It is a beautiful and windy night in Gensokyo.

The beautiful night sky is riddled with stars that seems to dance their way around the bright full moon.

What makes this night even more beautiful is the very few clouds lazily floating by and glowing sapphire with the light from the moon.

A shooting star silently passes by, and seems to land somewhere in the Youkai Mountain, thus, making this one perfect night to be staying outdoors.

The Misty Lake's water is so peaceful and still, it mirrors the beautiful night sky to perfection.

Flying above the lake, looking at her own reflection on the water's surface, is Remilia Scarlet, the bratty vampire, self-proclaimed Queen of the Night, and mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, which rests on an island that sits at the back of the lake, though doesn't reach the foot of the Youkai Mountain that sits right at the lake's farthest back shore.

Remilia wears a white mop-cap with a red ribbon that's tied to its right. She has short wavy blue hair, red eyes, a pair of black bat wings on her back, and wears a white dress with red borders on the collar and bottom border of her skirt, which reaches down to her ankles, a pair of pink shoes with white socks, and adorns herself with a green oval jewel on her bosom, and wraps an unnecessarily large red ribbon around her waist.

While she flies around the lake, admiring her own reflection with glee, on the small island where her mansion rests, one reckless fairy is about to stir up some trouble.

The Scarlet Devil mansion; or SDM for short; is quite an impressive architecture painted scarlet, which even has a clock tower as part of the mansion itself. Around it, an impressive garden seems to welcome all, filled with flowers, dizzying hedges, and a small gazebo.

Around this garden and the mansion is a large wall with only one entrance gate at the front, where the gate guard, Meiling Hong, the Qi wielding youkai dragon, awaits for her shift to officially end.

She has long scarlet hair, friendly aquamarine eyes, has her long sideburns tied into braids by black ribbons, and wears a green beret with a star that has the word 'dragon', a green vest tied by three golden straps on the front, a white shirt with short sleeves underneath the vest, a long green skirt open at the side, a long pair of white pants underneath, and a pair of black slip-on shoes.

Her Chinese outfit fits her well, as it accents her womanly features quite well, while still covering her up.

She stands to the right of the ornamental black steel bars that make up the gate, impatiently sighs, then says to herself "oh man, why hasn't anyone come get me yet? It's already dinner time."

Her face suddenly turns stern as she looks to her left, raises her guard, and in a serious tone of voice, she asks "who goes there?"

Some bushes from her left side rustle, a twig snaps, and from the dark leaves comes a girl similar to Meiling in physique, though at the same time, different.

Her name is Kimi Hong, the short tempered snake dragon.

She has light-orange hair that reaches just below the top half of her back, her right eye is red and her left eye is black with a red pupil surrounded by what looks like white flames, and wears a green beret with an empty star to its left, an open green vest, a tight and dirty white shirt that shows of her figure quite well, a green skirt ripped at the front, a pair of brown shorts that show off her perfect legs, and a pair of black slip-on shoes.

Meiling groans with annoyance, then asks "it's just Kimi. Can I help you with something?"

Kimi stares coldly at Meiling, and with a voice similar to Meiling's, just colder and unfriendly, Kimi says "relax pretty girl, I'm not here to bug ya or anything. I'm just looking for Kali. Have you seen 'er?"

Meiling lightly shakes her head as her response, so Kimi simply shrugs, then walks away to the right, while saying "odd that I can't pick her up with my eye. Oh well, I'll come pick on you later."

With that, she walks behind a cluster of trees and bushes, and to Meiling's relief, she's out of sight.

The gate guard sighs long, then says to herself "jeez, that girl is trouble. Why won't Reimu seal her already?"

She suddenly yelps and jumps ten feet in the air when from her left, a tiny voice says "miss Meiling, you may come in now."

The voice comes from a tiny blue, messy-haired fairy with translucent wings, and wearing a wine maid's outfit, who looks at the gate guard with great confusion.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, going from the expansive, well-lit, clean, and adorned foyer, with its red carpet with yellow entwining strings on the borders that trails to the two corridors on the left and right, and up the stairs to the next floor; heading through the door between the right side of the stair and the archway to the right corridor; trailing all the way through the dimly-lit basement corridor, passing by the right-side doors to the servants kitchen and bathrooms; reaching the dark-brown twin doors and reaching the library, the librarian magician and her cute little devil are conducting an experiment.

The SDM's library, a wonder of its own, with three floors worth of bookshelves that are filled to the top with books of all kinds, though some shelves have a few gaps on them.

The room itself is quite dark, but even in this darkness, one can clearly see the books, the massive red carpet on the ground floor, the polished second and third floor balconies wooden floors, and the lonely desk at the center of the room, where there are no bookshelves.

In this spacious center, Patchouli Knowledge, the unmoving librarian magician, and Koakuma, the mischievous little devil, are standing in front of a large black cauldron that's filled with a glowing white liquid that almost resembles snow.

Patchouli has long purple hair tied by four pink and light-blue ribbons, two on each sideburn, a pair of unfriendly and tired purple eyes, and wears a pink mop cap with two buns tied to the side and a golden crescent moon on the front, a pink, long-sleeved sleeping robe on top of her vertical white and purple long pajamas, and a pair of comfortable pink shoes.

She places the pink and light blue ribbons all over her robe, as well as one on each shoe.

Koakuma has long red hair, red eyes, a pair of bat wings on her head, larger bat wings on her back, and wears a black dress with white strings on the skirt's lower border, a white long-sleeved blouse underneath, ties a thing red ribbon into a bow around the collar, and wears a pair of black shoes with white socks.

In a soft tone of voice, Patchouli says "if this experiment is a success, I'll be able to make my own, as well as the two mistresses skins completely resistant to the sun."

Koakuma's cheeks turn pink as her eyes blissfully gaze to the ceiling, while she smiles, drools, and says "and finally, miss Patchouli will be able to use that bikini I gave her...", then her nose starts bleeding as she finishes more aggressively "and get a sexy tan on that curvy body of-BLERGH!"

Patchouli has smashed Koakuma to the ground with a large paper fan, and angrily says "you keep that filthy thing away from me!"

Even though she's now bleeding through her mouth because of internal injuries, the perverted little devil smiles blissfully wile imagining Patchouli in a purple two-piece string bikini, and with a healthy tan on her skin.

Meanwhile, at the lake's shores, Kimi quietly moves around trees and bushes, making absolutely no sound at all.

She reaches the edge of the water and notices how its mirroring the night sky.

She loses her focus on her goal of finding Kali, to focus on the beauty of the lake, and while gasping in admiration several times, the dragon youkai bends her knees and leans her face closer to the water, then sighs with admiration when she sees her own reflection perfectly mirrored on the water.

She places her right hand on the water and gently traces the borderlines of her own reflection with her fingers, smiling as the water slightly ripples, then gasps in surprise when the reflection of a small ice fairy appears to the right of hers.

Kimi jumps away, flips backward in the air, and lands on her feet in a defensive stance, then threateningly says "what the hell's your problem! Get away from me before I eat cha!"

Cirno, the annoying little ice fairy, has short blue hair with a green ribbon tied to the back, bright blue eyes, and wears a blue dress with white jagged-waves on the bottom of the skirt, a white, short-sleeved shirt underneath, and a pair of light-blue boots with tiny white socks.

She raises her tiny right arm above her head, creates a large icicle on it, then points at Kimi, and says "just for that, I will have to teach you why I am the strongest fairy!"

Kimi smiles, raises her right arm over her head and take an offensive stance, then says "oh, this might be quick, but I'm sure to have some fun with you, squishy fairy!"

Cirno clenches her little fists holding tightly to the previously formed icicle, then thrashes her arms and legs around while shouting "I am not squishy fairy! I am CIRNO! My name is Cirno!"

Kimi's response is a large fireball she throws from her hand, hoping to catch the ice fairy off-guard, but Cirno reacts quickly and fires three icicles that fizzle the fireball out.

Kimi suddenly smiles wider while looking at Cirno; through her left eye, everything looks black with silver and white borderlines, living creatures have distinctive colors, which is probably how she finds Kali so quickly.

Cirno's light-blue silhouette has an energy field that starts growing at an alarming rate, making Kimi smile while thinking "her power is growing very SECOND! This is awesome! I get to have some fun tonight!"

Cirno is already using her newfound power to the fullest, firing countless rapid icicles of considerable size at Kimi, and forcing her to move around as though fighting with the air in order to avoid the furious barrage.

Kimi smiles when she sees an opening in the barrage, but doesn't measure the distance of one of the highest icicles, and gets struck on the left foot while flipping sideways.

She yelps and ducks to pull the icicle from her foot, then growl while looking at Cirno.

She ignores the non-stopping barrage, rushes forward, gets close enough to the fairy, then sends a solid forward kick that makes the area around her tremble, and the immediate area of the lake ripple violently.

Cirno avoids a direct hit by flying higher, but the shockwave from the attack has her a bit disoriented, so Kimi takes the chance to grab Cirno by the head, and throws her with all her might toward a nearby tree, knocking said tree with the ice fairy's body.

At the same time, over at the library, Koakuma has her head wrapped in bandages, but still looks very content while handing one last beaker to Patchouli.

The magician takes a beaker with dark-blue liquid inside from Koakuma's hand, then says "now let's carefully add a drop of this, and the sun block will be a success!"

On their right now stands a blonde girl with her hair tied to a left-side ponytail, red eyes, wearing a white mop cap with a red ribbon tied to the left, a red vest with a yellow neckerchief around the white collar, a short, puffy-sleeved white shirt underneath, a small red skirt that reaches down to her knees, a pair of pink socks with brown shoes, and having on her back the most peculiar set of wings that look like black iron rods with colorful prisms hanging from them.

Flandre Scarlet, the destructive, and still-learning vampire, smiles as she stares at Patchouli, and right when the magician has the beaker turned to carefully pour the single drop, Flandre loudly asks "hey, Patchy! What cha' doing?"

Patchouli shouts "MUKYUUN!" with surprise, her hands flail violently, yet somehow, she manages to save her experiment by pulling the beaker away from the cauldron in time.

The magician breathes hard through her mouth while placing her left hand on her chest, and staring furiously at Flandre, she loudly says "young mistress, please don't do that!"

Flandre smiles and says "I'll do it again.", while looking away from Patchouli and sticking out her tongue from the left corner of her mouth.

Patchouli takes a deep breath, then calmly says "I'm trying to make a special sun block so that we can go outside of the mansion, even during the daytime."

Flandre stares at Patchouli, then at the beaker she's holding over the cauldron, aims her right hand at the beaker, clenches it into a fist with a "kyuun!", and after Patchouli screams "WHY?", and the entire liquid drops on the cauldron, Flandre shrugs and says "just ask Rika to make some special clothes for that. It's better than those icky creams."

Patchouli is still screaming while looking into the cauldron, while Koakuma has the most mischievous and lustful look on her face while thinking about Flandre's statement, but suddenly holds herself tight, shivers, and says "brrr! It's getting very cold!"

Meanwhile, while Cirno and Kimi continue to fight over at the edge of the island, winter spirits start waking up and roaming about as though it's winter, when it's actually still spring.

Kimi flips above Cirno's head and smiles when about to flip-kick the fairy to next week, but her kick misses when Cirno ducks at the last second, making her scream while spinning in mid-air, then the ice fairy surprisingly positions herself to Kimi's left and kicks the youkai on the ribs, sending her skidding on the ground toward the lake, where Kimi plunges in the water, making a loud splash and upsetting the tranquil waters.

Cirno looks on to the rippling lake-water with surprise, then says to herself "wow, I'm getting even stronger!"

From behind her, a woman says "that is impressive, but doesn't explain why the hell I'm awake during SPRING!"

Cirno gasps excitedly as she turns around, then opens her eyes wide as she exclaims "Letty~!"

A woman with curly lavender hair, lavender eyes, and wearing a white cap, a blue vest with the golden alchemic symbol for silver to the right of her chest, a long-sleeved white shirt underneath that reaches down to her thighs, a blue skirt that reaches down to her knees, and a pair of white socks and white shoes, stands several feet behind Cirno.

Letty Whiterock, the cranky yuki-onna, looks a bit upset and quite tired, and even though she's all dress up, she wants nothing more than to return to her bed to sleep some more.

Sounding annoyed, Letty asks "did you do something to upset the seasons, Cirno?"

The ice fairy scowls, and angrily replies "hey, I've been too busy beating this girl over here for that!"

Cirno turns around to point at the spot in the lake where Kimi fell, but that's when, to her horror, she notices the massive snake-dragon with long whiskers on its snout, large fins on its ears, a yellow right eye, a glowing red left eye, and dark-green scales that look black when struck by light, glaring back at her while breathing smoke.

Kimi's furious voice loudly echoes as she says "I underestimated you, you stupid fairy. Well, not anymore! You're MINE!"

Kimi lunges straight at Cirno, who takes a spell card from under her dress and rapidly shouts "Ice Sign, Icicle Fall!"

Hiding in the darkness between a cluster of trees and bushes, is a blonde woman with long hair tied by two red ribbons at the sideburns, and the rest coiled up under her pink mop cap, which has a long thin ribbon tied at the front, has golden eyes, and wears a long-sleeved pink and purple dress that reaches down to her ankles, a pair of brown ankle-high boots, and has the yin-yang symbol printed on the bottom of the purple portion of her dress.

Yukari Yakumo, the ol-young border youkai, has been watching with interest while Cirno and Kimi fight, and when Cirno uses her Icicle Fall spell card, Yukari giggles and says "let's see what happens when I open this boundary over here."

While looking at the fairy, she smiles as she lifts her right hand in the air and wiggle her fingers, obviously playing with some boundaries.

At the very same time, inside the SDM's library Patchouli is desperately trying to undo the mess caused by Flandre, waving her arms around while moving about and desperately shouting "KOA! HURRY AND BRING THE COUNTERAGENT, OR WE'LL HAVE REIMU KICKING OUR BUTTS AGAIN!"

While in front of a large cabinet on the second floor, Koakuma cries out "I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying!"

Confused and unaware of that she has done, Flandre places her finger under her lower lip, then asks "hey, what's with all the hurry and screaming?"


Before she can finish, Patchouli starts coughing violently, tries to calm herself down, walks over to the cauldron, coughs into it, holds her chest, coughs again, stiffens straight, then falls backward on the floor.

Koakuma immediately cries out "and she's out-cold again!"

Over at the lakeshore, Cirno's spell card glows as brightly as the full moon on the sky, the island starts to rumble, arctic winds start blowing left and right around the ice fairy, and sounding scared and confused, Cirno shouts "what's happening?"

Letty covers her eyes with her forearms, trying to look at Cirno by covering herself from the blinding light, even squinting her eyes to try and make something out, then whispers "this is too much power for just one fairy! Oh boy... something strange is going on! I'm getting the heck out of here!"

At the cluster of trees, Yukari giggles while smiling sheepishly, then says "oh dear me, it seems I did something bad. I better get going now. Don't wanna get mixed up in this mess.", then hastily leaves through one of her gaps.

Poor Kimi has been forced back into her human form and lies on the ground in front of Cirno as the cold winds start freezing her legs, and sounding weak and annoyed, she says "dammit, there's no way this fairy is this strong. I-I'm gonna... unh..."

Unable to resist the cold, Kimi lets herself go and falls asleep on the floor, and Cirno is left to deal with the glowing spell card on her own, crying out for help that never comes.

As the light consumes her, the last thing heard that night is an echoing 'vwoosh', followed by Cirno's screams of terror as she flies away from the island.

It's a beautiful spring morning at the Hakurei Shrine, which rests on top of a tall mountain located as the eastern border of Gensokyo, and from there, the shrine maiden of paradise, Reimu Hakurei, can keep watch of the beautiful land, and that side of the barrier that separates Gensokyo from the outside world.

The first thing to greet a guest after the long, long stairs to the top is a large and worn red gate with charms hanging from sacred rope nearing its top.

To the left of the gate; from the point of view of the shrine itself; is the small, blue roofed extension of the Moriya Shrine, another shrine that rests on top of the Youkai Mountain.

Following the stone walkway from the gate, one reaches the main shrine, which has a blue roof, like all the other buildings in the shrine grounds, and the almost-empty donation box set on the porch in front of a few small steps.

The donation box itself is adorned by a newly-placed yin-yang symbol, which Reimu herself cannot explain how it got there.

In fact, the appearance of that symbol is a mystery, even to those who witnessed the moment it was placed there.

To the left of the main shrine is the hot springs caused by one overpowered birdbrain some time ago, though Reimu is quite happy that it's there.

To the right of the main building, the stone path continues its way, passing in front of the living building, where Reimu and Rika's living room, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping rooms, are located.

Further through the stone path is the expansive patch of dirt where Rika Onkamikami, and on very rare occasions, Reimu herself, use to train their martial arts, skills and danmaku; their bullet hell spells.

The stone path itself surrounds the large patch of ground where wooden dummies are firmly set in place.

Further back is the storage house, where they keep their food supplies, as well as other things, like gifts or ornaments, and is also where Mima, the supposedly evil spirit, sleeps, if she's in the mood for that sort of thing.

To the left of the storage room is Rika's greenhouse, which is filled with flowers, fruits, and medicinal plants.

It was recently constructed by Tenshi Hinanai, the annoyingly bored celestial, after Rika bested her in battle some time ago.

Further back is a small lake, where Genjii, the flying turtle that was captured and worked hard by Reimu, at least until she learned to fly on her own, lives his days in peace.

The shrine itself is surrounded by foliage, and by now, since spring is about to end, most of the flowers have withered and died, but the few that remain strong give the shrine a sense of peace, even though it's an imaginary peace.

From inside the living building, footsteps can be heard as the shrine maiden of paradise, her loyal shrine maid, and the shrine's own little deity, prepare for what will be a long day, even though they don't really have a clue as to how long it's going to really be.

Inside the shrine's living house, there is a small, brand new oval table set next to the left-side sliding doors, which are currently closed.

At the front of the room, there is a brown cabinet with various drawers set to the left of a green scroll with ancient writing that hangs on the wall, and to the right of the cabinet is the main entrance, where Reimu and Rika's brown shoes are neatly placed next to the tatami flooring.

On the right side of this surprisingly expansive living room is the doorway to the rooms corridor, where the bathroom is set on the farthest front end, and next to it is Rika's room.

Reimu's room is set further inside the shrine, slightly in front of the corridor's entrance, and between the two sleeping rooms, are the toilet room, and the broom closet.

Next to the living room, taking most of the back-side of the living house, is the kitchen, with an old, but functional stove set on the right-side walls, and between it are a pair of counters, the one closest to the back being smaller, and underneath and above the counters, there are various cabinets, though most are empty.

There is a second counter that separates the kitchen from the living room, leaving a large gap between the right-side counters for easy access to the kitchen, and it takes a turn on the left-side walls of the shrine, making it look like its own island, in a sense, with its own set of cabinets below the countertops.

Almost reaching the closed sliding back doors is the sink on the right wall, and it's currently full of breakfast dishes.

At the living room, sitting to the right side of the table, right next to the sliding doors, is Reimu Hakurei, the lazy border and paradise guardian.

She has long black hair with a large red bow tied on the back of her head, and has two red tubes tying her sideburns, and has brown eyes.

She wears a sleeveless red vest and sleeveless white shirt underneath, with a blue neckerchief around the collar, a long red skirt that reaches to her calves, white socks, and a pair of detached white sleeves on her arms.

Over at the kitchen is Rika Onkamikami, the loyal-to-a-fault shrine maid, who is currently taking care of the dishes, cleaning them quietly and looking at the wall, as though lost in thought.

She has long wavy brown hair that reaches her lower back, sky-blue eyes, and wears a white kimono-like shirt, a long red skirt that reaches down to her ankles, a large ribbon around her torso she ties to the front, which also enhances her womanly figure, a pair of small white angel wings on her back, a pair of pastel-light-blue socks, and has a black necklace with a sapphire yin-yang around her neck.

Normally, she would wear her old red ribbon with the flame tips around her neck as a scarf, but recent events prevent her from consciously wearing said scarf, especially since the scarf has the kanji symbols for "The Will of Fire", divided between the two ends of said ornament.

On a perch that hangs from the roof, just above the door to the rooms corridor, is Suzaku the Bird of Vermilion.

She has red feathers covering her body, bright red wings that have white waves underneath, a pair of white eyes that seem to glow on their own, and a rather sharp beak.

She can speak to whomever she wishes to through telepathy, but mainly addresses either her master, Rika, or her mistress Reimu, whom she calls mom.

Reimu stares straight at Rika, whom remains unaware of her mistress attention as she gazes to the wall, quietly cleaning the dishes, and doing so quite well, considering her concentration is elsewhere.

Reimu turns her attention to Suzaku on the perch, then whispers "pst. Hey. Suzu-chan.", and signals with a hand gesture for the bird to get closer.

Suzaku flies to the table, lands in front of Reimu, then asks "what is it, mom?"

Reimu whispers "do you know what's wrong with Rika?"

Suzaku nods, and sounding sad, she says "it's those memories. Even though she denies it, they are still affecting her. And what's worst, she thinks she's being a burden to you."

Reimu sighs, rubs her forehead, then says "jeez, it's been two weeks already. I can't take this anymore. I think I'll-"

Before she can finish her outspoken thoughts, Reimu is disturbed by the annoyingly loud thud in front of the shrine, which alerts the maiden of the presence of one very annoying guest, and right on cue, the guest's annoying and loud voice vibrates through the shrine as she shouts "Rikaaa! And that shrine maiden girl! I'm heeree!"

In front of the shrine is a girl with long blue hair, dark red eyes, wearing a black hat with peaches seemingly clipped on the sides of said hat, a pink, short-puffy-sleeved shirt that reaches down to her thighs, with a black band on the center and a red ribbon tied around her collar, colorful frills around the border of the shirt, a long blue skirt, a sky blue ribbon she uses to tie around her waist, and brown cross-laced knee-high boots.

Tenshi Hinanai, the annoyingly bored celestial, carries a small brown sack over her right shoulder, probably more peaches, and looks quite happy as she readies herself to barge inside the shrine, as she usually does.

Reimu beats Tenshi to the front sliding door, slams it open, and sounding slightly annoyed, she asks "Tenshi, hello! When are you leaving?"

A vein pulsates on the left corner of the celestial's forehead as she fakes a smile, scowls hard, and says "oh, what a lovely reception from the rude shrine maiden that scares the unprocessed crap out of a horde of demons!"

Before Reimu has the chance to reply to that, Rika, all the way from the kitchen sink, says in an unconvincing happy tone "Momoko, good morning! I'll be with you in a moment!"

Reimu notices when Tenshi blushes after Rika calls her "Momoko", then smiles mischievously and whispers "oh, that's right. Your name is Momoko~! What an adorable little nickname for you."

Tenshi twitches when Reimu calls her by that name, feels like she's ready to vomit, then angrily whispers "such sweet name spoken through the mouth of a demon loses its charm, and makes me wanna hurl."

Reimu presses her forehead against Tenshi's, and through gritted teeth, she says "well, at least it's not from the mouth of some celestial with poor hygiene!"

Tenshi drops the sack with peaches, allowing some to roll out on the ground, grabs a black stick form her pocket, which almost immediately turns to a bade of flames, then says "you just crossed the line, red and white!"

Reimu smiles dangerously as she slowly closes the shrine's door, and from inside, both Rika and Suzaku open their eyes wide when the rapid sound of fists-on-flesh, explosions, and violent rumbles fill the supposedly-peaceful shrine.

Suzaku flies to Rika's right shoulder, the sounds suddenly stop, then she and Rika look at each other, and the shrine maid quickly heads toward the door.

The moment she opens said door, the shrine maid gasps, along with her familiar, and shikigami's squawk of surprise, then says "my lady! Tenshi! What a mess!", while staring down at the peaches on the ground, the beaten-up celestial that lies in a daze on the stone floor, and at the tatter-clothed shrine maiden that sits victoriously on said celestial's stomach.

Moments later, back inside the shrine, Reimu and Tenshi have changed clothes, and are sitting beside each other at the right side of the table.

Tenshi smiles brightly as she stares at Rika, and says "always have an extra set of clothing in case of emergencies! Ha-ha-ha-haa!"

Reimu sips on her mug of tea and casually says "pipe down already."

Rika, lets out an unconvincing giggle, stands awkwardly silent next to the kitchen counter, then suddenly turns around and says "better finish cleaning the kitchen now."

Tenshi's face turns a bit pale, then leans closer to Reimu, and asks "say, was it just me, or is Rika still acting... strange?"

Before Reimu answers, the left doors slide open, and on the porch stand two of Reimu's friends, Aya Shameimaru, the skilled bird's eye, and Sakuya Izayoi, the perfectly elegant maid.

Aya has long black hair, red eyes, pointy ears, and wears a white shirt with a yellow band with brown leaves to the left side, matching her shirt's collar, a small black tie around said collar, an orange band around her left arm that read "collecting material", a black skirt that covers down to her knees, which has a yellow with brown leaves band to the right of it, and a pair of white socks and red shoes that have a single tall platform in the center of the sole.

Sakuya has short silver hair that reaches to her shoulders, ties her sideburns into braids with small green ribbons, has dark-blue eyes, and wears a white headdress on her head, a blue vest over a white, short-sleeved shirt, a pair of white wrist cuffs, a dark blue skirt that reaches down to her knees, a large apron over said skirt, a pair of pink socks, and well-polished black shoes.

Sakuya looks furious while holding the eager crow tengu down with a head-lock, while angrily saying "you are keeping your nose out of there, if you know what's good for you!"

Even though she's being strangled, Aya smiles as she replies "but it's just such an amazing incident! It's my duty as a reporter to investigate!"

Tenshi chuckles while pointing at the girls, while Reimu sighs and looks dreadfully annoyed at the girls and asks "great, what's this about an incident?"

Sakuya pulls on Aya's head, then the crow that usually hangs around Aya comes and starts pecking Sakuya on the head, while the maid says "there's been an incident at the mansion, and the mistress through prudent to tell you before THIS annoying tengu started spreading lies on her paper."

Aya quickly frowns and replies "hey! I only write the truth!", while Suzaku flies from inside the shrine and chases after Aya's crow buddy, scaring it away from Sakuya.

Reimu face palms and groans, then springs up on her feet and angrily says "fine, I'll take a look at this now. It's not like you'll leave me in peace if I stay here."

Sakuya and Aya now wrestle on the porch, and still having the upper hand and sitting on top of Aya's stomach, Sakuya smiles at Reimu and says "not a chance. So let's get going already. My mistress awaits."

Aya grabs Sakuya's face, then shouts "hey, what do you think this is? Get off me, you sick maid!"

Ignoring the fighting girls, Reimu lazily makes her way to the cabinet, takes some charms, amulets and her gohei with her, then turns around to look at the kitchen and loudly says "Rika, I'm going to take a look into this. Please watch over the shrine for me!"

From the kitchen, Rika bows to her mistress and says "as you wish, miss Reimu!", looking a bit more natural when doing so.

Reimu smiles when she sees Rika acting so natural, and feeling more at ease about her maid, she heads outside through the main door, completely ignoring Sakuya's screams of pain, while Aya sits on the maid's back and pulls her legs backward as far as she can.

Reimu takes off to the sky, looking as though she's being carried by the wind, then Sakuya stops screaming, Aya turns around and stops stretching the maid's legs, the two girls look at each other, and just like that, both take to the skies, arguing while trying to catch up to Reimu.

Tenshi rests her left elbow on the table, rests her head on her hand, and watches as the three girls leave.

She takes a sip from her tea mug, looks inside of it, then raises it in the air, asking "Rika, could you be a bud and fill me up again?"

From the kitchen, Rika replies "one refill equals one donation."

Tenshi twitches, and now finds herself in front of the donation box, dropping a single coin in it, ignoring how Suzaku and Aya's crow friend fly with speed, with Suzaku pecking the crow's head, and the crow cawing desperately.

Reimu, Sakuya and Aya reach the island relatively quickly, and the very first thing Reimu notices when she gets there, is Letty, banging hard on the mansion's front door, with a tired and furious look on her face, as well as various winter fairies roaming around the garden.

Second thing she notices, is Meiling asleep in front of the gate, blowing a large nose-bubble from her left nostril.

Sakuya sighs, then says "as you may have noticed already, the winter spirits are restless because of one of miss Patchouli's failed experiments. We were hoping you could-"

While Sakuya speaks, Reimu looks with great interest at a cluster of trees at the left side of the island near the lake's shores, then flies down toward said cluster of trees, making Sakuya feel annoyed that she's been ignored.

Before Aya or Sakuya can ask Reimu what she is doing, the shrine maiden calls "Sakuya! Aya! come with me for a moment. You're both going to like this."

Immediately after landing, and without waiting for the other girls to land, Reimu places four lilac amulets that seem to stick in mid-air in the imaginary shape of a door, then she places a fifth yellow amulet on the tip of her gohei, then thrusts it in the very center of the other four amulets.

Right after Sakuya and Aya land, Yukari appears from a rift that was force-opened by Reimu, holding on to her butt with both hands while crying waterfall tears, and screaming one long and loud curse.

Both Sakuya and Aya gasp in unison, then, while Aya starts taking pictures, Sakuya exclaims "so the old gap youkai was here!"

Yukari jumps on her feet, angrily exclaiming "I'm not old!", but her face quickly turns to horror-movie terror face when she sees Reimu standing close to her left, smiling too happily.

Reimu has already sealed Yukari's power, so her attempts to escape are null and void, and what's worst, Reimu has already placed her right hand on Yukari's left shoulder.

Still smiling so angelically while holding to Yukari's shoulder, Reimu asks "now before I kill you right here and now, tell me, why are there so many boundaries bent out of shape around here?"

Yukari's face turns blue, and yet, she manages to chuckle nervously and smile while saying "now, I was just testing the ice fairy's limit. Opened a few boundaries that limited her raw power, messed with a few barriers in her head... nothing too great."

By now, Yukari is feeling confident, and calmly says "of course, I never thought doing that would cause an ice rift to open up and cause that much trouble, but..."

Realizing she's said too much, Yukari looks terrified at Reimu and says "uh-oh", and the last thing she sees is Reimu's fist going straight to her face.

Aya drools and smiles as she takes various pictures of Yukari being punched, and falling on her back on the ground, while Sakuya face palms and says "so, she's the one that caused all of this."

Reimu shakes her head and says "no, but she did help cause a more trouble than needed. The way the energy is swirling around here; I could say we are lucky this island is still in one piece."

Aya suddenly oohs and takes a picture, and Reimu and Sakuya gasp in surprise when the five trees of the cluster start disappearing.

Reimu and Sakuya raise their defenses, in case anything happens, and right after the trees completely disappear, two voices are heard coming from behind one of the real trees.

One is of a frightened boy, the other of a surprised girl.

Both Reimu and Sakuya get closer to the few trees, stepping on Yukari's unconscious self, while following the whimpering of these two children, and when they get too close, the girl angrily shouts "get back! I will not allow you to hurt me or my brother!"

Reimu and Sakuya stop, then the maiden softly says "we're not going to hurt you, little children. We're here to help."

Reimu gets closer, and can see two pair of knees under a thick bush, then hears the boy whispering "sis, I think she is telling the truth. She sounds kind."

The girl quickly replies "but what if you get bitten again?"

The boy replies "I won't. You'll see. Her voice rings differently."

Reimu silently waits for the children to reveal themselves, then opens her eyes wide after the bushes rustle, and a pair of steps get closer to the maiden.

In front of her are two youngsters, roughly between the ages of fourteen or fifteen, with light-blue hair, ice-blue eyes, pale skin, and wearing pastel-lilac coats, light brown slip-on shoes, and the girl has a pastel-red skirt that reaches down to her ankles, and the boy wears pastel-red shorts.

The girl's hair looks silky-soft, and reaches down to her waist, while the boy's is short and curly, yet looks soft to the touch as well.

Reimu gasps when she notices the bloody stain on the broken left sleeve of the boy's coat, then asks "who are you? And what in the world happened to you?"

The SDM's dining room; an overly expansive room with three windows on the right-side wall, which is the front of the mansion, that are currently covered by blood-red curtains with golden ropes and lower borders.

Near said wall is the large, long rectangular table that can easily fit at least thirty people at once, adorned by a red mantle on its scarlet tabletop, and three glass pots with lilies in them.

To the left of the room is the door that leads to the kitchen and the large pantry, which is currently locked with padlocks and chains, since a dark and a shadow youkai, friends of Flandre Scarlet, have taken a liking to the food stored down there.

On the farthest right-end of the table, the two youngsters eat as though for the first time, while from the left side of the table, Remilia, Aya and Sakuya observe them, though Remilia looks more curious than anything.

From the right side of the table, Reimu stares seriously at them, places her left hand on the tabletop, then says "look, I need to take you back to your homes, but if you won't even give me your names, I cannot help you."

The little boy, who is now wearing a small, sleeveless pink shirt while his coat is being repaired, stops eating, wipes his mouth with a napkin, then looks at Reimu.

He stares shyly at the red and white one, blushing a little and lowering his head, then says "you have cared for us, so I guess we can trust you."

The boy looks at the girl, whom nods and continues eating away, then says "my name is Leon of Kori, and this is my twin sister, Lina of Kori. I'm... afraid that is all we can remember."

The girl stops eating, pushes her plate away, ignores the trickling brown sauce under her lip, then says "all we remember is waking up near that cluster of trees, and having this girl with white hair try to eat us. Even with me defending brother, she still managed to bite off his elbow."

Reimu stares at the boy's elbow, but there's absolutely no signs of it being torn, or even wounded, yet the coat was full of blood, and the tear on it is also enough proof that what they are saying is true.

Remilia and Reimu exchange estranged glances, then Remilia asks "but if what you say is true, then why is his arm intact?"

Leon sniffles, and almost crying, says "we don't understand that either. It hurt, and it made me cry, but then it started glowing blue, and the pain went away."

Lina looks dearly at Reimu, then continues "and just like that, his arm was all better. We decided to hide after that woman with orange hair scared away the white haired one, and then... you came and saved us."

While Aya takes pictures and Sakuya stares at the guests curiously, Reimu and Remilia stare at each other, nod, as though agreeing on some unsaid words, then from right behind Reimu, Yukari says "well, you figured them out already. I am impressed!"

Reimu turns around after one annoyed sigh, then stares daggers at Yukari, whom has the lower half of her body inside one of her usual dark-purple gaps with every-watching eyeballs floating by.

Reimu grabs Yukari by her neck, then angrily says "you made this, you fix this, NOW!"

Yukari chuckles, opens her fan on her right hand, covers her mouth with it, then says "I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about."

Sounding very friendly, and smiling equally friendly, Reimu asks "would you like another gohei to the butt?"

Yukari sweats, chuckles nervously, then says "but I didn't really do this, I swear."

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine's training grounds, Rika stands with her knees slightly bent while in front of a wooden dummy, and now has added a brown belt around her waist that has her family sword sheathed to her left side, and a dark-hilted sword sheathed on the back of the belt.

Meanwhile, Tenshi lounges at the shrine's back-side porch while watching Rika train, even though the shrine maid has politely asked celestial many times to do something else besides watch her train.

In truth, Rika feels very uncomfortable with Tenshi watching over her at the moment, and wants nothing more than for the celestial to leave.

Luck is on Rika's side, and Suzaku flies down to Tenshi, they seem to exchange a few words, Tenshi obviously failing at telepathy, but still inaudible to Rika, and just like that, the celestial gets up, Suzaku flies on to her shoulder, then waves at Rika and says "I'm going to the spring! Call if you need anything!"

Rika smiles back and nods, and quietly watches as her old friend leaves with her familiar and shikigami to the hot springs.

When Tenshi and Suzaku are out of sight, Rika places her right hand on her chest, flaps her wings, sighs with great relief, then says to herself "good, she's gone. Now I can focus."

With that, Rika resumes her position, holds her family sword, keeps it sheathed, and in a sudden burst, she jumps toward the dummy and starts kicking it as hard and repeatedly as she can before falling back to the ground.

Before starting her second assault, she thinks "good. Now I need to focus energy into the sword and..."

Once again, she jumps high in the air and starts kicking the dummy, this time using the dummy itself as a support to keep herself in the air longer, kicks the head, the upper torso, the lower torso, lands, then backs away.

Her sheath is now glowing light green, the sword is ready.

Rika quickly moves toward the dummy, tightens the grip on her sword's hilt, then stops, and using the momentum, she unsheathes the sword with the green wind energy bursting furiously along with the blade, then Rika screams as her sword cuts halfway through the lower portion of the dummy, then she releases her sword, grabs hold of her right wrist, and scrunches her face up in pain.

The palm of her hand is bleeding, her fingers look bruised, and even her wrist has some signs of strain.

The shrine maid breathes through her mouth to prevent herself from screaming out loud, a tear escapes her right eye, then she whimpers "dammit! I-I'm going to have to bandage it!"

She waits for a minute for the throbbing pain to subside, takes deep breaths through her mouth, and when she's finally able to get up, sounding infinitely disappointed, she says to herself "now my lady will get worried. Rika, you fool, you should have been more careful! Jeez, and after all this time too, now I hurt myself."

Rika finally notices the damage she caused to the dummy; not only is her sword halfway through it, the burst of wind energy consumed a large chunk of the dummy's side, where the sword impacted.

She sighs, and sounding a bit more relieved, the says to herself "phew, seems I can use Battoujutsu, but my hands..."

She grabs her sword with her right hand, but quickly retracts it with a yelp, and after holding her hand against her chest for at least twenty seconds, she sighs and grabs the sword with her left hand, stumbles backward after pulling it out, then places it in its sheath with some slight effort.

She raises her right hand to take a good look at it, then says to herself "maybe I should just stick to what I know. That way, I won't have to worry miss Reimu so much.", then lowers her head while losing herself in her thoughts.

Unknown to Rika, Tenshi and Suzaku are hiding behind some foliage on the left-side corner of the shrine, and have watched everything that happened.

Tenshi looks away toward the front of the shrine, drops on her seat, placing her back against the bushes she and Suzaku are hiding behind, then says "her human half dominates the most after all. Dammit, if she'd only ask for help! Suzaku, what the hell is her problem?"

Suzaku pecks Tenshi's forehead, then says "her 'problem', as you so kindly call it, is that she doesn't want to burden those she loves."

Tenshi rubs the pecked spot on her forehead, and sounding quite calm, she says "I see. Ugh, that's just like her, always thinking of others before herself. Jeez, what an incorrigible girl!"

Suzaku stares at Tenshi and says "hey, you sounded just like mom for a moment."

Tenshi ignores Suzaku's remark, then says "say... maybe there's a way we can help, without letting her know it."

The red bird of vermilion stares curiously at the celestial's confident smiling face, wondering what sort of plan she's cooking up.

Back at the SDM, Reimu, Yukari, Remilia, and the twins, Lina and Leon of Kori, slowly walk toward the library in the basement, when Remilia suddenly says "now remember, you do not speak unless I say so, got it? Patchouli is already in a lot of trouble as it is, and I won't have her taking any chances to buy her way back to my good side. I want my rage to last a little longer."

The twins quietly nod in assent, making Remilia smile and say a satisfied "good."

Meanwhile, Sakuya walks out of the clock-tower door, holding Aya by the back of her shirt, and sounding calm and elegant, though noticeably irritated, Sakuya says "and if you ever try going through my drawers away, I'm going to cook you for dinner, and I don't CARE how tough crow skin is!"

Aya looks a bit dazed, and her reply is a long moan, though Sakuya is not satisfied with that, so she drops Aya on her face, raises her butt, carefully aims at it, going as far as to squint her eyes while staring, then smiles, runs toward the girl, then kicks her as hard as her human legs will allow it, sending the crow tengu screaming through the air.

When Aya is a good distance away from Sakuya, she shouts "I'll get you for this, you fat, blubbery maid!"

A vein pulsates on Sakuya's forehead as she seemingly calmly grabs a knife from the black strap on her right thigh, then throws it and walks back inside, feeling satisfied after the sound of metal cutting flesh, and Aya's screams of pain.

Sakuya now closes the door behind herself, but something prevents her from completely closing it off, and when she turns to see what happened, thinking it might be Aya again, she gasps with surprise and exclaims "wait, it's you!"

Back inside the mansion, down at the basement, the group has reached Patchouli's library, and oddly enough, it's Remilia who opens the doors, shouting "Patchouli, we're coming in! Come and see what your experiment caused!"

Reimu and Yukari enter the room and casually look around, unimpressed by the walls of books everywhere, but Leon and Lina can't help but gasp in admiration while looking all around the room.

From deep inside the library, they hear the soft voice of Patchouli as she loudly says "Remi, I can't move, remember?"

Remilia angrily shouts "It's REMILIA, 'cuz I'm STILL mad at you!", then smiles mischievously as she says "oh, that's right. I had to punish her for that little blunder. We'll need to go to her."

As they start their walk to the center of the library, Reimu angrily says "the whole mansion feels like hell froze over, you have winter spirits all around your walls, and you dare call this a 'little blunder'."

Suddenly inside her odd gap again, Yukari chuckles and asks "come on Reimu, where's your sense of humor in all of this?"

Reimu sighs, then says "fine, I'll just yuck it up and let this place become a winter wasteland."

Remilia quickly hugs Reimu's right arm, and while pulling her forward, she uses her cutest 'I'm-sorry' face, then says "but I punished Patchy already. Isn't that enough?"

When the group arrives to the center of the library, they find Patchouli strapped to a fishing net that dangles spread-open from the ceiling, Koakuma tied upside-down by her ankles from the tallest point of the ceiling, and Flandre tossing wet dolls at the annoyed, purple bean sprout of a magician.

When Flandre sees Remilia, she starts to cry "onee-sama~! My arm is so-hore, this water stiiiiinks, and I am bored! When can I stooooop?"

Remilia sternly replies "you helped cause this mess, so you'll keep throwing those dolls until I am satisfied!"

Flandre lets out a long complaint, but grabs a pink stuffed rabbit from a bucket to her right, squeezes a bit of some yellowish-green liquid from it, then throws it at Patchouli, landing it right between her eyes, making her shudder as the doll slowly slides off her face.

Reimu looks many levels of disgusted at the bucket beside Flandre, then asks "say, Remilia... What's that green stuff in that bucket?"

Remilia laughs manically while raising both arms over her head, lightning and thunder striking loudly, lighting Remilia ominously for a brief moment, then Remilia's voice echoes as she shouts "MY JUST RAGE! MWAHAHAHAHA~!"

Reimu continues staring disgusted, but this time she does so at Remilia herself, then the library suddenly quiets down when Lina asks "Leon, what are you doing now?"

The girls watch with interest as Leon, very, very slowly, flies straight toward Patchouli with a lost look on his face.

Slightly annoyed, Patchouli glares at the boy and angrily asks "and what seems to be the problem, young man?"

The boy continues his slow flight toward Patchouli, stops when he's uncomfortably close to the magician's face, making Patchouli open her eyes wide and try to get away from him.

Leon gently grabs Patchouli's face with both hands and softly says "poor miss Patchouli. But you have to understand, you did something wrong. Still... maybe you learned your lesson?"

Patchouli is in complete shock, her eyes are widely open, her pupils are barely visible, and her lips have stretched all the across her cheeks.

Meanwhile, up on the roof, Koakuma furiously flings around, trying to break the rope tied around her ankles, shouting "hey you! Get AWAY from my Patchouli-sama this INSTANT! Hey, did you hear me, you sick little- eh?"

Before even Reimu realizes it, Koakuma shares Patchouli's same shocked look when Lina flies up to the little devil, and holds her face uncomfortably close to her own.

From the ground, Remilia confusedly asks "say, what's going on here?"

Leon pulls Patchouli's face close to his and give the shocked magician the most passionate kiss she's ever had, and at the same time, Lina does the very same for Koakuma.

Patchouli blushes so hard, her entire face turns intense red, Koakuma is so shocked, even her head-wings stiffen, Flandre blushes and covers her face with her spread-open hands while giggling, Reimu has lost most of her skin color, and doesn't know where to look, Yukari has pulled a pair camcorders from her gap, and drools while smiling and filming the event.

Remilia stands in complete shock, and stares unblinking at Patchouli and Leon, admiring with great interest as Patchouli's face turns redder and redder by the second.

Finally, at the same time, Leon and Lina release their unwilling partners, and Leon, looking straight into Patchouli's eyes, whispers "Patchouli Knowledge, my love.", while Lina loudly says "YES! I got a cute and sexy pet!"

Just like that, the net holding Patchouli breaks, letting the magician fall on her face, long before she can reply, while Koakuma's rope breaks, letting her fall all the way down to the ground level while shouting "I'm not your damned pet, you disgusting perveeeeeert!", and then, there's a loud thud.

Patchouli manages to lift her head from the floor, and looking shocked, annoyed and embarrassed, she cries out "wha... WHAT THE HELL?"

Reimu recovers herself, chuckles, then elbows Yukari while pointing at Remilia.

The vampire is trembling and twitching violently, her eyes are hidden by an ominous shadow, she clenches her fists, then Flandre concernedly says "o-onee-sama, d-don't be mad now. I-I'm sure... Well, um... that is... It was just a kiss, and...", then her cheeks turn pink while she looks down at the red carpet under her own feet.

Remilia continues to twitch while Koakuma flies to Patchouli and tries to help her up, asking "Patchouli-sama, are you alright? He didn't touch anything, right?"

Patchouli moans, then says "Koa, I've lost so many things at once!"

Remilia Scarlet can't take anymore and starts to laugh hard and loud, while Leon removes the net from Patchouli, and Lina hugs Koakuma from behind, making the little demon yelp and run around, while screaming in horror "get her off! Get her OFF ME NOW!"

Remilia's laughter intensifies, then Patchouli points at Leon after he lands to her left, then says "you have violated me, mister! I'm going to have to-", but slips on the green liquid from one of Flandre's dolls, falls flat on her back, then Leon happily exclaims "alright! Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!"

Patchouli recovers miraculously, jumps off the floor, and shouts "get the hell AWAY FROM ME!", making Remilia hold her stomach while laughing harder still.

Patchouli flies around the immediate area, trying to keep away from Leon, who keeps chasing after her on foot while raising his arms at her, while shouting "don't just stand there laughing! HELP ME ALREADY!", but long before she can get close to the laughing vampire, or her guests, Koakuma appears from the left and crashes against Patchouli, causing the both of them to fall sprawled on the floor with dizzy eyes.

Remilia can't take it and ends up dropping on the floor while laughing hard, shedding waterfall tears and pounding her left fist on the carpet in a failed attempt to calm herself down.

Reimu looks down at Remilia and says "well, she definitely seems greatly satisfied now."

Yukari casually points at Koakuma and Patchouli with her fan, then says "not as satisfied as those two over there. Just look at those happy faces."

Sprawled on the floor with dizzy eyes, red cheeks, and semi-smiling faces, Patchouli and Koakuma moan while Lina and Leon try to help them up, only to fail and fall on top of their respective girls' chests.

Remilia stops laughing for a moment to stare at her friend and servant, then resumes her loud laughter, her banging on the floor with her fist, her crying joyous waterfalls, and now adds violent wing flapping.

Flandre concernedly shouts "Remi-sis, calm down! You're going to end up-", but before finishing her sentence, Remilia's laughter stops, her little spirit flows from her open, drooling mouth, but luckily hangs on to her lips, then Flandre finishes "oh dear. Too late."

Meanwhile, back at the Hakurei Shrine, Rika has bandaged her right hand, and now is finding it hard to complete the sweeping of the front yard.

She looks at her damaged hand, then sighs and says "great, now I'm having trouble sweeping. Darn it, and when miss Reimu sees this, she'll start to get worried, won't leave me alone, and..."

Rika sighs long and loudly, then says "what a mess, Onkamikami. A whole week going at it, just to mess up right after getting the basics down. Stupid."

Right when she's about to resume her sweeping attempts, Rika can hear Tenshi shouting as though fighting.

Images of the past, of young Tenshi, who was named Chiko at the time, fighting against four bullies at the same time to save Rika from them, flash right in front of the maid's eyes, so she hurries to the back of the shrine, where the celestial's voice comes from.

Reaching the training ground, Rika gasps with surprise when she finds Tenshi training hard with her sword on hand, and wearing a pair of reddish, leather, fingerless gloves while furiously swinging her sword around and chopping the same dummy Rika was using before to bits.

Tenshi notices Rika from the corner of her eyes, stops attacking, calls off her sword, then gestures swiping off sweat from her forehead, and says "phew, that was hard work!"

A little surprised and relieved at the same time, Rika exclaims "Tenshi, what are you doing? You almost gave me a heart attack!"

The celestial grins when turning her face to her long-time friend, then says "sorry, I was just practicing my stronger moves. Seems like I need gloves to pull them off, or I start scraping my hands."

Rika stares suspiciously at Tenshi, wondering if her celestial friend saw her during her failed training attempt, but shakes the thought off and says "g-gloves you say. Um... you know what? That sounds like a very good idea."

Tenshi chuckles, then immediately says "say, maybe you should take my gloves. I promise they will help you with your training too.", then fakes surprise and concern when looking at Rika's bandaged arm, and exclaims "oh dear! Rika, what happened to your hand? A-are you alright?"

The act works, and Rika feels relieved when she believes her friend didn't see that blunder, then realizes Tenshi is waiting for her response, so, after stammering for a moment, Rika finally says "um, j-just a little accident! Um... p-please, keep your gloves. I won't be needing them. I... don't really have hard moves like that to practice on."

Tenshi feels a bit disappointed that her plan seems to be failing, but still smiles as she says "oh... alright then. Um... I guess I better-", and that's when she notices Marisa Kirisame, the ordinary black witch, flying above Rika on her broom, with an annoying smirk on her face.

Marisa has long blond hair that reaches her shoulder-blades, ties her left sideburn into a braid with a white bow, and wears a black witch's hat with a white ribbon tied around it, a black sleeveless vest over a puffy-short-sleeved pink shirt, four large yellow buttons on said vest, a black skirt that reaches her ankles, a white apron with a light-blue "M" sewn on it, a pair of pink socks, and black shoes.

Rika looks up at Marisa, then asks "miss Marisa, good morning! What brings you here so early?"

Marisa looks around, then asks "say, is Reimu here?"

Ignoring Marisa's rudeness, Rika replies "no, she's over at the Scarlet Mansion, taking care of some incident."

Tenshi, on the other hand, takes full notice of Marisa's rudeness and shouts "hey, black and white! Rika said 'good morning' to you! Reply in kind!"

Ignoring Tenshi, Marisa looks to the direction of the Misty Lake, then says "another incident then. Seems Reimu's going to have a busy day today, ze. Two incidents, and it still isn't even midday. Oh well, I'm picking her up. See you later!"

Marisa flies away, while Tenshi shouts "HEY! Come back here and acknowledge Rika's greetings, you brainless blonde!"

Rika chuckles while flapping her left hand in the air, and says "it's alright Momoko. That's just how miss Marisa is. Now, please excuse me while I resume my chores."

Disappointed a second time, Tenshi sounds sadder when she says "alright... Um... call me if you need help, ok."

Rika giggles as her response, then makes her way to the front of the shrine again, calling Suzaku to her via telepathy.

Back at the SDM's library, everyone has settled down; everyone except Remilia, who is still half-dead and is being carried around by Flandre.

Her body looks paler than usual, her eyes are blank, she continues to drool though her gaping mouth, and her spirit slowly makes its way back inside of her, though the progress is too slow.

Leon and Lina are being kept behind Reimu and Yukari, so that Patchouli can concentrate on what she is doing, which is to mix the counteragent that will undo the magical winter around the mansion and the island.

While she concentrates on mixing exact amounts of chemicals into a large vial, Patchouli says "so, these two... children... appeared in front of the mansion this morning? Well, that's your problem, sukima monster. You're the one pulling humans from the outside at a whim."

A small vein pulsates on Yukari's forehead as she says "don't start pinning your mistakes on me, you second-rate witch. I had everything under control with the ice fairy, until that stupid experiment of yours messed up everything."

Unaware, Reimu has stealthily placed a red charm on Yukari's back, locking up her powers, and the maiden gestures her hand at the twins to keep themselves silent about it, then winks while smiling at them.

Pouring two ingredients into the vial at once, Patchouli calmly says "well, if you hadn't been playing around with that fairy's boundaries like that, that Icicle sukima wouldn't have formed. It was your own foolishness that risked the safety of this island, and Gensokyo's border."

Yukari gulps and looks terrorized at the magician, and noticing this, Patchouli smirks and continues "oh, so you didn't mention that, did you? That sukima could have easily destroyed the barrier, and I'm sure it's safe to bet that the moment things got out of hand, you ran away without making sure everything was safe."

By now, Yukari has realized she can't run away into one of her gaps, and notices the ominous look on Reimu's face as the maiden stares viciously.

Patchouli continues "in a way, if it wasn't for my failed experiment, the sukima would have lost control, and would have eventually consumed the entire barrier, and by now it would be too late to safely close it. Consider yourself lucky."

After pouring one last ingredient into the mix, making it turn blood red, Patchouli misses Yukari's reply, and when she looks toward the girls, she notice Reimu has the gap youkai face-down on the floor with her foot on Yukari's neck, and stretching her right arm as far back as she can, making Yukari wail in agonizing pain.

Patchouli grins, turns toward the large cauldron with the white liquid, which sits in the very same spot as before, but before she can pour in the counteragent, she realizes Leon and Lina aren't with Reimu and Yukari.

Instead, Leon is now standing in front of Patchouli, looking at her with longing eyes and pink cheeks, then says "allow me to help you, miss Knowledge."

Patchouli takes a step back and angrily says "stay away from me, you little creep!", then Koakuma jumps between Patchouli and Leon, extends her arms, then says "you won't touch her again!"

Lina jumps on Koakuma's back and gives her a tight hug, then says "my cute and sexy little pet is such a hard worker!"

Koakuma starts to scream, while tears flow out of her eyes like waterfalls, then runs toward Patchouli, shouting "lady Patchouli, save me!"

Patchouli screams "the counteragent!", Koakuma crashes on the magician again, the vial with the blood-red liquid flies through the air, lands on Remilia's mouth, then the vampire starts drinking it.

Flandre shouts "kyah! Onee-sama, don't drink that stuff!", but it's too late, and she has drunk all its content.

Remilia's spirit returns to the vampire, she flies off Flandre's hands, laughs excitedly while flying like an acrobat around the library, then excitedly shouts "HEY, sexy Patchy's stuff is AWESOME! What is this thing?"

Even though she's in a daze, Patchouli manages to wine "auuu, it's magical blood."

Remilia laughs while flying like a jet-plane in the air, then says "excellent! It's just like Ail's blood, only sweeter!"

Remilia stops so abruptly, she skids and screeches in mid-air, then exclaims "Sakuya! And the green maiden!"

From the library's second floor main balcony, Sakuya says "I'm sorry to interrupt, my lady, but this guests insists on seeing miss Reimu."

The balcony sits above the bookshelves, and stretches as far as eight feet forward; spacious enough for a beach chair and umbrella.

Sakuya stands right in front of an open secret door behind a small bookshelf, and to her left is Sanae Kochiya, the supposedly-good girl, and shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine.

She has long green hair that reaches just above her lower back, green eyes, and wears a pastel-light-blue coiling snake clip around a white and blue tube that holds her left-side sideburn, a flog-shaped clip above that, a while vest with blue bands on the center and lower borders, a tight, sleeveless white tank-top underneath said vest, helping improve the sight of her womanly figure, a pair of white detached sleeves with blue bands on both border ends, a long blue skirt that reaches her ankles, light-blue socks, and light-green shoes.

Reimu releases Yukari's arms and legs, after trying hard to bend the border youkai backward, then asks "what did you say Remilia? Sanae's here?"

Sanae jumps from the balcony and flies straight toward Reimu, while scolding her fellow maiden, saying "Hakurei, what is the meaning of this! Kanako-sama went all the way to your shrine, and all she found was a red chicken, and one annoying celestial! Really, a shrine maiden should know bet-URK!"

Having had her morning ruined by this fake-winter incident, Reimu is in no mood to take any shit for anyone, so she grasps Sanae by her neck with her left hand, and with an ominous look on her face, yet a calm tone of voice, Reimu says "unlike you, I don't have others to pamper me around, and unlike you, I have work to do, so please spare me the crap, Sanae."

The green-haired maiden nods nervously, and when Reimu releases her grip, Sanae says "jeez, Reimu, take it easy! Anyway, please help me find Ail and Budou! They're missing."

Reimu sighs, calms herself down, looks out the only window near the area, then says "so he's finally gone into hiding. And he took Budou with him too."

She looks at Sanae with the most casual look, then asks "so what did you do to him this time, to have him run away like that?"

From the balcony's edge, Remilia chuckles and says "she probably tried to seal him in his dog form again."

Like an annoyed child, Sanae shouts "I did not!", then pokes her two index fingers together while pouting and whispering "at least not this time."

Reimu face-palms with her right hand, smacking herself with her own gohei, then says "look, just give it some time and they'll probably come back by dinner. Maybe they are over at your shrine right, at this very moment."

From outside the walls of the mansion, Marisa's voice rings through the walls as she shouts "MASTER SPAAARK!" and a colorful beam breaks a large hole on the wall, letting in some sunlight that doesn't seem to affect Remilia, or Flandre in the least.

Flandre stands right in the center of the sunbeam and says "you see this Patchy? With Rika's special clothes, I can stand in the sun, maybe get a tan, and nothing, I'll be just fine."

Marisa enters through the hole, notices Patchouli being held at the waist by Leon, while he rubs his head on her belly, revealing her large breast size to the others when he bumps his head against them.

Annoyed, Patchouli says "you stupid thing, get OFF ME!", while trying to punch his head, though to him it feels like a pat.

Reimu casually says "oh, those are Leon and Lina of Kori. They appeared on the island last night, and seems they have taken a liking to Patchouli and Koakuma."

Marisa looks around, then finds Koakuma backing away into a corner, glaring towards Lina, who seems to be ready to happily pounce on the unwilling little demon.

Marisa completely ignores Koakuma's pleas for help, holds the front of her hat, then says "oh, I see. Well, it was about time those girls got some love, ze."

The witch quickly descends, lands next to Reimu, then says "well, that's not important. There's this huge thing with massive pincers trying to reach the border, over at the Nameless Hill. I thought of taking care of it myself, but then I thought you and I could go together and kick butts, like old times."

Reimu chuckles, then says "you mean like all times."

Sanae immediately says "I'm coming too! Maybe we'll find Ail along the way!"

Reimu nods, then says "fine then, let's go."

She looks up to Remilia on the balcony, and asks "can you take care of the-"

Remilia places her right hand on her chest, alternates soft kicks in the air, then says "as long as they keep me amused, I'll keep these kids safe. Right Patchy?"

Pushing Leon away from herself, Patchouli angrily says "whatever! Just keep him away from me so that I can make another counteragent!"

Reimu nods after being assured of the twins safety, then she, Marisa and Sanae, fly out of the mansion through Marisa's hole, then Remilia sighs, then says "these kids are a better punishment to them than having Flan throwing my pee on their faces."

From the ground floor, Flandre suddenly shouts "WHAT? Onee-sama, you are DISGUSTING! I'm going to punish you for that!"

Flandre flies over the bookshelves with her large red Lavatein already activated and raised above her head, then Remilia panics, flies into the hidden door, and shouts "wait, Flan, I was just kidding! It's apple juice! APPLE JUICE!"

Flandre follows after Remilia, angrily shouting "you liar! Come back here and take my revenge!"

Remilia screams out loud, then sounds of explosions, and the rumbling of the floor, reach Sakuya, who casually reaches for a square chocolate cookie in her apron, nibbles a piece off the edge, then sighs and says "here we go again."

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine's stairs, Rika stands under the red gate with her left leg going down the first step, and looking toward the shrine at Tenshi and Suzaku.

She smiles, then says "I'll come back as soon as I get the materials I need. Suzaku, Tenshi, please take care of the shrine while I return."

Tenshi salutes Rika, and loudly says "do not worry about a thing! And if Reimu asks, I'll tell her I beat you up and forced you to go there."

Rika giggles, then says "I'll be back before she is, so don't worry about that."

Suzaku bows to Rika, then says "remember to tell that Utsuho that I'll be visiting next time, so I hope Petal has learned to speak properly, at least."

Again, Rika giggles, this time a bit more naturally, then says "I sure will. Take care. See you in a little while."

After saying that, two ethereal white wings, twice the size of her normal wings, spring behind Rika's back, and like a flash, she disappears from sight, leaving Tenshi and Suzaku on their own.

Meanwhile, while flying over the Misty lake, away from the Scarlet Mansion island along Reimu and Marisa, Sanae looks curiously behind herself and asks "hey Reimu, why is that yuri-onna banging on the door so furiously?"

Both Reimu and Marisa turn around to look at Sanae with confusion in their eyes, then they look toward the mansion and see the frame of Letty as she bangs furiously on the mansion's front door.

Marisa and Reimu look at each other, then start chortling, Marisa going as far as letting out her loud laughter.

Annoyed, Sanae asks "hey, what's so funny?"

Reimu giggles while saying "no, it's nothing. Pfff. Come on, let's just get going."

Annoyed, Sanae says "hey, I'm just curious about that yuri-onna. I thought they only came out during winter. You don't have to make fun of me like that."

Reimu and Marisa now laugh hard in front of the confused shrine maiden, then Marisa, doing her best to hold her laughter, says "man, if Letty catches you calling her that, she's going to sit on your back for an hour or two, ze."

Angrier, Sanae says "what? I'm just curious about the yuri-", and it finally hits her.

Instead of a yuri-onna, which means 'lesbian woman', Sanae meant to say a yuki-onna, which means 'snow woman.

With a beet-red face, Sanae looks away from the girls, and whispers "um... never mind. I, um.. yeah."

Marisa and Reimu laugh harder, now that they know Sanae figured out what she was doing wrong, but this infuriates the shrine maiden, who shouts "oh, screw you two! I-It's only human to make mistakes!"

Reimu chuckles, then mockingly says "whatever you say, miss incarnate goddess."

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Kimi, Kali, Ail and Budou were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku the bird of Vermilion were created by Snapshot 2011

MAR 17 2011

Written by

Willie G.R.


And finally, the first chapter for my 6th part of the Sukima series is finished. Icicle Sukima promises to be a lot more light-hearted than Dear Friend from Sukima, while still keeping the balance in action, drama, and so on, like the other Sukima stories.

It took me a while to write because I am still working on the 3rd chapter of the Touhou/Kingdom Hearts crossover (once it's done, I'll be posting it soon), and I also have two more fictions on the works. One would be that random "Tales of the Almost Pirates" fiction, and another... well, it's going to be interesting, and will have no OCs (other than those grunts needed to somehow move the story along).

Now, about this chapter. Well, things are moving along quite speedy... right? The twins found where Yukari was hiding are actually a mystery, but at the same time, not so much. At least, Reimu, Remilia and Yukari know something about them. Hmm, maybe I went a bit overboard with Patchouli and Koakuma, but what's done it's done, and the special OC appearances aren't done yet. There's one more OC that need presentation. Hopefully for next chapter? One more thing, before I forget again. Lina's name is pronounced "Lie-nah".

Note that if you wish to know what happened to the donation box and Rika, read "My Beloved Loving Godmother".

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