sheen's at why don't I do this; I wish we could see where Sheen is on the computer screen right now."

Cosmo and Wanda waved their wands; there a was poof and a very strange looking planet that appeared on the screen.

"So," said Chester, "Sheen's lost on a planet."

"Poor guy," said Wanda, "I'll bet he's so lonely and homesick."

"I'm sure he is, it must be pretty hard on him," said Timmy, "Wanda, I wish we could see Sheen on the computer screen right now."

There was another poof and Sheen appeared. To everyone' shock, Sheen looked in perfect health. In fact, he looked quite happy. Then they saw the reason. He was holding hands with a woman; a blue woman obviously an alien.

"Uh-Oh," said Timmy, "Libby's not gonna like this."

"I'm not gonna like what," said a voice over the other computer monitor.

Everyone turned and saw Libby on the monitor screen.

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